Leo(na) Howards' families magic has finally built up, the first one in her close family to have enough magic, she tries to hide her background, meet's a certain pair of red haired twins and their kinda cute older brother, and faces her school life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


3. Breakfast&Plans

After a long filling meal most of the hall was bloated and tired, me being no exception. The prefects led the first years to the dorms, everything was beautiful. Hundreds of portraits lined the walls, some bowed and waved as we walked past. Hogwarts was more amazing then I could have imagined. 
"This is the most direct room to the commons so be sure to remember the path." The door to the commons is behind the Fat Lady, but try not to call her that..." A prefect droned. The group giggled at the appropriate times and groaned at others. And in we went through a hole behind the painting. Once we where inside we where told that the password was butterbeer, but it would change every week. To tell the truth I wasn't really listening. I sat myself on a sofa and stared and the red and gold room. A fire place, sofa's, chairs, it was so homey and welcomey... It wasn't long before I dozed off in the chair for a quick nap.
"Hey look Leo's dozed off!" Fred shouted. The first years laughed, relived to be free of the ever continuing speech. The perfect looked back, stopping her introduction to Hogwarts. "Well Clara do you want to help me carry her to the dormitory?" Samantha (the prefect) said. "Sure, why not it doesn't look like she'll be waking up anytime soon." Fred and George stood there for a second before saying, "wait you mean we should carry him to the boys dormitory, right?" Clara looked at them and shook her head, "Merlins sake, you thought she was a boy? You two are quite dense, even for Weasley's." Samantha added with a smirk. "Oi, don't hold a grudge on us because Percy couldn't tell you want him to take you to Hogsmead," Fred cut in. "Whatever, anyway we better get her back to the dorm before she makes a fool of herself, rolling about that." George noticed a tint of pink in Sammy's cheeks before she turned away. And with that Samantha and Clara dragged Leo up to the dormitory, leaving the two twins quite confused in the common room.
Yawning I rubbed my eyes, oh no I must have fell asleep in the common room! My eyes burst open but I was in bed... In what was apparently the girls dorm. I dressed into my robes and walked down to the commons by myself, trying to be as quite as possible, everyone else was still asleep. When I got to the common room I sat myself down in a couch and got out my book, Pranks and Muggle Tricks author unknown. It was quite interesting and the moving pictures did make it really funny. I chuckled quietly as I waited for everyone to come down and join me for breakfast. 
Muggle tricks are quite useful as in certain cases when unable to use magic, perhaps in the case of an underage wizard...
"Whatcha reading?"
I jumped, "Clara did you have to scare me like that?" "Sorry, just curious. I've already read all our course books and am quite starved for a good book."
I stared at her, "all of the course books?!?" 
She grimaced, "yeah I'm muggleborn so I haven't had a chance to explore wizard books yet. My brother also was a wizard so in not completely hopeless..." "I can't see how you aren't in Ravenclaw with your brains, I've known you for a day and I can tell your brilliant."Clara visibly relaxed, she must have been worried about how I would have reacted to muggle borns, "I'm not a Slytherin you know. I don't care about your "blood status" it's the bloody 19th century anyway." I didn't mention my squib family though, and felt awfully guilty. She smiled, "ready for Hogwarts then?"
"More like ready for breakfast, I said with a grin."
"Hello love," George and I said in unison as Leo and Clara approached them with plates full of food. As Leo sat down she asked, "you want some?" I looked scandalized, "isn't there a more apparent matter to attend to." "Yeah mate like the fact your a chick," added George. "Gotta problem with it, eh?" Leo replied curtly. "Not at all love," I tried to reassure. "Just well, your a girl... " "As you have mentioned before," slightly rolling her eyes; though she couldn't hide a small smile. "Do I really look that much like a bloke though?" I mean I only cut my hair because a stupid permanent sticking charm that caught on my hair before my mum stuck the picture to the wall..." 
"So your hair is like,"
"still stuck on the painting, hanging on your wall? "
"Yes it is and Merlin, I've known you two for a day and its already annoying the way you guys finish each others sentences." 
I shrugged, "sorry love", "can't help what's natural", George laughed. 
Now to work on a plan that will wreck havoc on our first teacher. "Defense Against the Dark Arts, eh. Maybe we should wait till divination," George? "I heard the DADA teacher as really wimpy he probably won't do anything at all." He replied.  "So maybe a dungbomb in his desk?" "I don't know we're on a short supply of those and unless we can find that tunnel Charlie talked about, we can't sneak to Hogsmeade anytime soon," I mused. "It'll be fine we'll get to Hogmeade in a week, knowing us." "Fine, in his desk, before class then." We turned realizing that Leo and Clara where still there. "Are you two always like this?" Leo smiled. "Yes, and not a word of anything you just heard." I replied. "You two are officially in this with us now," George stated. "No way, I won't tell but you may make me get a...detention," Clara said with a shudder. "Fine, you in Leo?" I asked. "Why not, seems like a fun way to get back at teachers for future homework." "You shouldn't Leona you'll lose points, Clara butted in." Leo smirked," but then you can just earn them back can't you?" "Yeah I can't believe you've already read all the course books." George added. I snorted, "Leona?" "Yes, Leona..., Don't you two dare to call me that though," she glared. "Whatever Leo lets go grab the dungbomb from our dorm." "No I think I'll leave the manual labor to you two, you don't think I've forgotten put deal now have you?  George scowled I shrugged "Do you think we'll need more than two?" he asked. "Naw Quirrel's not that tall." I replied.  "The start of the school year is so much better with a few pranks." I just hope mum doesn't hear about any of this. I thought while running back up to the commons. 

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