A Drop in the Ocean

Andrea, a promiscuous stubborn larger then life seventeen year old is used to going from guy to guy; Never forming an emotional attachment to any of the guys she's been with and she never stays in one place for very long. Can one curly haired green eyed boy show her that love is scary and hard but worth while?


1. I'm just Fine.

Andy's POV

          I look over at Josh to make sure he is sleeping, or was his name Jordan? It doesn't matter; I hear his breathing steady and deepen meaning he's asleep. I slip out of his bed and look around his small bedroom for my underwear. I scan the floor then the walls "where the hell is it," I think to myself. I see a piece of black lace hanging off a Track and Field trophy. "how did my thong get over?" I whisper to myself. I tip toe over pull then off of the small gold figurine careful not to knock it over. I slip them on and go to the foot of the bed where the rest of my cloths are. I put on my bra and camouflage short shorts and slip my white knit sweater over it all. I look at my self in the full body mirror hanging on the back of this guys bedroom door. my long brunette hair is disgruntled but my makeup is still in tact. I blow a kiss at myself in the mirror and laugh quietly, Josh or Jordan or what ever rolls over making me freeze and turn to look at him. he is still asleep. I go over to his window, un latch it and open it as wide as it will go being careful not to wake him. Good thing his bedroom is on the first floor because if not I would have to go through his house to the door and risk waking his parents.

     Yea I'm only eighteen, I Party hard, drink like a champ, and sleep around a little bit, but I'm never in one place for very long so its not like it matters. When I was fourteen my boyfriend for 2 years killed himself and I had no idea he was unhappy. in the suicide note he said that I was the only thing keeping him happy and that I should keep making other people happy. Then when I was Sixteen my parents died in a boating accident. They left me an inheritance large enough to feed a family of twenty five. I don't tell people any of that because I'm not some sad puppy living on the streets that you pity and want to take home with you (although guys do like to take me home if you get what in saying here) I'm living my life like a pro. Travelling the world, getting into the best parties and clubs, and going home with the hottest guys (even if they still live at home) so I'd say I'm doing just fine.

          I slip out of the window and something neon pink catches my eye before I turn to run across the lawn to my black jeep.

"My clutch" I whisper. I slip my hand in and grab it off of the desk next to the window and slowly close the widow. I sprint across the lawn sandals in hand pulling my keys out of my clutch. I hit the unlock button on the keys and hop in my jeep, shoving my keys in and hitting the gas. Before I know it I'm on the highway, the wind blowing through my wavy dark brown hair. "Where to next?" I ask myself. I think for a bit and then It hits me. It's summer time... I'm going to Cali baby. (California)

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