A Drop in the Ocean

Andrea, a promiscuous stubborn larger then life seventeen year old is used to going from guy to guy; Never forming an emotional attachment to any of the guys she's been with and she never stays in one place for very long. Can one curly haired green eyed boy show her that love is scary and hard but worth while?


2. Damn Jeep

Andy's POV

I Speed down the vacant California highway, beach on the left side rock on the right. The bright green digital clock on my dash board reads 3:30. "I am Titaaaaniuuum," I belt out with the radio, tapping my hands on the steering wheel to the beet. I've had this jeep for years and my older brother had it for years before me so I should have seen what was coming. I hear a loud bang come from the front of the jeep and then a giant cloud of grey smoke plumes up from under the hood. "Shit!" I yell as I pull the clacking car over. "Ugh!" I groan and lean my head back on my seat in frustration. I trash my hands banging the steering wheel then take a deep breath. "Ok Andria chill," I say to myself "no big deal" I get out of the car and head to the trunk, opening it and grabbing a dirty cloth. Then I head to the hood of the car and pull it up using the cloth so I don't burn myself. A grey puff of smoke is released and flies up into the air, when it clears I look around the searies of pipes and wires and thingies looking for something that might be broken or busted. I don't know shit about cars so this is useless. I guess I'll need to call a tow truck, yea because I totally have the California tow truck company on speed dial (sarcasm implied). I don't know a taxi number either. "Well this is awesome," I say sarcastically. I'm about to hop back into my jeep when I see a set of headlights in the distance and get in idea. I quickly grab some lip gloss out of my cup holder and apply it in my side mirror, I fluff up my hair and stand near the side of the road. what kind of guy wouldn't stop for a pretty girl at the side of the road, wait what if it's a woman ugh please be a guy.

Harry's POV

I'm honestly really exited to spend my summer with the lads here in California, I'm not all to happy that my flight was two hours late but I'll make due. I'm speeding down the highway in my black Ferrari when I see headlights pulled over on the side of the road. As I get closer I can see a girl standing by the side of the road, I get a little closer and see she looks around my age, and fit... really fit. (that's hot for all you Americans) I pull over on the opposite side of the road from her and see that her hood is popped. Must've had some car trouble. I'm about to get out of the car when I realise she could be fan. I'm not really in the mood to deal with a screaming girl right now. I pull a beanie and some sun glasses out of my glove compartment. I fix my hair in the mirror and get out of the car

Andy's POV

Some one pulls up on the other side of the road. He takes a bit to get out of his car witch kind of makes me think he is old, but then again his hot car looks like something an arrogant man with to much money would have. He gets out of his car and starts toward me from the other side of the highway. I look him over not really caring if he notices, he is cute but who wears sunglasses at night? He looks really familiar actually. "Hi," I say sounding as innocent but confident as possible     "Hello," he says smiling, but as soon as the British accent rolls off his tongue I know exactly who it is. ok calm down Andria I think to myself. I'm not bragging but I have slept with enough celebrities to know that I need to play it cool          "Um my jeep just broke down and I don't know anything about cars so do you have the number of a tow truck company and a taxi?" I ask " I'm new to the area" he pulls his hands out of his pockets pulling out his phone.  he takes off his sunglasses and the light from his phone screens brightens up the deep green. "yea love hold on," he says "here" he passes me his phone so I can copy the numbers into mine. when I'm done I hand him back his phone "I'm Andria by the way" I say before he turns "I'm..." I don't let him finish "Harry, I know" I say smiling I go to turn but his hand lands on my shoulder "If you knew why didn't you say something?" he asks grinning  I flash my phone in his face showing him the time. "It's practically four in the morning and with your looks I'm pretty sure girls swoon over you every hour of the day," I say. he grins, "thanks again" I say and turn. I'm about to get in my jeep and Harry's half way across the highway when I act on impulse "Harry<" I yell, he looks at me questioningly, "Be careful out here, the place is crawling pap's," he nods and sends me one of his cheeky boyish smiles.

       I call the numbers Harry gave me and head to motel for the night.


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