Body Rock In The Bed With You

This Is A Story About Justin Bieber And Wanting To Body Rock On Top Of A Sexy Girl!


1. Taking You Home With Me & Having Sex

Justin's Pov: I Was At The Club Last Night And I Got Very Very Drunk To The Point Where I Wanted To Lay A Girl Because I Was Soo Drunk When I Got Home And I Went Crazy.

Justin: Man I Partied Hard Baby Girl Do You Want To Come Home With Me Tonight Soo We Can Get To Know Each Other Better?

Jessica: Yes I Do Justin!

Justin: You Know I Want To Put It On You Don't You?

Jessica: Yes And I'm Ready.

Justin: Jesse I Am Soo Drunk Can You Please Drive Me Home Please?

Jessica: I Will, Can't Wait To Get Back To Your House And Have A Few More Drinks With You!

Justin:I Can't Wait!

Jessica's Pov: When I Got Back To Justin Bieber's House In Los Angeles....I Helped Justin In  His House Because He Was Soo Drunk And He Couldn't Walk Straight And He Was Falling All Over The Place When He Got Back To His House.

Justin: YEAH!!!!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!!!!!!!!!!WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Drunk Voice*

Jessica: Quit Down!

Justin: I Can't Cuz' I'm Drunk!

Jessica: Do You Want To Have More Drink's?

Justin: Yes. *Drunk Voice*

Jessica: What Drink To You Want?

Justin: I Want A Cup Of Champagne.

Jessica: I Will Too.

Justin: Thanks For Pouring Me A Cup Of Champagne.

Jessica: Anytime.

Justin: Cheers!

Jessica: Cheers!

* Justin And Jessica Keep Drinking More And More And More Champagne Until They Are Both Drunk As Heck And Can't Talk Straight And Are Slurring Their Words Bad And Screaming " WE ARE DRUNK!" *

Justin: Jessica Do You Want To Head To My Bedroom? *Drunk Voice*

Jessica: Yes. *Drunk Voice*

- Jessica And Justin Go To His Bedroom To Sex -

Justin: Jessica You Know You A Sexy Chic Don't You?

Jessica: Yes, I Do....And Do You Know That You Are A Sexy Man?

Justin: Yes. *Kisses Jessica*

Jessica: Oh, Justin. *Kisses Justin*

Justin: Baby Baby Baby Oh I'm Like Baby Baby Baby No Like Baby Baby Baby Oh Thought You Always Be Mine Mine. *Kisses Jessica's Neck *

Jessica: OH BABY! *Kisses Justin's Neck*

Justin: Baby Your Sexy. *Starts To Take Jessica's Clothes Off*

Jessica: Oh Yes. *Starts To Take Justin's Clothes Off*

Justin: I Go Hard. * Takes Jessica's Bra And Panties Off*

Jessica: I Like It. *Takes Justin's Boxers Off*

Justin: Yes Baby. *Humps Her, Kisses Her,Feels All Over Her*

Jessica: MMMMMM! I Like It. *Goes Hard On Justin*

* Justin And Jessica Starts To Have Sex And Then They Fall Asleep.*

Lets See What Happens In Chapter 2: Having A Hang Over!

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