I didn't know it happened

M'Kenzie and Justin are spending the summer at a romantic cottage that Justin picked out. "Wow these are the best days ever!" M'Kenzie described the time with Justin. Everybody says they are the cutest couple ever and they don't think they would do anything bad to each other. Of course Justin is the most popular superstar on earth do you really think he'd going to stay with one girl. Of course he does until this one little girl changes everything!


25. The perfect day

Kenzie's P.O.V

I woke up the next morning in Justin's arms. Today is the day i thought. Today is the day I get to pick out the perfect dress!

"Justin baby wake up" I said with excitement in my voice

"I'm awake" He said tiredly 

"Really? It doesn't look like it" He chuckled a little bit

I was about to get out of bed then his arms wrapped around my waist even tighter.

"You're laying with me until mom comes, then you can can get ready" I could feel the warmth of his body on me and that totally changed my mind.

"Thats fine with me!" I said

"What the heck usually you want to get out of bed anyway"

"Well you're warm and I like it" He laughed and kissed my forhead. We ended up falling asleep again.

"Justin, Kenzie get up you have to go for your fittings!" Pattie yelled

I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom and hopped in the shower.

"Hey baby" I turned around and Justin was standing right behind me in the shower. I leaned into kiss but he stopped me.

"We really can't do that right now. My mom is ticked! So we gotta hurry!" I did my thing and jumped out while Justin was still showering. I blow dried my hair and curled it. I put a lime green belly shirt on with short shorts and flip flops. Justin looked sexy (As always) in his Nike blue sport shorts and white shirt. Dayum I would tap that! I thought.

"Are you two finally ready to go?" Pattie asked

We both nodded our heads and we intertwined out fingers and walked to the car. We finally arrived at the dress shop and it was just me, Pattie, Cheyenne, Cambelle, and Kylee.

"Do you have anything in mind Miss Sears?" Asked the lady

"I want like ball gown poofy?"

"Sounds great, right this way!"

I tried on a couple of dresses but they just didn't appeal to me. Then Pattie brought the most beautiful dress in I have ever seen. It was very poofy and had lots of bling on the top. I tried it on and I knew from the moment I looked in the mirror that this was the one! I opened the door and walked out to the girls, they all had their mouths open in shock. I looked down and smiled. The lady helped me up on the little plat form and I looked up.

"Thats the one!" They all said at once. We laughed and the lady asked me if this was the one. I replied.

"This is the one!" I started to cry and they all came over and hugged me.

"Theres just one problem though" I said

They nodded their heads waiting for the answer.

"They dress is way over my budget!!"

"Oh hunny, Justin told me right before we left that he would get you any dress no matter what the price is!" I started laughing and more tears ran down my cheeks.

"Sounds like you have one good boy" Said the lady, I seemed to be hearing that a lot.

"Oh yes I do!!" I said with a huge grin on my face.


Authors note;D So what did you think of this chapter?! Did you like it? Do you think that Kenzie has one good boy?! Because I do! I would kill to have a boy like that! lol You know the next thing I am going to say, prob. Like, comment, favorite, and become a fan! It would mean a lot!!!




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