I didn't know it happened

M'Kenzie and Justin are spending the summer at a romantic cottage that Justin picked out. "Wow these are the best days ever!" M'Kenzie described the time with Justin. Everybody says they are the cutest couple ever and they don't think they would do anything bad to each other. Of course Justin is the most popular superstar on earth do you really think he'd going to stay with one girl. Of course he does until this one little girl changes everything!


5. Pregnancy?!

Kenzie's P.O.V

After that amazingly awesome shower I decided to go to the store because I was feeling very pukey, I didn't know what the problem was and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't pregnant! I told Justin that I was leaving and he wanted to go with me but I denied that offer because I wanted to be alone when I got them, I didn't want him to know that I might be pregnant. I finally got to the store and hopefully nobody I knew saw me, I really didn't want this to leak. I found the kind of pregnancy tests I wanted and headed to front to pay.

"Is this all ma'am" The clerk said

"yes thank you!" I relied

I got back into the car and put some of the pregnancy tests into my purse. I stopped at a gas station and headed straight to the bathroom. I did what you do to see if I was negative or positive.

"Oh my gosh!"

I blinked a couple times to see if I was seeing it wrong but I wasn't, it was positive. I put my head in my hands and started to cry. There was one question that really worried me though.

"How am I going to tell Justin?"

I threw the test away and walked out of the bathroom. Soon I was back at the cottage but I didn't want to be, I didn't want to tell Justin what happened.

"Hey babe, how come you didn't get anything?"

"Hey, and I did but can you come sit on the couch with me, I have to tell you something important"

"Oh god, what is it?? I really want to know, please don't say you are breaking up with me cause if you are tell me-" I cut him off, he has no idea what was going on.

"Umm well I don't know how to say it"

"your breaking up with me aren't you??"

"No I would never break up with you honey, but you know when we had unprotected sex??"

"Yeah.." I could tell he was worried about what I was going to say

"Well I have been feeling very pukey ever since we had sex so the reason why I went to the store today was to get some pregnancy tests. I went to a gas station afterwards and did the test and it turned out positive... Justin i'm pregnant!"

"But those tests can be wrong, can't they??"

"yes sometimes so that's why I scheduled a appointment at the doctors for a ultrasound and I really want you to come with me!"

"Umm okay"

"Justin I can tell theres something wrong, what is it??"

"Its just how can I be so stupid not to use a condom, I don't know how i'm going to do this"

"Justin I'm really scared too, but we will get through this, I know we will make amazing parents!"

"I guess you are right about that, I love you!"

Kissing, kissing, kissing, that's all I ever wanted to do is kiss Justin bieber but that turned into something more, that turned into him being a father and an amazing one at that!



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