I didn't know it happened

M'Kenzie and Justin are spending the summer at a romantic cottage that Justin picked out. "Wow these are the best days ever!" M'Kenzie described the time with Justin. Everybody says they are the cutest couple ever and they don't think they would do anything bad to each other. Of course Justin is the most popular superstar on earth do you really think he'd going to stay with one girl. Of course he does until this one little girl changes everything!


13. My Beauty and a Beat

I coughed because I choked on my words.

"Justin I can't say no to that! Of course I will be your fiancé!"

His hopes lifted again and he jumped up and gave me a huge kiss and I didn't pull back on this one.

"You are now my beauty all I need is a beat"

A slow song started playing and more tears started to flow down my cheeks. He put his hands on my hips and I moved mine up to his neck. Everybody started whistling and cheering, I don't get how anybody could not be in love with this man right now. Or should I say my husband!

"Now I officially have my Beauty and a Beat"

"How could I not love you at this moment, and how did you go through with this? I was always by your side!"

"Duhh its called fake rehersals"

I couldn't believe he just said that. He is the most sneakiest man ever! Pretty soon the music ended and we made out a little then went home. Justin planned it all out because when we got to the cottage Pattie had put a rose petal path all the way to the bed and put lit candles on both the bedside tables. I quickly moved them before we caught some thing on fire.

*Beware mature content ahead!!*

     I warned you!

Justin threw me on the bed and started sucking on my neck demanding to leave a mark. He stopped for a second just to take my shirt and pants off. And I couldn't just leave him with all of his clothes on so I stripped him to, even his boxers were off. It wasn't to long before he slipped my panties off and figured out how to get my bra off. He gave me a light kiss then started kissing all the way down my neck down my chest but stopped at my no no zone. I wasn't going to leave Justin alone so I quickly flipped him over and started sucking right where his collarbone was, I think I found his sweet spot. He soon flipped me back over.

"Are you sure you are ready?" He asked me

I shook my head yes and grabbed onto the sheets tightly. He entered me slowly and moans came out of my mouth, followed along by screams. He started thrusting slow then faster then faster and even sloppier. We both reached our climax and he flopped over to the other side of me. we both got under the sheets and cuddled close together still naked. It didn't bother me a bit because we were getting married, It was going to happen sometime!

* The next morning*

I woke up still in Justin's arms and I didn't mind, I just curled closer to him but he woke up. Justin kissed my neck then got up and put his boxers on. I got up also but I was very sore, it hurt to sit or stand up.

"Whats wrong princess?"

"Nothing just a little sore that's all"

"I knew I should of went gentle on you, now its all my fault"

"Hell no it wasn't your fault Justin, you were amazing last night and I don't regret any of it at all!!"

"That makes me feel tons better! And thanks I have that effect on people!"

I started laughing my head off. This was going to be an amazing day for sure!

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