I didn't know it happened

M'Kenzie and Justin are spending the summer at a romantic cottage that Justin picked out. "Wow these are the best days ever!" M'Kenzie described the time with Justin. Everybody says they are the cutest couple ever and they don't think they would do anything bad to each other. Of course Justin is the most popular superstar on earth do you really think he'd going to stay with one girl. Of course he does until this one little girl changes everything!


17. I hate you


I snapped back and dropped the knife from the neck. I fell down in tears and put my hands over my face. Justin picked me up and cradled me in his arms.

"Justin-what-just-happened" I said in between tears and choking

"Babe you had a horrible dream apperantly and I woke up and you weren't in my arms. I walked down here and saw you with the knife up to your neck trying to kill yourself." I had tears in  my eyes now.

"I don't know why I dreamed about what I did. I wanna kill myself for dreaming that now!" I reached for the knife but Justin slapped my hand and turned me around and smacked my lips into his.

"Does that change your mind about wanting to kill yourself?!"

"Yes... maybe"

"Babe i hate you right now for wanting to kill yourself! And what the hell were you dreaming about?!"

"I know I hate myself too! And I dreamed that I woke up and Ashley was with you and I went to the bathroom and came out and you two were making out. I ran out of the house and you yelled that you always like Ashley better than me anyway! Justin do you love me?"

"I would never love Ashley ever again! Why would you think that I don't love you, I love you more than spongebob loves krabby patties babe!" I laughed knowing his love for spongebob.I guess it was true he did love me after all.

"Good I love you too. In fact I love you more than you could ever imagine!" I could hear him chuckle because he knew how much he loved to imagine things. Espically when he was a kid. We went back up to bed and he made sure he had his arm around me tight this time because I could barley breathe. Before I fell asleep he kissed me one more time making sure he knew how much he loved me.

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