I didn't know it happened

M'Kenzie and Justin are spending the summer at a romantic cottage that Justin picked out. "Wow these are the best days ever!" M'Kenzie described the time with Justin. Everybody says they are the cutest couple ever and they don't think they would do anything bad to each other. Of course Justin is the most popular superstar on earth do you really think he'd going to stay with one girl. Of course he does until this one little girl changes everything!


11. hah

Justin and I quickly got out of the pool and raced to our room and packed all our stuff up and sped out of town. We were both very worried about what might of happened and what could still happen. Soon enough we were in our sweet town but still had 20 minutes to go until we were at the cottage. I couldn't last that much longer with my eyes open and before I knew it I was sound asleep.

"Kenzie wake up, we are here!"

I unbuckled and we both ran into the house as fast as we could.


"Justin I'm over here! Help"

Justin ran over to her and we were both in shock when we saw that Pattie had a black eye and blue, swollen ankle.

"Mom what happened?" We both already started crying, and I was afraid to even hear the story.

" Well I was playing with BryNae and there was a knock at the door so I got up and opened it..." She stopped and coughed a couple times "I have no idea who it was but she stomped in and pushed me down and asked where her little girl was. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about but she just punched me in the eye and yelled at me and said that I was lying. She went over and picked up BryNae and I tried to stop her but she kicked me in the ankle and I fell down and shuffled over here. I think I broke it Justin!"

I couldn't handle it any more I just wanted to bust that girls face up so bad and I'm sure Justin wanted to do more that that!

We drove Pattie to the hospital fast and got her a cast because it turned out that she did break it. Later that night we called the cops about Ashley for breaking and entering and abuse. The cops and us are on a look out for her and when we catch her man she so going to get a piece of my mind and it won't just be my middle finger this time!

Justin and I had some fun last night with Pattie, we played twister except pattie had to sit out then we played Sorry and of course Justin won. He rocks at that game.

*The next morning*

I woke up in Justin's arms. I love being in this position, I could feel the warmth of his body next to mine and never let him go. I decided this morning instead of getting up and watching tv to just stay in his arms and enjoy the moment.

"Good morning baby" Said Justin

"Good morning my love!"

"I gotta get up and make some breakfast for you and my mom"

"Can we just lay like this for 5 more minutes? Please and give me a kiss?"

"Sure I can"

We made out for about a minute and then started a little conversation. Before we knew it was already and hour and we were still in bed. Time flies by fast! We walked out of the bed room and Justin made my favorite for breakfast, pancakes and bacon with of course my favorite drink dr.pepper. He knew me so well.

"What do you say about a fancy dinner tonight?"

"Its a yes. But soon I'm going to have to say no because my stomach is going to look huge in a dress and I don't want to look like that. So lets make the most of tonight!"

" Oh I know we will sugar!"...

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