Jessica Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson's sister moved next to her brother and accidently meet her once loved .she always hated him for left her and never say goodbye.But will she change her mind and get back with him or she'll get over him and move on .Continue reading to find out!!!!!!


1. New beginning

Jessica's pov

so let talk about me a little ,i'm 16 almost turn 17,i got brown hair ,blue eyes and i'm about 5"5 and yes i'm Louis Tomlinson the member of the  worlwide famous boy band little sister,i know that my brother in the band but i just don't think i like the band , mostly Harry.He always seem too flirt with everyone .But i really  love my brother even though i didn't live with him anymore because my mom and dad got divorce when i was like 5 so.I live with my dad he is a really loving father , he spoiled me alot too.But then 3 years ago when he found out that he has cancer ,then  after 2 years having cancer he passed away .after my dad died i live by myself (because my mom and Louis move to spain for her work for 2 years). I didn't tell you that i got a boyfriend his name is danny ,at first i thought he 's really love me , but after a year of dating him ,he turned to a monster, he abused every single day and sometime he even rape me , he told me not to tell anyone or he gonna kill me so i never even tell Louis .but one day i come to Louis's house and he found out that i got all the bruises all over my body so he told me to break up with Danny then move in with him but i said no because i don't want to annoy him  and because he and Harry share the same flat so he said that he'll buy me my own flat which by the way next to him, so that i could be closer to him and my mom(because from louis's drive to my mom house way faster than i drive from my dad's house to my mom's) .

*moving day*

So i already packed all my stuff and ready to go ,so i get up and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth and change. I put on an oversized sweater ,leggings and my uggs because is still kinda cold in London after i got changed i ran down stairs to make myself some coffee and then text Louis if he ready because he said he and one of the boys will come and help me with the stuff .

*After about 5 mins *

He texted me that he and Zayn is in front of the house ,so i ran out and open the door for him and then give him a big hug and say hi to Zayn.After they got all the stuff on the truck ,i was kinda happy and sad at the same time because i was so exited to go see my new flat but i'll miss the house because i live in this house for almost 12 years.

*an hour later*

"last box" Louis said while he and zayn carry the last box to the new flat."Thanks"i said."you're welcome" both of them reply "Do you want to see your room?"Louis asked me "yes,please!!" i said in exitement."here's your room"Louis said while opening the door.My jaw dropped when i see the room the room was quite big,it got turquoise carpet ,purple-ish pink wall and white furnitures."thank you so much , love you big bro"i said while giving him a big hug  ."but you didn't get to your closet yet,want to see it? "Louis asked pointing at another door in my room .So then i walked over and open the door it was a walk-in closet a thing that i always been wanted to have.After that, i ran over and give Louis another hug."thanks again"i said to Louis "no problem"he said ."by the way jess(for jessica)do you want to go get some food with me and eleanor?" Louis asked me"Nah.I'll just gonna ask Anna to go get some food and bring it here for me because i don't want to be a third wheel and because i want to hang out with Anna" i said "ok,then see you later "Louis said."bye"i said "bye jess"Louis said while walking to the door.



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