Jessica Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson's sister moved next to her brother and accidently meet her once loved .she always hated him for left her and never say goodbye.But will she change her mind and get back with him or she'll get over him and move on .Continue reading to find out!!!!!!


2. get to know the boys

Jessica's pov

So Louis  asked me if i wanted to hang out with him and the lads at the park today ,i said yes because well  i said that i don't like the band but i actually never get to know them but i think i definitelly don't like Harry he is too flirty and womanizer.Anyway I just put some mascara on for make up and throw a pair of leggings and a jumper on and then ran out to open the door for the lads .They were all in onesies so i asked them why the hell are they in onesie for, they said they don't want to be notice by paparazzi  so..."But i don't have any onesie " I pouted at Louis "Is ok we brought you want , go put it on." he smiled ." thanks , Lou" i ran to my room and put it on it was quite comfy.And then we all walked to the car .Louis sit in the front with Liam , me next to Niall and Zayn in the back with Harry.Me and Niall was talking the whole car ride i found out that we actually have alot in common like food and just being lazy the whole day(lol).So hanging out with One Direction doesn't seem so bad except for Harry was there .

*After 15  mins*

So we finally arrived at the park , it was quite windy outside.The boys and i decided to put on our shades so we wouldn't get notice by fans.Niall brought out a huge basket filled with food and drinks,Zayn and Liam tehy decided to get the blanket .We found a perfect spot under the tree and in front of us was a pond" how pretty?!" i said " i know " Louis shouted.Then we started to get the food out to eat "come here food buddy "Niall yelled at me " food buddy?" i asked him " you told me you love food so do i , we are a perfect food buddy." he laughed , i ranand sat next to him" Food buddy" i yelled at his ear."what the hell was that for" Niall asked . i didn't answer i just burst out laughing the other boys joined me .i laughed so hurt i couldn't even stand up ,Harry offered me his hand i just nodded and took his hand." So what do you want to do now ?" i asked Louis" who wanted to play truth or dare  "he asked " ok " me and the lads replied. "who want to go first?" Niall asked "me " i yelled ." Do you have any feeling for any of us ?" Niall asked ." no " i answered ." i don't wanted to ask anyone so louis go next ." i said " ok, Harry truth or dare ." Louis asked Harry " dare " he replied " alrighty then , i dare you to running around yelling" i'm the king to evryone you see in the park" Louis said . Harry ran to the group of teenage girls and yelled "i'm th king of the world " we laughed so hard and we keep playing for like an hour .Hang out with the lads was so fun.

(if you wanted to know why Jessica hate Harry so much comment down below and i'll write a little short story about it next chapter.)

comment ur name below if you wanted to be niall and Louis girlfriend in the book.And please comment if you like the book so i can continue to write it.


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