Twenty Minutes Of You

"What are the chances?"
Yes, the question everyone wants to know. What are the chances of meeting fun. in a park in London? What are the chances of Nate actually liking me?
Apparently, a lot.


2. Of Las Vegas, Boredom and Cupcakes

Now, mine and Nate's relationship might seem perfect on the outside, but on the inside it's a web of lies and deceit, pain and heartbreak.

 Lol, nope. I was lying.

Really, our relationship is practically perfect. But when we fight... we fight.

 Andrew Dost. You see, Andrew is very quiet. Quiet people are good listeners. Therefore, I tell Andrew practically everything. The best of mates, that's us.

"I feel like you're spending more time with him then with me!"

I crossed my arms and glowered at him. "He's my friend."

I can see where Nate is coming from. If he spent hours with some chick I'd be angry, too. "Nothing more," I continued to reassure him. "Jeez. He's married."

 Nate visibly relaxed and hugged me. "Sorry for being lame," he whispered in my ear, causing shivers to race up and down my spine.

"S'alright," I said back. He tackled me on the bed and we started to snog.

 "Wait a second," Nate murmured after a minute. What he then fetched from the drawer made my eyes widen...


"Oh, come on!"


I groaned and tugged on my handcuffs. I was pretty sure we were in a car... the reason for not being certain was because my darling boyfriend had bloody blindfolded me.

 You see, he went and got a pair of handcuffs. It was all starting to look delightfully kinky when he started dragging me downstairs and obscured my vision. Wanker.

"Where. Are. We. Going," I snarled, wishing I could send him the look of death I customized just for him. Sadly, I could not. He chuckled.

"Not gonna tell."



"Teeellll meee where we're going!"


"Ugh," I muttered. "This sucks."

I felt him scoot closer and start to nuzzle my neck. Fuck him. He knows all my weaknesses.

"It'll be fine, darlin'."

 I melted. He called me 'darlin'. OMFG. That was so sweet!

 "It's alright," I relented. What? He called me darlin. It was one of my many hidden weaknesses.

Still, I was cranky. All day something had been bothering me... something important but for the love of God I couldn't figure out what it was. All I knew that it had been mucking up my visit to Las Vegas, which was where we were now. I felt the car pull over.

 "Finally," I moaned. I heard Nate chuckle. So he thinks my pain is funny, huh?

 He led me out of the car with an arm wrapped securely around my waist. We walked along for a moment before he stopped and let my wrists free.

 "Okay, now you can take the blindfold off," he instructed. I joyfully yanked the offending piece of material off my face.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Andrew, Jack, Rachel, and Toria (what the fuck? How did she get here?) started jumping about.

"You're nineteen!" Jack shrieked, giggling wildly. I eyed him.

 "How much have they had to drink?" I whispered to Nate. He shrugged. "Wow, guys, how did you know it was my birthday?"

Toria rolled her eyes.

 "I told them, duh."

I rushed forward and hugged her. "Even I forgot! Thanks so much!"

 Rachel waved her hand nonchalantly. "It was nothing, Cass. Just something for a dear friend." I blushed modestly.

"Oh, you guys."

"Enough chitchat!" Jack yelled. Man, he was loud. "Let's get drunk!"

 Let the festivities begin.


Oh my fucking god, my head hurt. I groaned loudly and attempted to open my eyes. No such luck. I decided that was fine. I could sleep more.

"Wake up."

 Oh hell no. Whoever that wanker was could just leave. I wasn't getting out if bed for days. Forever, if I could help it.

 "Wake up!"

 I moaned again and rolled into the warm thing next to me. Let's hope it's Nate and not something else.

 "Come on, Cass, Nate! There's coffee."

Oh, yeah, like mere coffee would get me out of bed. Please.

"Get up now!"

This was too annoying. I sat up and sent my most terrifying look at the person, who turned out to be Andrew.

"Get the fuck out of here and let me get my fucking sleep!"

Andrew giggled. "There's Nutella, Cassie."

 I stopped trying to go back to sleep. Nutella... god dammit. Fuck my life.

"Fine!" I yelled. "Now go!"

The irritating wanker finally left and I flopped back on the mattress, staring at Nate. He was still sleeping away peacefully. Aww. I reached up and ran my hand through his hair.

Wait a second... I stared at my hand. It was my left hand, first of all, and there on the ring finger was a ring. A simple gold band. A horrible suspicion began to grow and I yanked Nate's left hand up. A matching ring was there, too.

Well, fuck.


After taking a shower and putting on clean clothing, I left my now husband (that word made me wince) sleeping and stormed down the hallway.

"G'morning," Rachel chirped, eating her healthy granola and looking perfect.

 Fuck that. God damned morning people. I am not a morning person, in case you didn't know that.

"Morning," I growled, slamming my cup on the counter and filling it with coffee. I sighed, sniffing it. Man, I loved coffee.

 "The crepes at right there," Rachel told me

. I grunted and messily spread some lovely chocolate hazelnut goodness on it. I ate slowly as I woke up a little bit more. Suddenly Rachel screamed.

 "What!?" I exclaimed, jumping up. Was there a bug? Please let it not be a cockroach. If there is a God, just please, please let it not be a cockroach.

She pointed a shaking hand at my hand. Oh... my ring.

I did scream into a towel for a couple of minutes. Half was because of horror and half was because damn, I'm married to bloody Nate Ruess. I'm Cassie Ruess! I have to admit, it does have a sort of ring to it.

"Oh, that," I twittered. "Yeah... um..."

Fortunately she seemed to recover. "Does Nate know?" She asked, all business like.

"Um... I didn't... want to wake him?"

She sighed. "You have to tell him." "Tell me what?"

 Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Nate stood in all his white shirt glory, hair wet and wearing his tiny capri pant things. I find them adorable. Pleasantly portable, if you will.

 Rachel slipped out of the room sneakily. Bitch.

I laughed nervously. "Funny, that. It, uh, seems that we... that you and me..." I wasn't really sure how to phrase this. "I'm now Cassie Ruess!"

Yes, well, subtly have never been my forte.

His eyes flicked from my hand, which I had extended, to his own. They slowly got bigger until I was sure they'd pop out. His face then went from pink to red, then purple and finally a lovely cobalt. It reminded me faintly of a rainbow.

"We're... married?" He choked out.

I nodded. "So it seems."

 "Ahh," he moaned, dropping down on the chair. I went over and hugged him.

"It'll be fine," I soothed. I do have a nice side, you know. He sighed.

 "Yep. We'll file for a divorce."

 Now, I wasn't exactly thrilled we were married (nineteen was way too young) but did he have to be so horrified and disgusted about it?

 "Yes..." I murmured softly, hoping my hurt wasn't showing.

He sighed. "Man, Las Vegas. Where horrible things happen."

Okay, so now this was a little too far. Our union was now a 'horrible thing', was it?

"Mistakes happen," he mused. "This one can be easily fixed."

 It was getting harder and harder to keep tears from welling in my eyes. Thanks Nate, for telling me it would basically suck to be married to me. Thanks a lot.

"Um," I interrupted, blinking rapidly. "Where is Toria?"

 He shrugged. "She flew home."

 This day just keeps getting better and better.

 My attempt to keep the tears back failed and a couple managed to squeeze their way out.

"Cassie?" Nate asked in alarm. "What's wrong?"

 I just shook my head. He settled me in his lap.

"Look, I know it's sucking to wake up and be fucking married, but we'll get past this, okay? Soon this will all be a memory and-"

"Thanks," I cut in. "Thanks a lot."

Before he could say anything else I flew away to my room and locked my door. Fuck Nate. Fuck everyone. I don't need them. I can be independent and work at Dunkin Donuts. I can-

 My phone rang. Benson Hedges. This time I answered right away. I really didn't need to hear his voice right now.


 "Emagawd, hey!"


 "The one and only. You will not believe where I am."

I grinned, sitting down. If anything could cheer me up it was my best friend.


"LAS VEGAS!" She shrieked. "It was your birthday and I knew you'd be here, so here I am!" I screamed.

 "Oh my fucking god! This is brilliant! I'll come and pick you up at the airport, yeah?"

 "Yeah. And when you come, can you act like my girlfriend? This creepy guy keeps trying to ask me out..."

 I laughed. Same old Cher.

"Of course. See you in a few!" I hung up. Now only to get past him without being noticed...


I stood on my tiptoes, searching the crowds for Cher.

 A head of blonde curls made it's way to me.

"CHER!" I screamed, hugging her to death.

"CASSIE!" She shrieked back. "Oh my god, it's been way too long!"

 I tucked her hair behind her ear. "It has, my lover."

She sighed, a blush gracing her cheeks. "The bed was cold without you, Cassie."

We linked hands and headed out of the airport. Once outside, we burst out laughing.

"His face!" Cher gasped. "Priceless!"

 I giggled. "I know! So, what's up in England?"

She shook her head. "Ain't nobody got time for that. Tell me about Ruess."

At the mention of his name I paused. She eyed me.

"Uh-oh. There's trouble in paradise."

I sighed. "Well...."

I held up my hand. She stared at it for a second.


I shrugged.

 "Vegas, you know..."

 She clapped her hands. "This is just like all those romance novels!"

"Yeah... I guess. Except, well..."

 Cher stopped squealing. "Please tell me you're not pregnant. Actually, wait, tell me that. It would be the cherry on the cake of a soap opera."

I couldn't help it, I laughed. "No, no, I'm not pregnant." We stopped at a traffic light.

"Well then, what's wrong?"

 I took a deep breath and told her everything.



 I ran to catch up as Cher stomped through our penthouse, looking furious.

"Cher, really, calm down-"

"Calm down? You want me to calm down? I'll tell you what, he's the one going down! How dare he!"

Man, I loved my best friend.

"Is this Cher?"

I turned. He was standing there, looking mildly amused. I noticed with a pang his wedding ring was off.

"You," Cher snarled, storming forward. "You... wanker!"

 He stepped back, looking terrified. Good. He deserved it.

"What did I-"

 "Don't you dare ask me what you did! Nobody messes with my Cassie, capeeche? No one. I can kill you and make it look like suicide. It's damned easy, Ruess. A button and you're dead."

 Wow. I wish I could be as terrifying as Cher... Nate actually took a step back.

"Seriously, what did I do!?" Cher looked like she was about to explode. "You were a total wanker! 'Oh, I love you, bloody hell we're married! You made her feel like shit, that's what! Why wouldn't you want to be married to Cassie!?" She stepped back and slung an arm around my waist. "I would marry Cassie if we were both lesbian, but we're not. Now, I'm gonna go see if I can get Jack and I'm leaving you-" she poked Nate in the chest rather hard. "To see if you can kiss her ass enough to make her take you back."

She spun around and left.

 I rubbed my neck. "Uh... sorry about that."

I sat down and he followed suit.

"S'okay. She's right. I was kind of a dick."

 I shot him a side glance. He looked utterly heartbroken.

"It's fine-"

He cut me off by randomly picking me up and cuddling me. One of Nate's quirks. He picks up the nearest thing and cuddles it. Usually that's me.

"I'm sorry!" He wailed. "I was stressed and shocked and I thought you wouldn't want to be married to someone like me."

 I paused. "Someone like you."

 He sighed. "I'm nine years older then you."

I nodded. "You're practically middle aged."

"I know. There are younger men out there, like Loser and Denial-"

 "Louis and Niall," I corrected. "And yes, there are."

"And it's wrong that I'm dating you-"

"Yep," I agreed. "You're a pedophile."

 He didn't answer, just hid in my hair.

"It's good then," I continued. "That I love all of that about you." I felt him still. I guess it was time to get embarrassingly cheesy. Love sucks, kids. It makes you do foolish, foolish things. "I love your suspenders and your tiny jean capris things. I love your snuggling thing habit and your voice and when you wear white shirts. I love that you're older and cooler than anyone else I know. I love you," I stressed."No matter what."

He poked his head up. "Does that mean it's my turn?"


 He chuckled. "Okay then. I love your Nutella obsessions and your sarcasm and your hair. I love how you hid all you fun. merchandise in a box where you think I can't find it. I love that you read fun fanfiction about me, I love that you sing in the shower when you're happy. I love how you make terrible puns all the time. I love you."

 Okay, I kind of wanted to scream happily or vomit (joyfully. But still vomit because that was too sweet). Instead I just kissed him.

He grinned the Boyish Grin. My heart fluttered. He then leaned forward and whispered in my ear,

 "It's a beautiful thing when you love somebody."

Kill me now.

 "And I love somebody," I murmured back.

"Yeah, I love somebody," his lips moved against my skin. Le sigh. Suddenly he moved away from me.

 "Where are you going," I moaned, too lazy to open my eyes. "Coome baack."

"Cassie Shores," Nate began in a serious voice.


 "Stay married to me?"

 I shot up. He was on one knee, looking quite hopeful. I fidgeted. "Nate, I'm only nineteen.... hell no."

 He stood up, looking relieved.

"Thank God."

 I giggled, tugging him back next to me. "We never did have our honeymoon...."

He grinned, swept me up bridal style and ran down the hallway towards our room.


The next stop was San Diego.

I was bored.

Nate was in the tourbus somewhere with Andrew and Jack, Rachel was texting a mystery person (oh, I hope it's a guy) and Cher had flown home. Plus, I had finished my online classes for the day.

 I moaned and stood up, stumbling over to where my lovely Dell sat charging. I wished I could just marry it. Life would be so much easier. I mean, Plankton married a computer! Why can't I?

I loaded Twitter and decided to compose some sort of brilliant witticism. Unfortunately, I've never been good at coming up with puns (just very terrible ones) So I decided I needed an ego boost and went to a funatic page.

"Oh yeah, the fans love me," I crowed. I even found a cute little poem someone wrote for me! Aww.

Roses are red, violets are blue, hate Cassie Shores and I hate you.

 I decided to go and follow these people. I knew how brilliant it would've been back when I was just a fan if any of the Fun crowd followed me (Rachel, Nate, Jack, Andrew).

After I did that I was still bored.

"NATE!" I yelled.

 A moment later he appeared in my room, eating a chocolate muffin. I stared at him.

"Where did you get that?"

 "Kitchen," he mumbled past it. I shot up.

"Yay!" I skipped to the tiny kitchen that we kept here on the bus and saw a box of pastries. How they got there, I had no idea. Whatever. As long as I got a donut...

Nate finished his muffin and watched as I ate my lovely pink donut in two bites.

"What's up?" He asked when I was done. I shrugged.

"Just boredom." He draped an arm around my shoulder.

 "Me, too, darlin'. Me too."

 I leaned my head against his shoulder. Ha. Retaliation, yo. Yes, I know I’m hopeless.

 "What are we gonna doooo."

 "We coould waaatch a moovvie."

I perked up. "I call choosing! Which means you have to get the snacks!"

"You just had a donut! Two, actually."

"Technicalities," I giggled. "See in a few." I started down the hall. "YO! JACK! ANDREW! RACHEL! WE'RE WATCHING A MOVIE!"

"WHAT MOVIE!?" Jack screamed back.

"TELL YOU IN A MOMENT!" I plopped down on the floor and inspected the movie choice. Or a TV show, possibly. It depended on what we had...


Fifteen minutes later Nate had spread out the food he had scrounged up. I observed the selection. Cupcakes, donuts, muffins… Nutella.

"Does it get your approval?" He breathed into my neck.

I sighed. "Yeah. Except we need something to drink. Well, I need coffee."

 He smiled. "Full pot already done, Cass. Sodas are in the fridge."

 I know they say perfection doesn't exist, but Nate Ruess came pretty damn close.

 "What are we watching?"

 I collapsed on the couch, tugging him down with me. "The Titanic."

 His nose wrinkled up. "But that's a girl movie."

I swear, I sometimes think he's an eight year old trapped in a man's body. A very hot body, I admit, but all the same.

"No it isn't. You'll love it.”

He groaned and lay his head on my lap. "Sure, yeah. I'll adore it."

 The other three came in and sat down next to us. It was a pretty big couch.

"What are we watching?" Andrew asked, snagging a cupcake.

"The Titanic," I replied. Rachel clapped her hands, Andrew just sighed and Jack looked a little horrified.

"No," he begged.

"The reason he says that is 'cause he'll cry," Rachel told me. I smirked.

"Don't worry, Andrew will cover your eyes on the sad parts," I cooed.

 He tossed a pillow at me. "Shut up and hit play."

 I did.


 The movie was drawing a close. I sniffled, wiping a stray tear from my eye.

Nate and Andrew were sobbing like babies and Jack looked like someone had just killed his puppy.

"He died? He just... died?"

 I patted Nate's cheek. "It's very sad."

 "Poor Rose!" Andrew wailed, burying his face in Rachel's hair.

"I know," Nate sobbed. "It was s-so sad!"

 I sighed. "Get off of me so I can get food."

"Are you a bottomless pit?" Jack asked, still looking somewhat broken hearted. I shrugged.

 "Just hungry." I got up and grabbed the box of food, feeding Nate a bit of cupcake.

"I'm tired," Jack announced. "I'm heading to bed. "

”Me, too," Andrew added.

"Me, three, “Rachel agreed.

 "Nighty-night," I waved.

 "Don't get up to anything," Jack winked. "We'll know."

 I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, Antonoff."

 He chuckled and they left.

"Cassie," Nate yawned, sitting up and taking another muffin. "What other music do you like?"

 I frowned. "Didn't I tell you?"

 He shook his head. "IDK."

I stared at him. "Did you just say 'IDK'?"

He blushed. "Maybe..."

 I laughed. "Alright, um... I guess I like A Rocket To The Moon, Panic! At The Disco, Greenday, All Time Low-"

 "So you're a rocker, huh?"

"Jack Johnson and Simon and Garfunkle," I finished.

 "... okay. Not totally a rocker."

 I giggled. "Uh-huh. Not all the way."

"I think," he began. "That you're forgetting someone."

 I feigned surprise. "Did I?"

 He nodded. "Yes. I believe their name is Fun."

 "Oh, them. I hear they're lead singer is very attractive."

 "Really?" He raised an eyebrow. "I heard his girlfriend is very sexy."

 I grinned, stretching and turning to face him. "She's pretty brilliant."

 "The best," he agreed, angling his head a bit.

"Mmm," I breathed, wrapping my arms around his neck.



Nate and I jumped apart as Jack jumped out, looking triumphant.

"I told you! And oh my god, the whole bit about Fun? What was that?"

We both turned scarlet.

 "What the fuck, Jack! Go away. Why are you even here?"

He smirked. "I was bored, so I decided to listen to you guys."

"Fucker," Nate muttered. I agreed.

"Aurg! Fine, whatever! Just go."

 "Nuh-uh. Not until, you move this to the bedroom."

I groaned and stood up, Nate following suit.

"Fine. Just leave now."

 He giggled and left us alone.

"Finally," I sighed.

"Why don't we take his suggestion?"

 I chuckled. "Fine by me."


The next morning I sat at the couch (I had pretty much claimed ownership) wearing one of Nate's white button downs, drinking coffee and watching Doctor Who. Have to let my true British colors show sometime, you know.

I have to admit, if I ever met Matt Smith.... watch out, man, watch out. He would be in danger of getting raped.

 "Geronimo!" Matt shouted, jumping about in those truly adorable bowties.

 "Matt, Matt," I sighed. "The things I would do to you."

"Whatcha watching?" Nate asked from the doorway.

"Doctor Who, now shh!" I hissed. They were in the Dalek Asylum. It was all very suspenseful.

A moment later an add came on.

 "Alright," I relented. "Now you can talk."

 "What's Doctor Who?"

I'm pretty sure my mouth dropped to the floor. He didn't know what Doctor Who was? I considered myself a hardcore Whovian.

 "You don't know what Doctor Who is?" I was shocked that my voice was steady.

"... no."

"Oh my god," I choked. "You really don't know what Doctor Who is?"


 I stood up. "I know what we're doing today."


 "WE'RE IN SAN DIEGO- wait. What are you doing?"

 I looked up as Andrew popped in. "Watching Doctor Who," I replied from my place in Nate's lap.

"Love that show," Andrew told us, collapsing next to us.

 "Nate didn't know what it was," I explained. #shock.

 His mouth fell open.

 "Oh man. I'm in a band with someone who didn't know what Doctor Who was?"



"DON'T SCREAM!" Fucking Jack.

He appeared in the room.


 "Oops, my arse," I moaned. He giggled.

 "We're in San Diego! Almost at the hotel."

"Yay," I sighed. "My legs need to be stretched.

" "Everyone's does," Andrew agreed.

"Hey, check out that bug!" Rachel exclaimed, pointing to somewhere on the floor.

I peered over the sofa. It was a bloody cockroach.

"AHHH!" I shrieked, jumping onto Nate's lap. "GET IT AWAY! KILL IT!"

 Jack stared at me. "You know... maybe I'll just leave it there...."

My face paled. "If you do that... I will kill you." He snickered.



He pranced off. Bloody fucking wanker.

Nate watched me in amusement. I shrieked and burrowed behind him.

"Is it gone?"

 "Umm.. no."


"Okay, okay, calm down... Andrew, can you-"

"Yep. There."

I peeked out from behind Nate's strangely poofy hair.

Is it gone?"


"Oh thank God," I sighed, deciding I was quite comfortable in my cozy position behind Nate's back.

"We're at the hotel," Rachel told us.

"We have an interview later," Nate said, standing up and taking the warmth of his body with him.

"Come back," I pleaded. He giggled.

"Come on, Cass, we have to scope out the rooms. And they have a lunch buffet."

 I leapt up. Lunch buffets, well, any kind of buffet is good enough for me.

"Let's go!"


 I stood backstage as the Billboard lady started asking questions. I knew most of them (I was a fun.atic, after all) and pretty much just sighed repeatedly and waited for her to get to an interesting question.

"There have been some rumours lately," the person (let's just call her Blabla) began, looking all eager.

"Yes?" Nate asked, looking attractively confused.

"About you and a certain British girl?"

 Alright, this was new. I perked up. Let's see what they would say about me!

They started showing cute photos and Nate and I, holding hands and just generally being fucking adorable. Watch out, Brad and Angelina. You aren't as cute as we are.

"Oh, Cassie," Nate said in recognition. Give the man a prize, he knew who I was!

"Yes, Cassie," Blabla smiled. "Can you tell us about her?"

 Oh, Blabla. Men are simple minded creatures. They will not tell you what you want to know.

"Um... actually, she's right here!"

 Kill me now.

 Blabla turned to where I was cowering behind a camera.

"She is? Come on out here!"

On the outside I was a collected, calm girl. On the inside I was killing Nate and Blabla slowly with a pitchfork.

I glided gracefully over to the couch and sat down daintily next to my boyfriend.

 "Hello, Ms. Blabla," I greeted. Blabla looked a little confused but moved on. Wise choice.

"How long have you two been dating?"

I waved my hand nonchalantly.

 "Oh, about... six months? Seven months?"

 Blabla smiled and nodded.

 "Lovely..." She then waved me away (yay) and continued on with the interview.

"I like to snuggle things," Nate told her. He randomly picked up a red beaded pillow and hugged it.

 "Oh," Blabla looked baffled. "Okay."

 I stifled a laugh. This was pure gold, I tell you.

Finally when the interview was over Blabla came up to us.

"I'd like to do an article on you two."

 I allowed Nate to wrap an arm around my waist and pull me against his side.


 "Yes. Could you tell me when you're free?"

"Um... tomorrow? At, say, noon?"

 She nodded. "Sounds excellent."

"We're going to be a sensation!" I cried. "All thanks to Blabla!"

 "You mean Dakota?"

Dakota, Blabla. Like it mattered.

 "Yes...." I replied evasively. "Dakota. Now let's go back, you need to rest."

"My show isn't for two days-"

"Shut it, Ruess. I'm hungry." He laughed.

"Okay, okay. Let's go."



 "What am I going to wear?"

"You could wear one of my designs."

I raised an eyebrow. I'm sorry, but Rachel's designs don't fly for me. It's prejudiced against people who aren't blonde.

"Um... no thanks, Rach."

 Rachel sighed. "Just wear what you usually wear."

What I usually wear is my fun. Converse, jeans, whatever fun. t-shirt I pull from my dresser and my green hoodie, which I love because I like to think it makes my eyes look green.

When I told Rachel she just sighed.

"God, you need serious fashion advice."

 I wrinkled my nose. "I hope that doesn't take long, because the interview is in an hour."

"An hour."


"Well.... we can do this later. I have to go."

Well fine then, Rach. Leave in my time of need.

In the end, I just wore my fun. Converse, my jeans and that fun t-shirt that said 'it's all fun and gay until someone loses their rights.' Yep, I'm supportive of my homeboys.

"You ready?" My hot BF asked me, extending his arm which I took.

"Yep," I replied.

"Nate! Cassie!" Blabla exclaimed, like she hadn't expected us to show up. Please.

"Hello," I murmured politely, allowing Nate to tow me over to the couch.

"So," Blabla digressed, looking like we were all eleven year old girls at a slumber party.

"How did you two meet?"

 "Well, Blabla," I began, leaning forward. "My friend and I were sitting in a park to see if fun would walk by."

"Which we did," Nate added.

"And I could see all the people in the park start to recognize them, so I walked up-"

 "And called us different names so no one would know."

 I must say, this little finishing each other's sentences thing is making us look fucking cute.

"We gave them a ride to their hotel."

"I liked her so much that I made her stay with us," Nate finished. Notice we left out the Elevator incident. That was intentional.

"Oh, that's so sweet," Blabla gushed.

 "Isn't it?" I beamed.

"So what's the age difference?" She asked, still all bubbly. Uh-oh.

I glanced at Nate. He had tensed up, looking alarmed. This was a sensitive subject for him, because he thought he was 'corrupting my innocence'. I'm so sure. My innocence was corrupted long, long ago, Natey.

 Nate mumbled something.

 "I'm sorry, can you repeat that?"

 I stared hard at Blabla. There was an evil glint in her eyes. Blabla was a devil! I could already see the litte horns protruding from her scalp.

"It's nine years," I said loudly. I mean, it didn't look like Nate was gonna answer any time soon. Feminist power, man.

Blabla looked shocked. "Oh... that's, uh, kind of a lot. How old are you?"

 "Nineteen," I snarled. Nate looked broken hearted. That bitch was going down.

"And he's twenty-seven."

"And still damn good in bed," I announced brightly. It was great fun to see her scandalized expression.

"Cassie!" Nate hissed. Oh, he could hiss all he wanted but I could tell he was pleased. And proud of moi for defending our relationship.

"Well," Blabla managed. "Um... what do your bandmates think about it?"

She directed this at the weak link in our group. Nate.

"They love Cassie!" He told her. "An amazing addition to our portable house hold."

"And what about your ex, Rachel Antonoff?"

 They were ruthless, man. Ruthless.

"Me and Rachel?" He feigned surprise. "We're great friends, but nothing more. In fact, she's seeing someone."

 Blabla was going down! I shall repeat myself in case you have forgotten. She was being rather a bitch.

"And what do you think of the band?"

 "We're all the best of mates! Joined at the hip! In fact, if Nate and I weren't dating exclusively, I would marry them all!"


It seemed my commentary had made her speechless.


"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world! I'm made of plastic, everything's fantastic!"

I snickered into my hand. Jack was rolling around the floor, laughing. We were stationed outside the bathroom while Nate was in the shower, singing as usual.

Today, it seemed, it was the Barbie song.

 "What's next... whatever, I'll just sing it again! I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world! I'm made of plastoc, everything's fantastic!"

Jack held up his iPhone, from which he was apparently taking a recording. This was priceless, I tell you. And so going on Twitter and YouTube.

We heard the shower turn off, Nate still humming his Barbie tunes.

"Come on," I giggled and we took off down the hallway to where Rachel and Andrew were discussing things about the Ally Coalition.

"Oh my god, check this out!" Jack exclaimed, collapsing in a heap next to Rachel.

"Hit play," I commanded. He obeyed. We all fell into laughter.

"Whatcha guys watching?" Nate asked from where he had just come in.

"N-nothing," I choked out, hiding my phone behind me. He lunged and was able to get it out of my grasp.

"Dammit, what's your password?"

 "Like I'm gonna tell you."

 He sighed. "I'll just have to guess." I smirked.

"Yeah, alright Nate."

 Five minutes later he shot his fist into the air.

 "What?" I demanded. "You got it?"

"What was it?" Andrew wanted to know.

 "My name," Nate told them, grinning the Boyish Grin. I swear that man's gonna give me a heart attack one day.

Jack snickered loudly and I blushed.

"Whatever," I scoffed, trying to act nonchalant. Soon he would see we had his whole serenade of Barbie World on tape. He wouldn't be so smug then.

I watched as his eyes widened and he turned the color of a radish.

 "Grab it before he deletes it!" I screamed at Jack, who yanked the phone out of his grip.

"Whoa, Cassie, where did you get all the shirtless pics of Nate?

" "NOO!" I shrieked, jumping on him and attempting to wrestle the phone away from him. I failed miserably. Nate peered over his shoulder.

 "Whoa, I want to know, too. Where did you get those?"

 "Places," I replied evasively. "Now give it back!"

 But now Jack and Nate were cackling evilly and doing something

 "And... send," Jack muttered. OMFG, what did they do? I was able to get my phone back and frantically looked through my phone.

"Oh, no," I moaned. They had sent all the pictures of Nate to Louis Tomlinson. Why oh why had I let him save his number on my phone?

Oh, wait, I remember now. Because he’s Louis freaking Tomlinson!

Fuck my life,” I moaned.

My phone dinged.

“Ooo, what did he say?” Jack crowed, smirking.

I rolled my eyes and tapped the little sophisticated envelope.

Louis: Wow, Cassie, I love them. Thanks for sending them to me! Their even more perfect then you described!”

“Wait… what?” Nate asked in confusion. “You told him about my torso?”

“Yes, Nate, I told him all about your torso,” I snickered. “No, you doofus, he’s joking!”

He blushed. “Oh.”

I smiled and scooted closer to him before replying.

Cassie: What can I say? I have a way with words and good taste in men.

The message back was instant.

Louis: That’s apparent, since you’re talking to me.

Cassie: A little cocky now, are we?

Louis: Oh, I’m always cocky, if you know what I mean.

I snorted and noticed Nate sobbing into Jack’s shoulder, who looked terrified.

“What’s wrong hon?” I asked in concern.

“Y-you’re leaving me for Loser!” Nate cried.

I raised an eyebrow. “Louis, Nate. And no, I’m not.”

“T-then why are you t-texting him so much?”

“Nate, chillax. I text Rachel a lot, too.”

He perked up. “Oh, okay.”

Now that everything was better now…

“So,” I began. “Did I hurt your man feels?”

He flushed. “Um…”

“Do you need your manetries?”

Now, you know the stuff you use in the bathroom is called toiletries? Well, he thought it was an ‘insult to his manliness’ and called it ‘manetries’ instead.

I know.

“No, thank you very much,” he snapped.

“Wait, what are manetries?” Jack demanded.

Nate’s eyes widened. “No, Cassie. Please.”

I smirked. “You know your toiletries? Nate thinks it an insult to his man feels and calls them ‘manetries.’”

A slightly stunned silence followed my announcement before Andrew cracked up.

“How… perfect!” he gasped.

We all sniggered at Nate, who was the color of a tomato.

“And that’s not it,” I continued. “Also, when he’s feeling a bit… moody, if you will, he calls it his ‘man period.’”

“Bedtime for Cassie,” Nate declared, slinging me over his shoulder. I waved at everyone halfheartedly.


“Good night, Cassie!” they chorused.

Nate dropped me on the bed and glowered at the comforter.

“So now you’re friends with Loser?”

“Louis,” I sighed. “And yes, I suppose.”

I stared at him. He looked pitiful and dejected.

Something dawned on me.

“You’re not mad! You’re jealous!”

He flushed. “No!”

“You are! Aww, Natey, it’s all alright.”

See what I mean about the terrible puns?

“It’s just,” he sighed. “He’s your age and everything and I’m-“

I cut him off by basically tackling him onto the bed.

“You’re insecure, don’t know what for,” I sang.

“It isn’t really a good sign when your girlfriend sings some younger, hotter guy’s song whilst straddling you.”

I waved my hand. “Meh, whatever. I love you.”

He grinned. “Love you, too, Cassers.”

My nicknames suck. The only one I like is Cass.

“Did you have to call me what?” I moaned, sliding off of him. “’Cause that’s what Jack calls me and man, it’s a total turn off.”


I shook my head. “Fortunately-“

“Whoa, wait, wait,” he cut me off. “Did you just make a pun?”

I have issues.


“Okay, just wanted to check,” he smirked. “Carry on.”

And here I go again with the puns.

“Carry on,” I giggled into his chest.

He groaned. “No.”

I pulled back. “Okay, okay. I was saying it’s good my boyfriend is so hot. We can totally get the mood back pretty quickly.”

He smirked again and kissed me.

My phone dinged.

“Ugh,” he grunted.

I smiled sheepishly and checked it.

Louis: Hey, do you wanna hang out tomorrow with us?

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed.

“What!?” Nate started, almost dropping the glass of water he was holding (wait, how did that get here?)

“Louis Tomlinson wants to hang out with me,” I practically hyperventilated.

It was a real shocker I actually noticed Nate’s dejected face through my excitement.

“Babe, it’s fine,” I reassured him. “I’ll ask if you can come.”

He nodded. “Okay.”

Cassie: Love to. Can Nate come?

Louis: the more the merrier.

I said goodbye and turned off my phone.

Nate was sleeping.

Well, this was just perfect.


I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.

There were tears in my eyes. There were tears in everyone’s eyes.

Louis had just pulled the most hilarious prank. I don’t even know why it was so funny, it just was.

“Too… funny!” Harry gasped.

“You guys, that was uncalled for-“ Liam attempted to scold them but failed miserably as he dissolved into laughter again.

Louis sat there smugly, a huge goofy grin on his face.

“Mate, that was priceless,” Zayn squeaked as we all started winding down.

“Why, thank you.”

“Alright, alright,” I took a deep breath. “It’s getting sort of late, guys. I have to go.”

“But Cassie!” Louis whined, looking at me with big blue eyes. Godammit.

“Nope, not gonna work, Tomlinson,” I informed him, standing up. “I’ll talk to you later, guys.”

“Text me!” Harry exclaimed.

“Will do. G’bye!”

“BYE!” They all shouted in unison, waving. I chuckled.

Nate didn’t come with us.

He had told me something had ‘come up’ and he wouldn’t be able to make it.

This had been bothering me all day, because he didn’t tell what it was and there had been a weird glint in his eyes when he had told me.

And he had looked… guilty.

For some reason, I also felt a bit guilty, because to be honest, Louis’s truly adorable azure eyes had made my heart beat a little too fast.

And now that I thought about it… Rachel had looked guilty, too. And she had been somewhere mysterious all day. And she had been texting a mystery guy all through breakfast…. And Nate had been texting too!

I shook my head. I was being ridiculous. It was all in my head.




Where this story could go:

a)Nate and Cassie are together forever <3 and it’s endless fluff

b)Nate is cheating on Cassie with Rachel so she gets with Louis (or they stay together and go on)

c)Cassie cheats on Nate with Louis and they break up (or stay together and move on)

d)They decide that the age difference is too much and Nate gets with Rachel and Cassie gets with Louis

Please leave a comment and tell me!

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