1. Dandelion Dreams

A dandelion blown to dust through the wind. That's what all these memories seem like to me now. I don't know the path of which leads them to what, and I most certainly don't know their purpose. These memories just seem like stories to me now, getting harder and harder to remember each day less clear and less vivid as time flies by. I hold on the the most closest and dearest ones hoping they'll stay glued inside my mind where i wont forget them ever. Just my special memories, reminders, to keep all to myself. Most of them involve you... since you are mostly all I was ever with or thought of. These memories of you are just little reminders to never let someone love me like you tried to. You hurt me. And now that hurt won't ever go away. Even after I myself left you for my own good. You were only trouble to my spirit and life. And now I'm paying the price for it in a dark, twisted, uncomfortable pit of deep destruction and depression... also known as hell.I honestly don't know how to get out of it either. But until I figure it out, I'll just sit here and remember everything. I think back on you, your destruction, and how I can only fly forward from here just like the dandelions by my feet being swept through the wind and carried off ahead...

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