Dating One Direction

Come read about our adventures as we take on life Dating One Direction.
Xx, Evangaline, Fiera, Eleanor, Angel, and Hope.


3. Hope

Me and Eva were sitting in a car with Harry and Liam of One Direction. Then it hit me like a brick to my face. I WAS SITTING NEXT TO LIAM PAYNE OF ONE STINKING DIRECTION.

I must of looked physically pained, because Eva asked me if I was alright.

"Yo! Cathy, you okay? Have that look on your face, where you look like you've just been hit by a brick," Only Eva would know what I look like after I've been hit by a brick. Or would call me Cathy.

"Cathy? Hit by a brick?" Liam asked cocking his head to the side, giving us a confused look. I swear, my heart melted. He looked like a puppy! Of topic, sorry.

"Cathy's my middle name, I've always hated it, so, whenever someone needs to get my attention they use it. Well, Eva over here's the only one who uses it," I explained.

"And, back when we were fifteen, Hope here was having a fight with this guy that she like-liked," She started, and I blushed. I did not like that jerkface.

"I did not like him, Eva!" I told her for the billionth time. She rolled her eyes, but didn't object.

Eva continued the story, "And they was saying some pretty nasty stuff, and then out of no where, BAM! She gets hit in the face with half of a brick- they guy's girlfriend had thrown it at her. And Hope was so pissed. So, she went all MMA on Georgia-the girl- and in the end, it took four guys to hold Hope back, and one to hold Georgia back. Well, not hold her back, she was already knocked out!" Eva was laughing at the story, even though it wasn't that funny. I mean I guess it should be after all these years, but the guys were in the car. Yes, back when I was younger, I might of had some slight anger issues, but if you were in the position I was in, wouldn't you, too?

"Y-you knocked a girl out?" Liam asked me, the only thing showing in his eyes- fear. I sighed, and asked the driver to pull over. I don't like it when people are afraid of me. It makes me feel like I'm the same fifteen year old I was back then, and I never want to be that person again.

"Okay!" He answered, and pulled the car to the side of the road.

"Look, it was nice meeting you guys, but I didn't come here to talk about my past. It's not something that I like to talk about, especially with people that I barley know. I knew it was to good to be true. Eva, you can stay. I'll just go over Angels house. Have fun you guys," I told them after I had hopped out of the car. And, I was serious. My past was a touchy subject. It wasn't something that I liked to talk about, nor did I want to. I walked away from the black S.U.V. and grabbed my phone. I was about to call Angel when I heard something from behind me.

"No," Eva firmly stated, just as I turned around, "If you leave, I'm coming." She hopped out of the black S.U.V.

"Goodbye, boys. Liam, Harry. D.M. me on twitter sometime," She bid the guys a goodbye; And walked over to where I was, about ten meters away.

"Thanks, Eva," I gave her a hug. I could tell how much she already liked Harry, and I realized how much of a sacrifice it was to give up going to a recording studio. For some reason, Eva had always loved machines. And loved to learn how they worked.

"No prob " She answered, "I know how hard it was for you to leave the car," by this time we were walking, "I know how much you wanted to sing there." I stiffened up. How did she know? How did she know about my dreams of becoming a singer/ actress? How?

"Oh, sweetie, between the jamming out in the shower, and all the plays you have in your bookcase, I put two and two together." Sh winked at me.

"Do you know about the music shop?" I asked her, hoping the answer was no. There was an old abandoned music shop down the street, that someone just left there, and no one ever came to pick up the instruments. So, I turned it into my own personal studio. I know it's trespassing on private property, but I always loved going there, because no one could hear me play.

"Hope, who doesn't?" She gave me the 'duh' look and I cocked my head to the side-like Liam had done earlier.

"Oh, you don't know?" She gasped.

"No, I know, I'm just asking you for fun," I sarcastically replied, "Of course I have no idea!"

"Oh my god," Eva's eyes widened, and she whipped out her Galaxy S 3-which we disagreed about for ages, I thought she should get an iPhone 4 S, but being the stubborn girl she was, she stuck with the Galaxy- and seconds later, it was unlocked. She flicked her finger to the left twice, and opened the YouTube app. I leaned over her shoulder as she typed in 'fighter christina aguilera cover'. My eyes widened. No. No. No. No! Out of all the songs they had to capture, they had to capture that one?

As soon as the video's popped up, she clicked on the top one. Then some more waiting and loading.

My face was on the screen.

'After all you put me through, you think I'd despise you, but in the end I wanna thank you cause you make me that much stronger," I said in my naturally raspy voice. I waited for the horrible part. The part where I would sing.

"Well I, thought I knew you
Thinking, that you were true
Guess I, I couldn't trust
Called your bluff, time is up
'Cause I've had enough
You were, there by my side
Always, down for the ride
But your, joy ride just came down in flames
'Cause your greed sold me out of shame, mmhmm"

I sang in my smooth, yet raspy alto voice. Oh my gosh. I sounded horrid.

"Shut it off. Shut it off!" I told Eva, who looked surprised at my reaction. I waited until she clicked the pause button.

"Oh my gosh. I sounded horrible. I sounded like a donkey. No, even donkey's are better than that performance!" I started to ramble on.

"Shut your mouth, Cathy," Eva told me while she fiddled with her phone some more, "Just look at the comments. These are complete strangers."

'Wow. She's as good, if not better than Christina. That was amazing.'

'How come she hasn't been discovered yet. I'd buy her album'

'gr8 jst amzng luvd it'

'Are there any more video's of her singing?'

'I'm already a fan.'

I gaped at the comments. Was I really good?


Hope here. Do you like? What do you think about her past? What about her singing? What about Liam and Harry? Who's Angel? Don't fret, my Moonies, 1D isn't gone yet. Next chapters Eva's. ~Hope

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