Let Me Think About It (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Alice Halley is a 20 year old crazy girl. She's carefree and doesn't give shit about what the others think about her. And that's actually what's gonna attract a young boy that happened to be her best friend. Who is the guy? What is gonna happened? Read to know.


3. Unexpected

Alice's POV:

It was getting dark so we decided to go home. I was so tired and I couldn't walk so I said to Louis:" Louis, I'm so tired, I can't walk." "The house is two blocks away!" "I'm so tired." " Come on, I'll carry you." "No, you're insane. I'm heavy." " Don't worry." " I think that I can hold on." I walked a little bit more but my head started to pound. God, I feel like I'm gonna fall. Louis saw me and ran towards me then carried me in his arms bridal style. I felt asleep right away.

Louis' POV:

Poor girl, she was really tired. We arrived to the house and I put Alice in her bed and kissed her forehead. When I was about to get out she grabbed my arm and said:" Can you please sleep next to me tonight?" " Sure love. Let me go change and I'll come back." " Ok, hurry up." Then I got out of her room and headed to the guests room to change. When I was done, I got to Alice's room and slipped under the covers. She turned immediately and crashed against me. It felt good. I had a crush on her after a year of our meeting. I wanted to ask her but I was afraid it will ruin our friendship. I tried to forget about her but it was impossible. I looked at her beautiful face and a huge smile crossed my face. She looks so cute when she sleeps. I felt asleep after a while.

Harry's POV:

Louis put Alice in her room and didn't came back. What the hell are these two doing? I looked at the guys and said:" Louis didn't came back." Liam looked at me laughing cause he knew whet was in my head and said: "Calm down lad, they're not doing anything. I think that Al asked Lou to sleep next to her this night like she always does when he returns from his tours." Maybe. Anyway, it's not my business. After two hours in front of the TV, we decided to go to sleep.

Alice's POV:

I woke up in Louis' arms. It feels good to be in the arms of the most amazing and lovely guy in the world. I tried to get up without waking him up. Mission accomplished. I washed my face and changed cause I was still in my black skinny jeans and my blue docker. I put white shorts and a black T-shirt. I headed down stairs to make breakfast. I cooked bacon and eggs. The smell of the food woke Niall up then the others woke up a bit later. We were all sitting on the couch eating when my phone rang. It was Aria my BFF. 

"The phone conversation:"

Me: Hello?

Aria: Hey babe.

Me: Hey Aria.

Aria: How are you?

Me: Great, how are you?

Aria: Bad.

Me: What happened cupcake? 

Aria: I broke up with James.

Me: That's good news.

Aria: I don't know why you don't like him.

Me: Cause he's a jackass.

Aria: Anyway, I'm not calling you to fight. How is Louis?

Me: He's fine.

Aria: I hear noise, where are you?

Me: Oh, the guys are gonna stay whith us for a while.

Aria: Cool!

Me: Wanna come over?

Aria: Hell yeah!

Me: Haha ok see ya in a few.

Aria: See ya babe.

"End of the phone conversation"

I sat back on the couch and Louis asked me:" Who was that?" "My boyfriend." What?!? You never said you had a boyfriend!" " Cause I don't silly boy." "God you scared me." I laughed and said: " Whatever." "So who was it?" " It was Aria." " Oh I missed her." "Well she's coming in about...15 minutes." "Great, I would love to see her." "Who are you talking about?" zayn said. " We're talking about Aria Lee, my best friend." "What does she look like?" "She've got brown hair and grey eyes." then he smiled and looked at the TV. This guy is freaking me out. He's too mysterious and I'm sure he's gonna try to win a date with her. They will look cute together. And plus, she's mysterious too so they will understand each other.

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