Let Me Think About It (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Alice Halley is a 20 year old crazy girl. She's carefree and doesn't give shit about what the others think about her. And that's actually what's gonna attract a young boy that happened to be her best friend. Who is the guy? What is gonna happened? Read to know.


1. Prologue

Hey there, my name is Alice Jane Halley and I'm 20 years. I have long blonde hair and blue/green eyes. My best friend is Louis Tomlinson. Oh yeah, the famous Louis Tommo Tomlinson. Talking about him, he's coming today from he's tour, yaaay. I'm so so happy. I haven't seen him in 4 months. I missed him so much. I probably should go now to meet him at the airport. I put my blue heels on and jumped in my car. 12 minutes later I was there waiting for him to arrive. Suddenly, someone had put his hands on my eyes. It's him. I turned and looked at that precious smiling face that haven't seen in a long time ago. Then I threw myself on him. "Tommo I missed you" I screamed as high as I can. "I missed you too love, he said while kissing my cheek. You looke amazing Al." "You're gonna make me blush! Thank you" And then I kissed his cheek. "Um... Alice the guys came with me and they're gonna stay with us for a while". I forgot to tell you that we live together. "That's great. Where are they?". "Over there". I waved to them and then they came towards us to hit the road. I turned on the radio and "Come and Get It" the new song of Selena Gomez was on. Oh my god I love this song. I started to sing along until the end. "You have an amazing voice" Niall said. "A good voice not an amazing voice" "I just want to know why don't you wanna admit that your voice is gorgeous?" launched Liam. "Cause I don't have a great voice. Now get your butts out we arrived". The guys took their luggage and we got in the house. I showed the guys tueir rooms then we headed out.

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