Let Me Think About It (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Alice Halley is a 20 year old crazy girl. She's carefree and doesn't give shit about what the others think about her. And that's actually what's gonna attract a young boy that happened to be her best friend. Who is the guy? What is gonna happened? Read to know.


2. Good and bad memories.

We were running in the streets like maniacs, jumping, laughing, just having a good time. I missed these five lunatics. I've known Louis for five years. The most amazing five years of my life. We met at an amusement park. I was playing with my little sister Sarah and this young man came towards us and said: "Hi my name is Louis William Tomlinson, you can call me Tommo. What's your name?"


Sarah was running in all directions and I was running after her trying my best to don't loose her. I finally reached her and I started tickling her. "No, stop please. Alice please". Sarah screamed. "If you want me to stop say: Alice is the most amazing sister in the world"." Fine, Alice is the...most...amazing sister in the whole woooorld. Now stop!" Then I stopped and hugged her. Suddenly, a good looking guy with beautiful green eyes came to us. "Hi my name is Louis William Tomlinson but you can call me Tommo. What's your name?" He said gentely. I busted out laughing and said: "My name is Alice Jane Halley and everyone call me Al"."Nice to meet you young lady. And who is this lovely girl next to you. My sister looked at him and smiled."My name is Sarah Michelle Halley and well I don't have a nickname so you can call me Sarah."Nice to meet you Sarah. Would you mind if I ask you to drink something with me." I looked at him then said:"Not at all. Just don't put poison in our drinks and everything will be fine."."Absolutly not. It's impolite." Then we headed to a café and we started talking and getting to know each other.

*End FlashBack*

"What's wrong Al?" I heard someone saying. I turned and saw Louis."Nothing." "If It's nothing, why are you crying?" Crying what is he talking about? I touched my face and It was wet with tears. Why the hell am I crying? " I actually don't know why I am crying." "Ok now I'm sure that you are crazy." "We met a few minutes ago and you're already acting impolitely mister." "Ow sorry did I hurt you?" "Alot!" Then I turned and crossed my arms as if I was sulking. "I'm sorry Al, I'll never do it again." He apologized. I motioned him to give me a kiss on the cheek and that's what he did."Now we're even". I smiled at him and hugged him. The guys wanted to go to an amusement park and I suggested to go to the one where I met Louis. They all agreed and we got there. We had so much fun until I saw my ex. Cody . Ah come on seriously, I was having fun here. I turned and searched for Louis. He was buying candyfloss. "LOUIS, Come over here now!". He ran to me freaked out. "What? Did something happened?" "He's here." I said while tears started to form in my eyes. I'm sure you're wondering "Why is she crying because of a guy?". Well that guy made my life a living hell. When I broke up with him cause I didn't liked him anymore, he made fun of me, he made all of my friends hate me, he literally RUINED MY LIFE. Naturally I stand up for my self. But with him, It's like you put locks on my mouth. Louis hugged me and whispered in my ear: "Don't worry love, he will not hurt you." Louis was always there for me. He never believed what Cody said. All of a sudden, I heard his husky voice: "Hey little Alice". Ah come on.

Louis' POV:

"Hey little Alice" he said. I'll kill him. "Lieave her alone!" "Stay out of this Tomlinson." Alice got her head up and glared at Cody then she said: "You know what Louis, he's right. Stay out of this. It's between me and him." Then she turned to face him. "You know what Cody, I've had enough of your bullshit. I've never stand up for myself, but that age is over. So what do you prefer, going in your way and act like nothing happened or my left foot in your butt?" In your fucking face Parker. I was looking at Alice with a smile on my face and Cody was looking at her with big eyes. He then turned and walked away. "Great job Halley, high five" She looked at me and smiled:"Well seems like we're not gonna see him again for a while." 

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