Let Me Think About It (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Alice Halley is a 20 year old crazy girl. She's carefree and doesn't give shit about what the others think about her. And that's actually what's gonna attract a young boy that happened to be her best friend. Who is the guy? What is gonna happened? Read to know.


6. Broken

Louis' POV:

She was peacefully sleeping on Niall's lap. I won't deny that I was a bit jealous. At the end of the movie, I picked her up and I had put her on her bed. I was about to open the door when she called me. "Louis!" "What's wrong love?" "Come here" she said with her cute sleepy voice. I walked to her bed and sat down next her. "Don't tell her." "What are you talking about?" "Eleanor, don't tell her that you don't love her. You'll hurt her so much." "But I can't date someone that I don't love." "Believe me, when you'll start dating her, you'll love her." "But...but what about you?" "I'll get over it." "Let me see, you're making your self suffer because you don't want for your best friend to suffer." "Yeah, I guess I am." "You're the most perfect friend anyone can have." "Thanks." She is so sweet. "Well, good night." she said yawning. I slightly smiled and said: "Good night love." Then I kissed her forehead and got out of her room. When I closed the door a few tears escaped my eyes. I can't do that to her, I just can't. I wiped those tears and got down stairs. Once there I found Eleanor sitting alone. It's my only chance to talk to her. I know that Alice will be so mad but I just can't hurt her that way. "Hey El." "Hey Lou" she said smiling. Oh my god she looks so inocent how can I break her heart like this? Ugh, hard decisions. "You need to get some sleep. Come on." This is too much for me to handle.

Aria's POV:

I was in the garden looking at the stars and thinking about that guy named Zayn. He's cute and adorable. But I better back off cause I don't know the guy. I felt someone standing behind me so I turned and It was...him. "What are you doing out here? It's freezing." he said "I like to get out at night and just look at the stars." "I have a better place." "Wha.." He grabbed my arm and we got in the house. We walked up stairs and then we got to the roof. Wow, the view is amazing. It's just...wow. I was overwhelmed. "It's beautiful isn't it?" "It's amazing. Thank you." When I turned to look at him, I got lost in his eyes. I kept looking at him then his lips. God I wanna kiss those lips. "Then do it." "D-Did  I said that out loud." "Loud and clear." I couldn't hold on so I just smashed my lips against his and tasted the incredible flavour of his lips.

Zayn's POV:

She just smashed her lips against mine and started kissing me. I kissed her back and had this crazy feeling. We broke the kiss because we needed air. "That was incredible." "Yes it was." she said with a grin on her face. I'm starting to fall for this girl.

Alice's POV:

I was sitting in my room not able to sleep. Why? Simply cause I'm thinking that Louis and Eleanor are probably cuddling right now while I'm sitting here alone and bored. God this is not fair. But I can't say or do anything or else my friend is gonna get hurt so I better keep my mouth shut. Suddenly, I heard some people singing. It sounded like Niall's and Liam's voices. I slightly opened the door and kept tip toeing until I reached the room. I opened the door and they were both sitting on the bed, Niall with a guitar in his hands. I just stayed there listening to their beautiful voices. They were singing Wonderwall by Oasis. When they ended the song they noticed my presence. "Oh, hey Alice." said Niall. "Hi" "Did we woke you up?" Liam said a bit worried. "Don't worry, you didn't." "Ok, good." "What's wrong you don't seem ok." " I'm...I don't know." "I don't like it when my little leprechaun Isn't ok. Come here." I sat between them and looked at each one of them and then looked down. "Now tell us what's wrong." " I wish I can but I can't." "Why?" "It's just so complicated." "Ok, as you like. But if you ever need someone to talk to just know that we're here." "Aw thank you guys." And then I hugged both of them. "Now I need to get my mind off of all the shit I'm living right now so play some music. Excuse my language." They both slightly laughed and then Niall said "Let's play some music." He started playing Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson and I started t sing along. It felt so good. At the end of the song I just wanted to cry so I buried my face in Liam's chest and cried my eyes out. The guys didn't knew what to do so they just tried to comfort me but there was no way I would stop. "Alice please stop or else I'm gonna start crying too." said Niall. I instantly looked up at him. "I'm sorry." "Just tell us what's wrong." "Ok I"ll tell you but just promise you won't say a word." "Ok promise." Then I told them the whole story.

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