The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


7. you won't ever be

The past few weeks have gone by in a blur 


  Niall and I have gone on many dates and have grown closer but still don't know much about each other yet. 


Liam and Abbie actually hit it of and are now a couple. 


  Niall and I have been together for about 2 weeks now. 


  We haven't been able to spend that much time together because they started going on tour so he hasn't said he loved me yet much to Joanna's  disappointment but she has sent me the script for her upcoming movie so far I feel as if it will be a major hit 


  Today niall and the other boys have a few days off so niall planed to take me to the beach to have a picnic. 


  "Abbie do you know we're my black bikini is." I holler 

  Abbie walks into the room   "Ya it's in your closet top right." She tells me 

  I look and sure enough there it is   

"Thanks Abbie." I say 

  "So going to the beach with Niall?" Abbie asks me   

"Ya I love the beach I'm SO excited." I say 

  Abbie gives me a mixed look like she has something on her mind that she wants to talk about

  "Hey abbs is there something on your mind?" I ask

    She shifts uncomfortably   

"Well .......yes....... kinda ........I mean no .......but........." She says not making up her mind 

  " tell me." I say nicely 

  "It's about Liam he invited me to meet his parents today because they are in town but you haven't met Niall's parents and he doesn't even know about yours and you have been dating long then us." She vents 

  "You should its shows that Liam is so confident of the girl he is dating he wants to show his parents that he is dating an amazing girl." I tell Abbie she instantly smiles 

  "You really think so." She asks  


"Of course."   


Abbie's pov  



When Liam drove up to the restaurant where we would have lunch with his parents and siblings I was nervous. 

  What if I do something wrong 

  What if I embarrass myself and Liam gets upset with me   

I take a deep breathe and open the car door   

Liam takes my hand and we walk into the restaurant.    

"LIAM." A bunch of voices yell  I turn to my right where I see 2 girls who must be his sisters I see a tall man with a unhappy expression that must be his dad and a kind looking women who is already hugging Liam that must be his mother.   

After Liam finishes saying hi to everyone he introduces me   

"Everyone this is my girlfriend Abbie." He says   

"Hi it's nice to meet you all." I say   

"What happened to Danielle." His father asks   

  I shift awkwardly   

"Um we broke up dad." Liam answers   

We take out seats   

"Why did you brake up." His dad asks   

"Because we wanted different things and she couldn't handle being in the spotlight." Liam's says harshly   

His dad doesn't say a word 

"So Abbie tell me about yourself." Ruth asks    "There's not much to say I live in London with my roommate Sam-"   

"Wait you live with another man." Liam's dad asks while interrupting me   

"No Sam is short for Samantha." I tell him   

The whole lunch was going good I really like Ruth and Nicola and Karen was so nice and warmhearted his dad was a little bit rude at points of the lunch but otherwise it was great until desert.   

"So Abbie since you are Liam's girlfriend and all I had to look you up online. I found out that you were engaged before." His dad says 

  I gulp   

Liam tenses beside me   

"Um.....yes I was." I say hesitantly   

"Why did you break it off you should go marry him and let Liam be with Danielle." His father says meanly 

 Karen,Liam's mom yells at his dad "GEOFF WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU."   

A tear escapes my eye thinking about jake and everything    "KAREN THIS GIRL WAS ENGAGED BEFORE SHES ONLY 19 LIAM AND DANIELLE WERE THE PERFECT COUPLE AND NOW HE IS LOWERING HIS STANDARDS." His dad screams back    I start to cry   

"excuse me for interrupting but if you like to know why I was engaged is because my boyfriend was in the army and before he got deployed he proposed so when he comes back in 3 years we could get married." I say softly stopping to get a breathe   

"And you were a slut and cheated on him Liam I don't approve of this girl." His father says    Before anyone could say anything I spoke  

"No he died shortly after getting deployed he took a bullet for his best friend he last words where move on Abbie move on." I concluded through tears    Liam turned to me shocked I had never told him the complete story I just told him that jake broke the engagement and left me to go into the army.   

Liam's dad looked even more shocked and guilty   

I stand up    

"It's been lovely meeting you all but I must be going. Thank you for lunch." I say before walking out the door sobbing   

Liam comes racing up to me   

"Liam I don't want your sympathy right now I just want to be alone. Spend time with your family they love you and want what's best for you. I'm obviously not the best thing for you." I say softly 

  "Abbie come on they don't hate you." He says   

"YES THEY DO!" I exclaim and walk off   

"Where do you think your going." Liam asks   

"Away from your family." I snarl   

"Maybe you arn't the best thing and my dads right about you. You lied to me Abbie. Your boyfriend didn't break the engagement he DIED. You will always be attached to him. I will never live up to who you want me to be.i get it you can't be with the person you truly love because the world snatched them up but I can't be jake. And you won't be Danielle." He yells the last part hurts. 

  "Don't compare what i went through to your break up." i yell   

"It's the same thing do you think I didn't want to marry Danielle I was planning on it that night but I found her cheating with Andy MY BLOODY BEST FRIEND. She's apparently pregnant with his kid. I know you think you have it worse but jake is in a Better place while I have to read about my ex and my ex best friend stop complaining about jake and be happy." He yells at me   

I feel bad I didn't know that but what he said about jake gets me mad again.   

"What about Danielle she will always be attached to you and your family obviously loved her maybe you should just get her back. Oh wait that's right she broke up with you so no matter what you say you cant get her back your just settling for me and I'm not sure if you know or not but that hurts to think I'm second best. i will never be your Danielle and you will never be my jake. Oh and by the way Liam she doesn't want to be with you anymore and after this neither do I."

I say walking away   

Liam just stares at me upset he starts to cry.

I feel bad but what his family said and what he said hurt me. I just want to see the one person who really matters to me at the moment.   

"Now if you don't mind I'm going to see my fiancé." 

  I walk away leaving Liam a crying mess.  

I get to the tombstone that reads:


        Sergeant jake nickels   

         2/18/93.     7/16/12

Loving son of Steve and Linda nickels

Survived by his fiancé Abbie and best friend James Zimmerman   


I bent down to kiss the tombstone 

  I cry and cry and cry. I couldn't think of anything better to do I messed it up with Liam and said hurtful things. Maybe Im just not ready for a relationship. 

  I spent about 2 hours there until I heard leaves rustling behind me and then a pair of arms slid around my waist.   

"Get off of me. I don't want you here. I'm spending time with my important person." I say 

  Liam's smile fades   

"I am sorry about before I was upset you were upset. We said things that we didn't mean lets forget about it." He says hopefully 

  I sigh   

"What if I did mean the things I said  I'm just not ready for a relationship and apparently you arn't either. Your still hung up on Danielle. I get it." I say   

"Abbs I want you no one else but you." He says hopefully   

"My name is Abbie not abbs we are not dating so don't call me that." I say sternly. 

  "Please." He begs   

"Maybe Danielle can name the kid Liam." I rudely say and stock off   

But once I look back and I see him sitting on the ground with his hands in his head crying.

I regret my desision instantly   


SAMs pov   


We got to the beach and Niall had set up the picnic and everything.

We talked and talked until the sun went down   

"Hey Niall." I call out we may or may not of had a bit of achohal 

  I take off my top and shorts showing my black bikini.   

"Catch me if you can." I holler and run straight into the water.   

I hear Niall's laugh  i smile to myself. I love it when he laughs. i love his laugh. sam what are you saying get a grip this is fake all fake 

  "Your crazy !!!that waters freezing." Niall's calls out pulling me out of my train of thought

"Come on." I tell  

Niall takes off his shirt and runs towards me.   

He picks me up and throws me deeper into the water this means war 

  I start splashing him. 

  "Sam Stop stop." Niall says through laughs 

  We make it back up to the picnic blanket and collapse. 

  Something comes over me   

"Niall why did you break up with Joanna." I ask   

"Um well I went out one night with zayn and I saw her kissing someone else. I got upset an the next day I broke it off and then she started saying that it was all my fault and I didn't have the guts to say that she was cheating on me." He says 

  I feel so guilty it was all Joanna's fault I have to tell him now I can't let this go on could   

"Niall." I ask   


"Umm.......I was....wondering if you would like to go to my friend Eli's wedding." I say suddenly I couldn't do it. It's for my future I have to   

"Sure." He says 

  "So what happened in your last relationship." He asks 

  "Oh well we just grew apart I had to brake up with him." Lie   

"So when can I meet your family." He asks   

"They live in New York so sometime soon." Lie 


  We started talking and watching the stars until my eyes got tired an flickered close.   



  Snap snap snap.


      I heard snapping I flickered my eye open but I was blinded there was paparazzi everywhere.

I looked over at Niall he had his arms draped around my waist while my head was pressed against his toned chest.

  "Niall wake up." I say while I shook him 

  "Sam." He said groggily   

He opened his eyes And when he started the paparazzi he stood up grabbed his shirt put it on me and grabbed my hand and started to run.  

We made it to the car.

We didn't talk about it the entire ride home.  

Once we got There i heard a lot of talking 

  I opened the door and Louis yells "hey did you have fun last night." he says while wiggling his eyebrows  

Niall's walks in and all the boys congratulate him.    

Liam was no where to me found 

  I looked at him an he gave me a confused look. 

  "What are you guys talking about." I ask 

  Abbie comes in with red eyes and a bucket of ice cream. 

  "What's going on and what happened to you and where the hell is Liam." Niall asks her 

  She doesn't even have to answer when the news comes on and interrupts her.

    It was a gossip show. 

  "Niall Horan isn't as innocent as we think. He was found on the beach with his girlfriend Samantha conners. They were cuddled up and what seems to be there clothes around them. We have a picture.."   

They show a picture of us from this morning.   

"It seems as if they were both in there underwear. Niall had a lot of fun last night and might have took the line from there song live while were young to seriously and actually got some."   

"Haven't they ever heard of bathing suits." I scream  

I looked at Niall he was blushing like mad.   

"Someone got some." Louis screams I push him and he falls backward.   

I run up to my room slamming the door.  

 "you guys are complete dicks." i hear Abbie scolding the lads

Then I get a call from Joanna   

"hello." i say upset  

"you little slut." Joanna giggles into the phone  

"No it's not-"  

"this is perfect you are perfect. you said you weren't going to hive your virginity up but you did. you don't know how happy you made me." she rambles on but all i can think about is the anger rising with in me.  

"I DIDN'T HAVE SEX WITH HIM.' i lose it and scream into the phone 

  "and you lied to me you tricked me. he broke up with you because you were cheating on him. i believed you and you straight up lied." i say a bit quieter not wanting anyone to hear.  

" said you would do it. are you quiting on me or something and he did break up with me so i really didn't lie.' she scoffs into the phone   

"I'm still going to do it." i sigh into the phone 

  "but not for you for my career."

  "you know if i didn't know better it would sound that your developing feelings for him." she say into the phone. 

"seriously." i scoff

"there is no feeling.i'm just a good actor" and with that i hang up.


i think more about the conversation and i keep pushing it out of my head

Sam you don't like him

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