The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


2. The job

The next morning I get a call that I will remember for my whole life. This call changed my life. 

"Hey Sam can you get that." My roommate ,Abbie, calls 

"Ya sure." I call back 

I run to pick up the phone. 

"Hello." I say into the phone 

"Is this Ms. Samantha conners." The voice asks 

I cringe at the name 

"Yes it is can I ask who's calling." I say confused 

"My name is Joanna Phillips you may know me as the famous director." She tells me 

My mouth drops open. 

"May I ask why your calling me?" I ask confused 

"Yes I will need to speak to you today at 3 o'clock." She tells me 

"I-I will be there." I say stunned 

"Thanks I'll see you then." She tells me and then the line goes dead

I put the phone on the receiver and start to jump up and down. 

"AHHHHH OMI GOD." I scream

"What's going on." Abbie asks worried 

"That was Joanna Phillips and she wants to meet with me at 3 today." I tell her 

She stops for a moment and thinks. 

"OMI GOD THAT'S THE FAMOUS DIRECTOR." She yells and starts to jump with me. 

"I know this could be my big break." I tell her 

"Hey just forget the little people." She tells me 

"I would never even think about it." I say 

"Good now we must get you glammed up." She says looking at what I had on at the moment 

I look down to see a oversized sweatshirt that says I heart New York and some Nike shorts. 

With out even hesitation Abbie drags me into my room and starts picking through my closet. 

"Hmm this won't work." she says throwing an article of clothing to the floor.

"Excuse me but your making a mess in my room." I tell her 

She just ignores me 

"This is the outfit." She says while holding up some high waisted pants paired with a red belt and a white blouse. 

"Fashion school must be paying off your getting better at this everyday." I tell her. 

Abbie is currently a senior enrolled in a local designing school and is majoring in fashion institute of design and merchandising. 

"Why thank you." She tells me 

"Ya what time is it."
I ask 

"2:30." She tells me

I jolt up grab the outfit and head towards the bathroom to get changed. I think that's the fastest I have ever gotten changed and did my hair and makeup. 

I grab my purse on the way out and say goodbye to Abbie. 

I grab a taxi and head towards Joanna's office. 

On the way to her office the taxi driver turns on the radio and the radio announcer or whatever you call it says 

"And that was what makes you beautiful by one direction the hottest boy and in the world right now. Now I believe it's Been two months since Niall and Joanna Phillips have broken up. Apparently his buddy harry has been looking for a girl for his pal. I have a good feeling that the next girl Niall dates will be the one." 

"Are you into these guys?" The taxi driver asks 

"No not really I think there overrated." I say back 

"Haha your the first girl I've met who doesn't like these blokes." He says while pulling over in front of Joanna's office 

"I'm not most girls." I tell him. i hand him some money and step out of the taxi. 

I run into the building and check in with the secretary. 

"I have an appointment with Joanna Phillips." I tell the middle aged secretary

"She's expecting you just go down the hall and make a right." She tells me with a smile 

I walk down the hall and make a right I see a big wooden door with the name Joanna Phillips on it. 

I hold my breath and open the door. 

I am greeted by a girl in her mid to late 20's

"Hello I'm Sam conners." I tell

"Oh hello please sit down I have a offer to make you. " she tells me 

I sit down trying to contain my excitement. I start to shake my leg. It's a nervous habit I developed years ago. 

"So as you know to months ago I got dumped by Niall Horan." She starts off 

"Yes but what does this have to do with me." I ask 

"I'll get there. But anyways he humiliated me in front of the whole world. How does it make you look when someone younger breaks up with you." She asks 

"Bad?" I question 

"Exactly I got ripped apart from the press. So I want revenge on him. I called a few other directors and asked who could date someone and have no love towards them whatsoever and I was directed to you." She tells me 

"So you want me to fake date Niall?" I ask confused on this whole situation 

"That's part of it I want you to make him fall in love with you and hen he does you need to break his heart, smash it into pieces." She tells me 

"Um how am I going to get the chance to date him if he doesn't know who I am and what do I get out of this?" I ask

"You will be going to a premiere this weekend one direction will also be attending. You will meet up with Hallie hunter she is my assistant. She will introduce you to the band. It will be your mission to woo him and by the end of the night get his phone number." Joanna tells me 

"I'm sorry but no. I may not have any real emotions for anyone and won't care if I hurt him but I have better things to do then spend my days with a overrated boy band I'm not your girl for this go get so "directioner" to do this." I tell her

"If you can pull all of this off I will give the main role in my upcoming movie." She tells me 

I pause this is everything I've ever wanted. I needed this. Chances like this might not come again. 

"Okay I will do it but only because I need this movie part." I tell her and walk out the door 

I had no idea what I had gotten myself into 

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