The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


5. The interveiw

When I walk through the door I see Abbie with her phone. 

"Where have you been." She asks worried 

She has always been the responsible one in our relationship.

"Out." I say distantly still mad at her from before. 

"Really because your exploding all over the Internet." She says holding her phone out for me to see 

"Mystery girl spotted with celebrity Niall Horan tonight playing miniature golf. Insiders say that this is the same girl that was seen dancing with him last night. Has he finally moved on from Joanna Phillips? We will have more information tomorrow from Niall Horan himself as we interview the band don't miss it." I read out loud

"Explain yourself." Abbie says with her hands on her hips giving me one of those motherly looks. 

"Well when I went to the premiere party. I bumped into one of my friends Hallie hunter. She is dating harry styles. He introduced me to Niall and Niall gave me his number and asked me out we went on our first date tonight." I said leaving out the parts where I actually never knew Hallie and that This was all Joanna's idea. 

She stares at me for a few minutes. 
"I'm glad your putting yourself out there again." She tells me and walks away to the kitchen. 

I sit down and channel surf. I pass the notebook, love actually, and the titanic. I was going to watch paranormal activity 4 until Abbie demands that we turn titanic back on. 

I hate the movie titanic its so stupid I mean rose could have moved over and jack would have gotten on the board too. It's so stupid it makes me laugh. 

"Hey Sam can we have a girls day tomorrow I'll but dinner." She asks 

"Sure I'm not doing anything with Niall so Defiantly." 

We sit through the movie Abbie hitting my arm every time I would start to laugh

"I'll never let go jack." Rose says 

I look over and Abbie is crying her
eyes out. 

"How can you cry at this crap." I say while standing up

"It's a beautiful story about if you want to be with someone and everyone else in your live is saying no go with your gut feeling." She explains 

I laugh 

"Whatever you say." I tell her while walking to my room.

"You'll get it once your in love." Abbie mumbles 

I sit down on my bed and turn my computer on. 

The email from Eli still on the screen. 

I sigh and X out of the page. 

I need more time to decide. 

I lay down and drift off to sleep thinking of my brother. 



I sit up rubbing my eyes.

"What could be so important." I ask 

"The one direction interview is in 5 minutes they are going to be talking about you." She says excitedly 

I stand up and stretch my arms. 

"Ugh get me some orange juice." I tell her 

She goes off into the kitchen while I look at my phone 

2 missed calls 
3 texts 

All from Niall 

Good morning love did you sleep well. :)

Are you going to watch the interview? 

What should I say about us. Are we together? 

I look at the texts he sent me and decide to call him. 

He answers on the second ring 

"Hey Sam." He answers 

"Hey Niall what did you need to call me about." I ask him 

"We'll I have this interview in about 5 minutes and I'm not entirely sure what to consider us. I just wanted to ask you." He explains 

"Well where do you want us to be its only been Two days. We haven't kissed yet and have hardly held hands." I tell him slightly annoyed that we haven't even held hands yet I mean Joanna would be so disappointed 

"Oh my girlfriend." Niall asked slowly 

If it wasn't for this movie deal. I would have told him where he could go I mean after two days if knowing each other he wants me to become his girlfriend. This was going to fast but I guess that's the point. 

"Umm sure I would love to become your girlfriend." I say enthusiastically 

"Great do you wanna go to dinner tonight." He asks hopefully 

Abbie walks in my room with the orange juice. 

"I would love to but I promised my roommate that we would spend the day together." I tell him 

"That's okay maybe we can double date me and you and Abbie and her boyfriend." He tell me 

"Abbie doesn't have a boyfriend do that wouldn't work." I state 

"I can set her up with one if my single friends." He tells me 

"Hey can we talk later i got to go they are calling us to stage don't forget to watch bye." He says fastly 

"Bye." I tell him and the line goes dead 

"So I'm going on a double date with one of his single friends its probably going to be a big geek." She complains 

"Oh suck it up you baby." I say 

"It's starting lets go watch it." She grumbles and drags me and my orange juice to the couch. 

The camera zooms on a middle aged man with brown hair and a British accent.

"Next we have special guests one direction." He says 

5 boys come from the the left wing and walk on the stage and sit in the couch the screams dying down. 

"So boys you have come a long way from X factor........ The interveiw goes on about how much there life has changed and what it's like on your I honestly couldn't care at all so I zone out until I hear girlfriends 

"So harry, Louis, and zayn you all have Girlfriends? Correct?." He asks 

They nod 

"Liam is it true that you and Danielle got back together?" He asks Liam 

" no I don't think we will ever get back together I haven't been single in so long and it feels great." Liam answers 

"Maybe that's your blind date tonight." I tell Abbie 

She shrugs 

"Now Niall please explain who this girl is." The interviewer says while pictures of Niall and I dancing and playing miniature golf show up.

"Her name is Sam and Harry's girlfriend Hallie is friends with her so hallie decided to set us up and actually 20 minutes ago I asked her to be my girlfriend." He tells the audience 

"What did she say." The middle aged man asks 

"She said no." Niall said 

I was shocked why would he say that. Abbie hit me upside the head "you twat" she tells me 

"I'm just kidding she said yes and I'm going on a double date tonight with her." Niall says laughing 

"Who are the other people joining you two." He asks 

"Umm Sam and I are setting up her roommate Abbie and Liam." He says 

I look to Abbie smiling at her. 

She walks away to her bedroom. 

The interview ends shortly afterwards. 

My phone starts to ring. 

I run to my room to look at it. 

I read the caller id and gulp did I do something wrong? 

The caller id said 


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