The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


12. The after math

It was Friday and I tried to avoid everyone I could. 

I got called over and over again almost everyday. Niall had tried really hard to get in touch with me. I wanted time away from him...actually not just him all of them. 

The only person I talked to was Abbie and that was to tell her I'm not showing up tonight. She begged me to go but if I don't want to get caught up in this job then I need space. 

Eli called me a few days ago asking if I was coming to his wedding with Niall and of course I said I was to busy at the moment and if I could get back to him. He was very understanding and said he would try to call me at another time. 

But other than that the last 4 days have been pretty boring except for the horrible phone call I got from Joanna demanding I go down to her office immediately so that's where I am right now. 

As I flip through the pages of a magazine in Joanna's waiting room I hear a familiar voice ask the front desk a question.

" hallie hunter available at the moment." The familiar voice asks the secretary 

I peek up from my magazine to see harry standing with a rose in his hand. He must be taking her out for lunch. As Soon as i see Hallie walk out of her cubicle I try my best to turn the other way and hide my face with the magazine. I watch them through the mirror on the wall. 

"Hey babe." Harry greats her with a hug and a kiss. He hands her the rose and her smile brightens. Whenever I see couples so happy deep down I ask myself if I will ever be that happy with someone but I always let it go very quickly.

"How's Niall is he any better." Hallie asks 

I get slightly more interested then before.

"No hasn't left his bed since the fight he really thinks its over between them. Apparently he has tried to make an apology but she won't answer and I mean we know we all tried calling her but I can't stand to see him this upset." Harry speaks 

I sigh 

The thought of Niall not leaving his bed because of me actually makes me feel a tiny bit guilty for not answering his calls. I just guess I assumed he would be fine it was just one fight.

"Well if he is that bad just imagine her girls are always ten times worse. So if Niall cry's as often as you say he does then imagine poor Sam she probably is devastated." Hallie tells harry. Harry nods considering the fact.

I grip the magazine tighter. I was fine no tears no staying in bed nothing okay so a bottle of vodka but otherwise I was perfectly fine call me heartless but he shouldn't be acting like this I mean..........I don't know what I mean I guess I've just never had anyone react this way to me being mad at them one. 

"She told Abbie that she isn't going on that triple date tonight maybe we should go and see her and try to cheer her up. Maybe bring some chick flicks and ice cream." Hallie tells harry 

"We should bring louis and Zayn they always can make her laugh they are good friends with her as well." Harry tells Hallie and its true I would love to see louis and zayn. Since I spend so much time around niall's house I tend to always see them and we have a great deal of fun together. We pull pranks on almost everyone we can. They have turned into some of my close friends. 

Just as they were finished talking and on their way to the elevator the secretary calls out 

"Samantha conners Ms. Phillips is now ready to see you." 

I cringe. 

I stand up and look the way of the elevator surly enough harry and Hallie are standing there staring at me. I try to ignore there shocked expressions to seeing me not a crying mess in bed. 

It looked as if they were going to say something to me but the secretary told me to hurry because she was very mad and we needed to discuss lots of things. 

I walked down the hallway to the familiar door. I turned the handle and pushed the door open to reveal Joanna reading a magazine. 

"Hello Joanna." I say politely to her 

She looks up and gestures for me to sit down. Once I do so she slams the magazine she was reading down to reveal a picture of Niall and I on the cover with the headline above reading 

             "Trouble in paradise." 

I flip open to the article about is and start to read 

             "Looks like there is some trouble in paradise for pop singer Niall Horan, 19 and girlfriend Samantha Conners. Insiders say that these two love birds relationship could possibly be on the rocks with a fight they had a few nights ago. The fight ended with Conners slapping Horan across the face. Friends of Horan tell us that he hasn't gotten out of bed since the fight and truly believes he messed up big time. There has been no news on Samantha at the moment but we could only imagine that she is lying in bed eating ice cream at the moment. The couple were supposedly going to have a triple date tonight with fellow band mate Liam Payne and his former girlfriend Abbie but apparently she told Abbie that she will not be attending. We really hope that Conners can forgive Niall we really love seeing them together."  

 "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS." Joanna spats at me after I was done reading 

I wanna tell her that its her damn fault we got into that stupid fight anyway but I bite my tongue instead. 

"We got into a Small fight it was nothing really. I would say the press is making nothing into something." I tell her

She sighs  

"Why haven't you talked to him then. Why did cancel your triple date." She questions me 

"Well Its part of the act of dating him. I mean wouldn't it be a little weird if after we just had a fight I forgive him straight away I mean this has to be a real relationship right." I lie through my teeth. To be honest I was still extremely mad at Niall 

Joanna just looks at me 

"Wow I've never thought of That you are a very smart women." She tells me 

"Yeah so I'm thinking ill contact him next Sunday." I saw hoping she will agree. 

"ABSOLUTELY NOT." She shouts 

"Why not." I question 

" your supposed to be a couple you can't stay away that long." She says 

"Ya but after a fight we can't get back together right away." I try to convince her 

Just then my phone rings 

I look at the caller ID even though its not a contact I know it's Eli. I hit ignore and look up at Joanna 

"Do you want to answer that?" She asks 

"Oh no it's just a friend wondering if Niall and I are going to attend a wedding next Saturday." I try to brush it off 

Joanna just looks at me as if she is thinking. 

"I have the perfect idea." She says 

I just look at her 

"So you are going to that wedding but not with Niall I have a guy who will go with you and when Niall sees that your with another guy and he will get jealous and say that he loves you." She rambles 

I really didn't want to go and especially now with a different guy. 

"But what if he doesn't show?" I question wanting to get out of it.

"Then you tell me and i he doesn't show then I'll leak a picture of you and the new guy to the press easy as that." She says 

Joanna then tells me how to make Niall jealous and how much PDA I have to show. 

After a good five minutes she dismisses me. I walk out thinking that I'm going to have to see Eli for the first time in like forever and I don't even have the support from Niall. 

I get on the elevator and catch a cap back to my house when I get to the front door I see a bouquet of flowers. 
I pick them up admiring there beauty when I see a note sticking out of them 

I pull it out and read it:

To: Sam 
From: Niall 

Sam I came by but you weren't here Liam's forcing me to go to night. I am so sorry Sam please forgive me.


Now I really don't want to got to this wedding 

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