The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


8. taking matters into my own hands sort of



I wake up to find myself in the clothes that i had on yesterday.I get up and stretch my arms over my head. I walk to my closet where i find a note taped on it. i pull it down and start to read.


Sam, when i went to check on you last night you were fast asleep and looked way to peaceful to disturb. I would just like to say how very sorry i am about that stupid gossip article about the two of us. I understand if you want to break up with me and date someone normal i mean who wouldn't want to get out of the lime light it gets annoying after awhile. Some people can't handle it and that's perfectly normal. Abbie explained to me that you are saving yourself for a special person and to be honest with you i think that is adorable and kinda sweet. you appear as this badass but underneath all of that your are actually a girly girl who dreams of puppy's.anyways if you don't totally hate me meet me at the movies at 8 0'clock tonight. Hopefully still your boyfriend, Niall <3


I smiled at the note in my hand. No boy i had ever dated has given me so sweet. I carefully folded the note and put in the top drawer of my desk. this is also where all my photos of luke where and thousands of notes luke had written me. Anything in this drawer actually means a lot to me.

I take of my swim suit and the shirt Niall gave me to coverup yesterday and set in to the side. i picked out some skinny white jeans and decided to put o Niall's shirt again. hey don't judge me its soft and smells like him.

i walk down the stairs thinking about the note he wrote me. i laughed at the point where he called me a badass. that could possibly be the nicest thing someone has said to me. just kidding. 

my smile fades when i see Abbie sitting on the couch looking like a zombie still in the clothes she wore yesterday. her hair was uncombed and her makeup looked like her dog had did it. 


"who ran you over with a car?" i joked playfully but stopped when i saw that she still had that sad look on her face.


"okay talk what happened with Liam." i sighed knowing that this was about love see this is why i stay away from love too many damn problems.


" I broke up with Liam and i feel bad because it was a mistake he looked so broken after i said that i wanted to break up." she said her voice cracking. she bit her lip to stop her from crying in front of me knowing i would call her a wuss


" jeez can't you just call him and say i want to get back together." i ask confused 


"well that's the point i can't all  think about is jake when i'm with liam and know all i can think about is liam. jake will always be there in my mind no matter how much i like liam." she yelled at me 


I was taken back and upset she just blames everything on jake.


" just stop okay stop blaiming jake on everything that goes wrong in life. jake is dead. okay and you wouldn't have been happy with him anyways. Did you honestly think you would be happy with a husband and kids by the time your 23 and jake leaving every couple of months not knowing if he could be cheating on you. look i know what it's like to lose someone you deeply love but i don't blame Luke for why i can't open up to anyone i don't blame him for dying and not being here i don't blame him for anything because if he hadn't died i would still be with my mother. i miss him every single day of my life and i wish he hadn't died because he was my best friend. You should just be happy that you got the chance to meet Jake and that he is in a better place and that you have a guardian angel looking over you so i suggest either you find another guy to double date with me and Niall on saturday or call back Liam and apologize." i say before grabbing a apple and walking out the door and getting into my car.


I drive to Liam's flat and knock on his door it takes a few min. but finally louis opens the door.

i barge right in and see Liam crying into Zayn's shoulder.


"HIM TOO" i practically yell in my head upset that everyone is so affected by love and feelings


"okay liam you are going to stop acting like a pussy get up off of your ass and call your damn girlfriend and ask if you can double date with me and Niall saturday. or so help me." i said firmly 


all the boys were giving me scared looks and liam obeyed. 


" put it on speaker." i said 


"hello." Abbie said 

"hey um Abbie i was wondering if you would want to go on a double date with me on friday." he asked

"sure i'll bring my date will and you can bring a date too oh and you should ask Niall and Sam if they want to join." she said 

i mentally slapped liam

"oh umm sure.' he said before he hung up

"who the hell is will." he screamed 

"a classmate of hers. you are a IDIOT Liam something Payne." i shout wishing i knew his middle name 

"why what did i do." he asked

"you asked her if you wanted to go on a double date so she assumed that you had a date because you didn't ask if you wanted her to be your date. Ugh you better find a pretty hot date because Abbie does not get Jealous easily." i said tired

Liam thought for a minute 

"I got the perfect somebody." he said and dialed the phone

"hey Danielle i was wondering if you could do me a huge favor." liam muttered into the phone wow he has some guts to do this he must really want abbie back

i walked to the kitchen to see Harry,Zayn and louis all chatting.

"Boy i would hate to be Niall if he ever crosses you." harry says 

zayn slaps his shoulder and whispers something in his ear.

"oh sorry." harry murmurs

"Guys i'm not breaking up with Niall don't think you can get rid of me that quick." i say

"oh good because your the best girlfriend Niall has ever had but now we are all scared of you."louis says 

"speaking of Niall where is he." i ask 

"his flat." zayn replies 

i say goodbye to them and drive over to Niall's flat where i knock on his door he opens it and when he see's me his eyes light up

"surprised." I ask

"no i mean yeah i just thought that you would have broken up with me thats all." he says murmring off'

"no i would never break up with you for that." i say

Niall smiles "Is that my shirt?" he asks I look down and blush

"ya sorry it's just so soft and comfortable. I will give it back i promise." i tell him

"No keep it you look cute in it and way better than i do." he says 

"i was thinking can we skip the movie and can i crash here for the night it has been a very long day i say exhausted 

"you read my mind." Niall says anD lets me in 


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