The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


10. Moment in time

Niall drove me straight to my house seeing as that's the only place I wanted to go. I was silent the whole way there. Niall tried to spark up a conversation with me but I just couldn't bring my self to talk. I let my mind wander off. I thought about almost everything about my past my mom, my dad, my brother. But most of all I was mad at myself. I let myself get vulnerable in front of him. I didn't cry no that was impossible for me to do but I let myself slip into that trance the one where I can't control myself. It happens every year at my birthday. 

I normally don't get mad if someone sees me freak out. Well who am I kidding the only people who have seen it are Eli and Abbie. I don't like to meet new people because I learned that all people do is let you down and after Luke died I soon had trust issues. 

"Sam......Sam were here." Niall says snapping me out of my thoughts 

I nod my head in thanks and hop out of the car. I make my way up to the porch and turn around to wave to Niall. The car doesn't drive off into the night but remains still. Then Niall hops out and runs up to the porch. 

He embraces me in his arms I try to fight him off until I stop struggling and melt into his arms. 

"I'm sorry about your brother but don't hide your self from me. I don't care if you don't have the perfect life no one does." He says into my ear 

He pulls back from the hug and looks me in the eyes. I smash my lips to his. He pulls me in closer and the kiss gets more passionate but the moment is soon over when Niall loses his footing and we fall off the porch. We are in fits of laughter but in that moment I know that I can finally trust him. 

We both leaned in to kiss again when my phone blares you and me by lifehouse. 

I reach inside my pocket for it but its not there it must have slipped out when we fell. 

Just then the music stops and I hear Niall say hello. 

His face crunches up and looks confused. 

"Niall give it to me." I say reaching for my phone 
He turns away and continues talking with the person on the other line. 

I sit on the porch step looking at him and then finally he hangs up and lightly tosses the phone on my lap. 

He looks angry and sad he shakes his head while looking at the ground. He brings his hand up and scratches his neck. He starts to walk back to his car but I run after him and grab his wrist turning him around to look at me. 

"What's wrong. Who was it?" I ask him 

"That was Joanna Phillips." He says clearly upset. 



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