The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


9. Laughs

"Niall what movie are we going to see." I whine 

"You'll see babe." Niall responds 

Theres something about the way he calls me babe that makes me get goosebumps instantly. It makes my heart beat faster and kinda makes me blush a little. 

"Ugh you know how impatient I am." I groan 

He just laughs and looks forward. 

I turn on the radio and blast it 


Instantly Niall turns the radio off. I look at him hurtfully 

"How could you that was my song." I say pretending to be hurt. 

"As long as I live please don't ever sing like that again." He says 

I would respond but we pull in to our destination. I gasp "Niall." 

"I remember you told me that you've never been to a drive in movie theater  before and I couldn't resist." He explains 

I seriously can't believe he would be so thoughtful. I look around and notice something a bit strange.

"But where are all the other cars." I ask curiously 

"I rented it out just for us because I figured since we are watching grown ups are laughs would be too much for the bystanders." He says 

I just giggle to myself 

"This is one of the nicest things any of my boyfriends have ever done for me. Thank you so much Niall." I admit truthfully 

"Well then they never deserved a beautiful girl like you because they obviously didn't know how to treat you." Niall says 

I hide my face in his chest and blush. 

Niall starts to laugh and he pulls my head out of his Chest and places a slight kiss on my nose.

I push him away playfully and the movie starts to play 

Halfway through the movie I lose interest in Adam sander and his kids. 

But instead I watch Niall watch the movie it surprises me that whenever he laughs my stomach gets a fuzzy feeling inside. I can't help but catch my self smiling every time he smiles. I love hearing his laugh ring through the car.

I finally concentrate on the movie again. This time I feel ok with laughing out loud because I know that the person sitting next to me has one of the loudest laughs in the world and I know deep down inside that I love his laugh more than anything right now. 


I try to watch the movie but I can't because I keep on catching myself staring at her. The way she tilts her head back when she laughs or the way she her nose crinkles when she smiles. She's absolutely beautiful. I can't help but notice that she hates her laugh but it's my favorite sound in the world. I defiantly think the reason that I fell for her is because of her laugh. Yes you heard right I am madly in love with Sam but Harry told me if I don't want to lose her don't admit it until she does. 

It's hard not to blurt it out but things have been going fast Lately and the last thing I want her worrying about is her love life. I mean she just isn't one of those girls who likes to talk about there feelings. It just must be so hard living away from her parents and brother. I find it odd that when I go over to her house she has no pictures of them anywhere. I want to bring it up but I know that she will be truthfully honest with me. 

SAMs pov 

After the movie ended we decided to go through the McDonalds drive through and eat it the parking lot. 

We end up talking about his singing career and what would have happened if he hadn't made it big. He asks me about my career which I'm a little vague about but he doesn't ask more. 

After lots of talking we somehow get going on telling funny memories we remember 

"I remember I was with Liam at the mall and this girl just comes running up to us and she was freaking out so much like I'm talking about balling her eyes out hyperventilating. She ended up fainting right there on the spot." Niall said 

I burst out laughing 

"No way that happened." I say through laughs 

"Yes and Liam was so concerned he called paramedics and everything. I was staying calm and everything because Liam was taking care of it. But then the paramedics got there and believe it or not harry and Louis came in paramedic outfits it was one big prank." He finishes 

I'm dying of laughter I can barley breathe. When I get calm again I go into my great memory 

"Ok that was good but wait till you hear my story. So Abbie and I were having a house warming party because this was right after she moved in with me and she wanted to invite people over and stuff so we set it up. I wanted to just order food but she insisted in cooking so long story short. I got a little drunk that night and accidentally turned the stove up more than it needed to be and the whole kitchen went on fire. The fire alarm went off and the sprinklers in our apartment went off the fire department came and you should of seen Abbie she was so shocked and mad so I blamed our friend Katrina and Abbie still has t spoken to her since." I say a few tears escape my eyes from laughing to hard 

Niall is clutching how stomach from letting his adorable laugh escape his full pink lips 

"That reminds me of the time when My brother Greg and I almost blew up the house on the Fourth of July." Niall continues to tell the story while I zone out. I think about Luke. 

Why did I have to have lunch for my birthday. We could have just stayed home but I insisted he drive me to the subway. My birthday is coming up in 2 days and its a very emotional time for me. 

"Man Greg is the best brother I could ask for."  Niall ends his story 

"Tell me about your brother Luke he seems like a fun guy." Niall asks 

I face the window a lump now forms in my throat no Sam you can't cry you are not a wuss you haven't cried for  2 years. 

"Sam is everything okay." Niall asks 

I nod my head yes. But shortly after I nod no 

"My brother Luke he is dead." I blurt out 

Niall looks taken back then embraces me in my arms. I push him away. 

"It was on my birthday we were in the car singing and dancing and we ran a red light it was all my fault." I scream while slamming my hands against the window. 

"It's not your fault it's okay he is in a better place." Niall comforts me 

I go crazy. I never did like when people conformed me or had pity on me because of it. 

I open the  door and ran out shouting "you don't even know niall he was my bet friend I didn't want you to find out because your going to treat me different and pity me." I run until I can't anymore I rest my head in my hands and start to pull at my hair. 

I hear the sound of an engine I look up to find Niall there he parks his car and comes to sit in the curb with me he scoops me up in a hug. 

I start to think that this was all a mistake and that Niall is the best guy ever maybe he is my special someone. Maybe he can help me break down my wall. Maybe he can help me love again.!

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