The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


3. I'll teach you how to dance

"So she invited you to a premiere party and that's it? No movie? No tv show?" Abbie asks confused 

"Ya I know it's a huge Bummer I really thought this was my break." I tell her 

I feel bad for lying but Joanna told me not to tell anyone. 

"So when's this premiere." She Asks

" I think Friday." I respond 

"THAT'S TOMORROW SAM." She shouts 

"Is it really necessary to yell in my ear." I ask 

"Yes because we need to find you a dress and shoes and a purse and then I have to find the perfect hair style and the color of eyeshadow to compliment everything your wearing." She rants 

"Calm down Abbie I'm going to wear that cocktail dress that I wore on last movie I did." I tell her 

"You know your killing me by not letting us go shopping." She retorts 

"I know." I say with a smile and walk away. 

** the next day**

I walk down the stairs in a form fitting pink one shoulder dress that comes mid thigh. I have strappy silver heels on. 

Abbie curled my hair and put it in a kinda updo messy bun hair style with two curly strands framing my face. 

My makeup was natural colors. I read up on Niall and his band mates and they said in a interview that they prefer girls with light makeup. 

"So.. What do you think." I ask her while spinning so she could see 

"I think that Eli is missing out." She told me 

I gulped. Eli was my past boyfriend and although I didn't cry when I found out he was having sex with another girl behind my back because I wasn't ready. I was still mad at him for humiliating me. He told me that he loved me and that it meant nothing but how could I tell if It was real love because I wouldn't know. 

"Ya he should b crying over me." I tell her 

I hug her goodbye an head for the premiere after-party 

Once I get there I search for hallie hunter Joanna's assistant but I can't find her. 

I'm about to just go home and forget about this job when a  dirty blonde girl about my age walks up
To me with a curly headed boy attached to her arm. 

"You must be Samantha." She exclaims 

"And you must be Hallie. Oh and I prefer Sam." I tell her while extending my arm for her to shake but instead she hugs me. 

"Oh where are my manners This is my boyfriend harry." She introduces us 

"Nice to meet you." I tell him 

"So your Sam hallie told me about you so your an actress that's cool." He says with a deep British accent 

"Ya you know what they say living the dream." I say sarcastically which makes him laugh. 

"She's perfect for Niall." He whispers to hallie loud enough for me to hear. 

"I would like to introduce you to someone." Hallie tells me while dragging my arm through crowds of people. 

Finally she get to her destination and we approach four boys throwing olives and grapes into each others mouths. Tons of grapes and olives where scattered amongst the floor. They must be bad at this game. 

"Everyone I would like you to meet my friend Sam." She announces to the four boys. 

"Hi my names Liam." A brown headed boy with brown eyes says while extending a hand. I shake it 

"Nice to meet you." I say back 

2 other boys introduce themselves to me I think it was Zayn and Louis. 

"Niall this is the girl that I wanted you to meet." Hallie says 

I walk over to where he was standing but me being my clumsy self. I slip on smashed grape. I brace my self for the ground but am relieved when a pair of strong arms catch me. 

I open my eyes and are met with sparkling blue ones 

"Thanks." I whisper 

"No problem. I'm Niall" He says 

He stands me up. 

"I'm Sam." I tell him 

"Do you wanna dance?" He asks me 

I feel so embarrassed here I am at a party and I can't dance to save my life. The last time I tried to dance was at my high school graduation with about 6 other girls and It was my turn to spin around but kept on spinning and spinning and spinning until I spun right into the lights and fell of the stage. 

"Um this sounds extreamly stupid but I can't dance." I tell him while biting on my lip another thing I do when I'm nervous. 

"It's fine I'll teach you." He says while pulling me towards the dance floor. 

I stand there too nervous to move while Niall dances around me. He grabs both of my hands. 

"Come on." He yells above the music 

Troublemaker by olly murs was playing. This was one of my favorite songs. I started to bounce a little. 

"Heeeey so you CAN dance." He says 

I laugh loudly then quickly cover my mouth. My face gets really warm and i start to blush.i hate my laugh its so obnoxious and loud and to me it sounds kinda like spongebob. 

Niall obviously sees my embarrassment and says 

"I think your laugh is really cute." 

We dance the night away even during the slow songs. I stepped on his toes a few times but he didn't mind. 

When the party is over he walks me to the booth that was now empty so I could grab my purse. 

"When can I see you again?" He questions

"How about tomorrow." I ask 

"Tomorrow works I'll pick you up at 5 dress casual." He says making plans in his mind. 

"Here's my number so you can text me your address." He says while handing me a folded white slip of paper with writing on the inside. I put it in my purse thinking how proud Joanna would be of me.

Niall starts to lean in for a kiss. I freak out. I mean I've kisses before but I've always been into the guy. I turn my head and his lips hit my cheek. 

"Goodnight Niall I'll see you Tommorrow." I say while waving to his dumbfounded expression. 

I turn around with a smile on my face this is the happiest I've been in a long time. I just have to remember that I have to break up with him. 


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