The heart breaker

I didn't believe in love. It had never been around me when i was little. I Samantha Conners or Sam for short am a struggling actress. I am waiting for my time to become a big star.So imagine my surprise when one of the most successful directors contacts me and tells me she has a job for me. But there was a catch The job wasn't a movie role. The job was to get close to Niall Horan and make him fall in love for me and then break his heart. who knew this would be the hardest job i would ever have to do


6. Dancing at the gas station

I walk into Joanna's office nervously. 

"Sit down." She says abruptly.

I sit quietly 

"Does hallie or anyone know?" She ask firmly 

"What are you talking about." I ask dumbly 

"Did you ever discuss that this was all fake." She asks again 

"No but wait Hallie doesn't know this is fake." I ask again 

"Of course not do you think that she would do that to her boyfriends best friend." Joanna says 

"Well I guess it just never passed through my mind." I told her 

"Okay but remember no one can know about this. Now I need to know some things before I can pay you just yet." She tells me 

I get payed for this job!! This day has been turning to be one of the best days of my life. 

"So have you and Niall had sex yet?" She asks me 

My eyes bulge out of my head 

"NO NO GOD NO." I practically scream 

"Are you a virgin?" She asks 

"Yes." I say sheepishly 

"Hmmmmm."Joanna remarks 



Joanna looks up from her clipboard 

"Sam I expect you to at less have kissed him." She says angrily 

"I'm sorry I'm sorry tonight I will kiss him." I tell her 

"Now I have a question for you it might make you uncomfortable." She tells me 

"Shoot." I say 

"Would you have sex with Niall for the sake of the movie." She asks 

"No I'm serious about my virginity. I won't give it up until I know I love the man I'm giving it too." I tell her and walk out of the room.


I open up the door for our apartment and I see clothes all over the place. 

"Um Abby?" I call out hoping that she is still sane 

"In here." She exclaims from the bedroom 

I walk into Abbie's bedroom and I wish I could run as far away as possible. 

"What happened." I ask Abbie who is sitting in a pile of evening dresses

"Well I need to match my dress with my eyeliner and my purse with my eyeshadow and it just it just I-I-I I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO." She yells 

I kneel down next to her 

"Why are you acting like this." I ask her 

She twiddles with her thumbs 

"Abbie please tell me." I say to her 

She looks up with tears in her eyes 

"It's just that I feel as if I will never find that perfect somebody and if I do they won't love me. What if this is my last chance at love And tonight could be really important because what if Liam is the one and he doesn't like what I wear it my personality. I thought I was going to get married to jake but he-" she couldn't finish her sentence she had started to cry 

"Listen to me Abbie if Liam doesn't like you then fuck him and I mean it. No one on this earth has the right to tell you if your pretty or not. I sure as hell will not let you die alone I will be with you no matter what and maybe if you let your stress out Liam can see who you really are. I know your still upset about jake an who wouldn't be he proposed to you and then went away to the army and we both know what happened but I can assure you that You will get through this and jake would want this for you." I tell her 

Abbie looks up and starts to smile. 

"Thanks Sam and I know that you will understand how love works someday." She reassures me 

We go though the piles of clothes until I find a beautiful cream colored casual dress matched with a brown belt that goes across the waist line. 

"Abbie I found the perfect dress match it with some cowboy boots and it will be perfect." I show her 

She tries it on and it looks perfect on her. 

"Okay I think this one suits you." She tells me pulling a dress from the bottom of the pile. 

She holds up a black lace one shoulder form fitting dress that's a little above mid thigh. 


"Why not." She asks 

"Because I want to look presentable." I tell her 

"Just tonight please for me." She begs 

"Okay fine." I tell her giving up 

At about 7 o'clock the boys arrive to pick us up 

Of course I was still doing the finishing touches to my smoky eyes 

"Samantha come on." I hear Abbie call from downstairs 

I stand up looking at myself in the mirror and felt self conscious. The dress was so short and tight. I pulled it down to feel better about myself. 

I grab my purse and I'm running down the stairs 

I come and greet Niall. 

"Hello Niall." I say 

His mouth was slightly ajar 

I nudge him 

"Niall." I say a little louder 

He snaps out if his trance. 

"Oh hey babe." He says kissing my cheek. 

"So where are we going." I ask him 

"To an Italian restaurant." Liam answers 

The car ride was awfully boring all you could hear was Abbie and Liam constant bubble about some stupid grown up topic. 

I look over at Niall he looked as if he was about to pull a gun out and kill himself with it. 

Once we got there me and Niall practically ran out of the car. 
That was a bad idea. Paparazzi snapped there annoying cameras everywhere in my face 

"Is it true your a actress." 

"Are you pregnant with Nialls kid." 

"How are you coping with your friends fiancées death." 

Some reporters yelled out 

Man they knew every thing I mean they knew about jake. 

I couldn't see with all of the flashing lights 

I tried to walk out I ended up bumping into someone and toppling on them. 

Once I get my vision back I can see that I've safely landed on Niall 

I stand up and brush myself of and pull Niall up 

We get escorted to our table. 

"Hi my name is sherry how can I help you tonight." The waitress came over 

She shot me a dirty look but nobody picked it up except for me. 

I could tell that she was a one direction fan her pen had Niall's face on it. 

"Niall what can I get for you tonight." Sherry asks 

"I would like the spaghetti." He answers 

She gives him a flirty wink 

He is so oblivious 

Sherry asks everyone else what they would like 

"I would like a water and some spaghetti also." I tell her 

She shoots me another dirty look. 

When she comes back with the drink she leans over Niall so he can look at her breasts ugh discusting I want to throw up on her right now 

"Um excuse me but I wanted a water and you gave me iced tea." I tell her 

"Oh I'm sorry I can't fix it now though." She says while winking at me 

Liam and Abbie keep on chattering about global warming while Niall and are holding hands and playing 20 questions but then the food comes 

Sherry walks over to my side of the table and "accidentally" trips and the spaghetti falls all over my lap. 

I stand up. I'm angry,embaressed about 17 different emotions are going through me right now. 

"Okay that's it I have had enough of you tonight serving me last messing up my drink order giving me dirty looks when no one is noticing I see that your a big fan of one direction and I'm sorry if I'm ruining your life by dating Niall but if your to shallow to see that we are happy together then don't say your a fan." 

Sherry slaps me 

"Your just a worthless bitch. Niall will be mine and don't you ever fucking say that I'm not a fan you ass hole I would die for any of those boys while you wouldn't break a finger nail. You are fat and ugly and the whole fandom still doesn't understand why he picked you. Your just white trash." She says back to me 

No one speaks to me like that. I walk towards the door. The last person who ever talked to me like that was my mom and I don't need a damn reminder of what living with her was like. 

I can hear Niall calling after me but I just want alone time I can't handle this right now I just need Luke. He would tell me encouraging things when mom put me down. 

I stop at a gas station. 

I walk in and buy a newspaper and a pen 

I flip to a page that doesn't have any a lot of pictures and I write 

Dear Luke,
I need to know what I'm doing in life am I worthless after all? Do I deserve what I'm getting? I miss you every single day I breathe I never stop thinking about you. I'm supposed to answer Eli about his wedding but I don't know Im afraid that if I go and they honor you I might break down and I can't let people see me like that.

Your confused little sister, 

I pick it up and throw it into the air the wind catching it and whisking it away into the great unknown. 

I sit on the curb thinking about life when I hear footsteps. I look up to see Niall

"Why are you here now you should have already been here." I tell him 

"I had to comfort the fan." He admits 

" Niall this is too confusing for me" I say truthfully 

"Why." He asks 

"Because you care about your fans feelings more that your girlfriends I'm not saying all your fans are bad and all but I wish you would have thought about me first I've been burned in the past and I don't want that to happen again." I confess which I haven't done since Luke 

"Dance with me." He says 

I laugh 

"There is no music and where outside a gas station." I state 

He takes me hand and puts his hands on my waist. I put my arms over his neck and lay my head on his shoulder. 

I look up at Niall. 

"Niall this is going to fast we haven't even kissed maybe we should slow down." I suggest 

Niall doesn't answer instead he lightly connects his lips with mine 

I feel different somehow but after a few seconds I pull away. 

"Now we have kissed." He whispers into my ear

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