A Dream Come True

I've been friends with Louis Tommlinson for a long time. I'm still his friend even though he's in One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and my favorite is Zayn Malik. What happens when we fall in love with each other? Will it ruin his career?
This is my first movella so please tell me if you think ?I


14. Perry Edwards:

Mía POV: 

Hahaha the dude that Was kissing my big sister is tickling me.

The dude stopped tickling me. he went back to my sister then i Hear a knock on the door. my sister Was kissing the dude and melody Was kissing the blonde dude, then some other two guys that were sitting on the couch well i know Louis but i don't know the other dude. Then Louis said to me if i can go open the door. So i said but what if it is the curly hair freak he said well i'm keeping an eye out OK. I went to open the door and i turn the door knob. I Was scared, then i open the door then a girl comes rushing in i go after her saying hey you cant come in here, then she turns around and says back off little kid and i scream Louis, Louis come help, then Louis comes and he sees the girl then Louis says Perry. Then i remembered  the blonde dude saying something about a Perry Edwards. Thats when she storms into the kitchen and says zayn malik you broke up with me for her. Then i knew zayn malik Was the one who kissed my sister, then i storm in and say he can, you're not the boss of him. She said, 'back off you little brat!!' I started to cry and called Louis. He came and told the guy who was sitting with, 'Liam go take to Niall's room.' Now I know who he is. The one with brown hair is Liam. The one kissing my sis is Zayn. The curly haired freak is Harry. And the blonde one is Niall. Liam took me to Niall's room and said, 'I have to stay here with you until that girl leaves,okay? Let's watch a movie.' "okay, I said.'' 

Susan's P.O.V.

Perry just called my little sister a brat. Oh hells to the no. I got up and slapped her. "No one insults my little sister!!!" She said to Zayn 'Really? This is why you dumped me? I'm a million times bettter than her!!" Zayn told her that I was a trillion times nicer than her. Louis told Niall and Melody to go to Niall's room and to help Liam take care of Mia. 

Niall's POV

Just as I thought, Liam was watching Toy Story with Mia.

- MalikGurl37 - 

Made this chapter

- Niallersprincess 5 -

wrote parts of end


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