A Dream Come True

I've been friends with Louis Tommlinson for a long time. I'm still his friend even though he's in One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and my favorite is Zayn Malik. What happens when we fall in love with each other? Will it ruin his career?
This is my first movella so please tell me if you think ?I


8. Moments: - MalikGurl37 - Made this chapter

Susan POV.

when we got to a large House, harry stared at the road i kept on looking at my pink flats that i Was wearing,when we stoped harry opened the door he then said are you coming. I just shook my head saying no. He then comes in and says come please im not going to hurt you, l looked up and said yes you are.

Harry's POV.

i know i did the wrong thing but she thinks im going to hurt her, i know that im forcing her into kissing me, but still i want her to be my girlfriend. Thats when i get frustrated because she doesint come out so i pull her up and grab her by the waist tightly and letting her scream for help so i just covered her mouth with my hand. I took her inside my house leaving her on the couch letting her to stand up quickly, when she stands up i quickly pick her up and take her to my Room. I asumed she Was tired.

Susan POV: 

He was taking me to his room. For what? But then i turn around to look at his face then i looked back quickly i felt my heart beat moré faster i Was thinking that we were getting coser to his room. Thats when he said i want to show you something. I Was like leave me alone. He said no, then he started kissing me again i wanted to scream but i couldint so i had no choice i bit his lip he Was like what Was that for. Thats when i ask him have you ever made out with someone. He just said im not going to lié to you yes i have made out with someone but just kissing. He then asked me what about you i said no. 

Harry POV:

im letting her go i feel bad but only for something. So i tell her that im letting her go back she told me thank you, but then i Was like for only a reason she said whats the reason? So i told her be my girlfriend. I saw by her expression that she Was saying hell to the no! But then she let out a sigh and said if it means that i get to leave sure. I then hugged her and then asked her if she can just stay with me this night but she said no but i kept on begging,finally she said yes.

Susan POV: 

i have to stay with him tonight i dont want to though, thats when harry walks back in he just said if youre going to sleep here tonight you need something to sleep in right. I said sure whatever. He then gave me clothes that were girl clothes i asked him why he had girl clothes he Was just like my cousin gives me some to give it to charity. I Was just like ok then asked where Was the bathroom he Was like nextdoor . For a while i Was trying to squeeze into the pajama dress. After a while i said it was no use, all of the bottom of the dress Wasint tight or squeezing me but all of the above the pajama dress yes. So i went to harry and told him if he had another pajama and hes like yeah so he gave me another one and that one fit. After i Was done i went back to harry tears still in my eyes.

Harry POV:

she came back with tears in her eyes i didint ask her though. She asked me were Was she going to sleep i told her here with me she just stared at the ground. I turned of the light and told her to get in Bed. She did and didint talk any more.

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