A Dream Come True

I've been friends with Louis Tommlinson for a long time. I'm still his friend even though he's in One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and my favorite is Zayn Malik. What happens when we fall in love with each other? Will it ruin his career?
This is my first movella so please tell me if you think ?I


4. Leaving

Susan POV:

When harry stopped kissing me, i started walking away,. All of the boys said to me where are you going, i said home. They said why? I immediately replied i said ask harry he was the one that kissed me. Everyone one of them stared at harry, except zayn. Thats when Louis comes up to me saying he's like that just stay please! I said no why would i stay im leaving and tell harry that never and imean ever talk to me again! Ok! got it right.

Louis POV:

why is she leaving i explained to her that he sometimes does that to girls, but she still leaving. But wait a minute, he never kissed like that to a girl maybe he's fallen for her. Ha but she doesn't like him.

Harry POV:

oh my god i cant believe i kissed susan, i've fallen for her. But she's falling for me, i wish she could give me a chance i know i barley know her but i like her. I'm going after her, she wont know niether the boys.

Niall POV:

oh my god he kissed her, she shoud've slapped him, i know he's my mate but i just want to see a slap.

liam POV:

Dang he kissed her and she refused to kiss her. 

Zayn POV: 

oh my god did i just see what i think i see! I like her. Well i think i like her. I want her to be with me. I don't know what to do. All of this is driving me crazy.

Susan POV:

Im totally leaving back to my house. While i Was walking back to my house, i felt like was being stalked.

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