A Dream Come True

I've been friends with Louis Tommlinson for a long time. I'm still his friend even though he's in One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and my favorite is Zayn Malik. What happens when we fall in love with each other? Will it ruin his career?
This is my first movella so please tell me if you think ?I


16. Chapter 16:

Destinee POV:

When I slapped Perrie, she got up and slapped me back and threw me to the floor then I got up and grabbed her hair and pulled it and I didint let go then she said what do you think you're doing then I said oh youre also blind then she said no then tripped me letting my hands let go of her hair then I see Perrie run upstairs then zayn helped me up I saw my sweater it was ripped and i saw my pants they were ripped tok but I didint care then I hear Mia scream help then I go upstairs really fast and see Niall, with melody. Melody was outcold then I tell Niall if Perrie did something to her he said yeah he almost was crying then I see Liam out cold and I saw Perrie going downstairs with Mia then I hear zayn saying Perrie give me Mia then I go down stairs I see Mia on the floor and perries foot was on top of her chest then she picks her up and zayn tells her again put Mia down then Perrie says ok fine then she throws my sister on the floor hard then I sneak and grab her foot and trip her and keep punching her in the face then zayn takes me off of her then she leaves. I go with Mia she wasint breathing well she fainted I told zayn and we took Mia and melody and Liam to the hospital. After awhile they told us we could take them home now we dropped of Liam and Niall at their house then melody went with them I said youre going to stay here she said yeah then I said wait Niall said something about me staying at his house, then zayn said yeah but I told him youre coming with me then I said ok and said bye to melody and closed the car door I was in the back seat with Mia because she didint have a car seat. After a few minutes we arrived to a huge house and zayn opened the door for me and took Mia and carried her in the house after I was in he closed the door double locked then he walked me to the living room he said ill come back. After awhile i saw zayn coming back I told him where's Mia he said asleep in bed I said ok then he said let me go over here into the kitchen that's when he picks me up turns off all the lights takes me upstairs and puts me into a room then I tell him is youre room he said yeah why I told him its huge. After awhile Mia knocks on zayn's bedroom door and I go open it she says she was scared then zayn says ill be back, he comes back with Mia's bed into the room and puts it on the other side of the wall she can see tv too I told him he said yeah. When he was finished, he was making sure of Mia was asleep then he comes back to me I said why were you making sure she was asleep, oh because he said then he kept talking he said because I always do that. I said ok.

- Next day -

Zayn POV:

Into the morning i woke up early and saw that susan Was still asleep, so then i go check on mía and i saw she Was asleep. Then i went out to the new room that is susan's Room mía is another for now room. i still had to buy furniture and clothes and more food for them. Then i go back into my Room where mía and susan are and put on my clothes and went downstairs to the store.

- At the store -

I bought furniture for both of them, then i went to buy allot of clothes for them even underwear but i told my driver to get them because i dont want to be seen in a girl store and kids store. But i had to sighn some autographs for girls. Then i went to buy allot of food and then i went to the apple store. then i went to niall's House. When i arrived to niall's House i knocked on the door and niall Was the one that opened it he Was only wearing bóxers then niall said come in then he told me he made out with melody i said really he said yeah. Then melody comes out only with bra and shorts then she screams zayn what the hell are you doing here then i say well im just visiting niall she Was trying to cover herself up i said to niall well i just wanted to say im taking melody with me to my House he said no why i said im taking her for one day with melody to my House please he said fine. But im going to youre House too i said fine. Then melody said but i still need to take a shower and all. I said do all of that at my House.

- At my House -

we entered my House and i saw mía watching toy story then niall said she is just like Liam then i laughed then i asked her where is youre sister she said in youre Room watching wizards of waverly place i said ok and went upstairs and found her then i told her i bought you clothes and there putting furniture into youre Room and mia's ok she said ok then can i take a shower yeah melody is taking a shower in the other one i said ok then i told her melody is staying for one day she said ok then took the bag and went to the bathroom.

Niall POV:

I Heard the both water stop of melody and susan so i go up and look for melody there Was a door with a crack someone Was getting out and I saw it Was melody and i go in while she turned around and i hug her she said niall i said yeah love. Then i said are you sure you want to stay here she said yeah then ill be leaving now. After i Was half way through melody comes she Was wearing her long towel still. Then susan says niall we have to tell you something she Was wearing her really short towel i kept on staring at her but i still love melody. They told me to come tommorow because its thier birthday i didint know they had the same day for thier birthday. Then i said ok and left, i went straight to the mall i know what melody like's she told me when we were making out yesterday, but the big problem is i dont know what susan like's so i called zayn to come over here.

Zayn POV:

I Was eating downstairs while the girls were upstairs mía Was coloring, then i recieved a call it Was from niall i picked, hello i said then niall said hurry come over to the mall tommorow is the girls birthday party i said yeah i know he said well i need to buy susan something and i dont know what she like's i said ill be there and your going to help me look something for melody because i dont know what she like's he said ok but hurry up. I got out of the House without telling melody,susan, or mia. When i got to the mall i saw niall i said what do you want he said wait cant you see im trying to take a picture with somebody i said sorry he said im just kidding a fan Came over here and gave me her camera i said ok then lets go who are we looking for who first then we both said both so we dont have to go . So we entered guess then hollister then old navy, me and niall bought some clothes for us too for the party in guess for men. After niall said hey im going into the Apple store i  got melody a iphone 5 and a ipad mini and i got the same for susan. Exept susan's is white and melodys is black the same coler with the the ipads. Niall got them a Apple computer and a big flat screen tv for both and a big flat screen tv. Then i told niall you want to come to the pet store he said sure. When we were half way there some fans come running up to us and says are those for youre little girl friends we said yeah then they said well then give it us i said no and me and niall went inside the pet store. I told niall those are crazy girls, " he said yeah " i told the one that i Was looking for a baby puppys i dont know what Was niall going to get them so i didint say we. The girl said yeah over here i saw pitbulls i saw Many puppies but thier werent baby then i saw niall i said hey what are you getting he said a baby yorkie im trying to get a baby chuihuah he said there over there.  I found some chuihuah puppies and i got a girl puppy to susan and i got the brother of the puppy for melody. Then i went to catch up niall.

Niall POV:

i found some baby yorkies, i got a girl yorkie to susan and i got the brother for melody. After i Was done i went to the counter to tell them, zayn Was already there he said got the puppies ill be waiting outside i said ok then i told the guy from the desk witch ones i want then she hanged them to me and told me to if please give her an autograph i said sure then went outside with zayn. The puppys are so cute i Was cuddling them until me and zayn bumped into the crazy girls again, and they said oh thank you for buying us the stuff and even puppies, they tried to take the stuff away from is but we didint let them, then they said atleast can we have youre autograph zayn said no because you girls are Bieng butt holes and we walked off to the limosine and we both got in and limo driver drove off to my House and we put the stuff in my garage and went back to the living room then i went back to the limo and got the wrapping paper and the girls presents and boxes with holes in them for the puppys. Then i went back to the living Room and started to talk.


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