A Dream Come True

I've been friends with Louis Tommlinson for a long time. I'm still his friend even though he's in One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and my favorite is Zayn Malik. What happens when we fall in love with each other? Will it ruin his career?
This is my first movella so please tell me if you think ?I


13. Chapter 13:

Susan POV:

The next day i went back to my house my mom  said were the Heck were you i told her with melody i lied, she said next time tell me youre little sister  has Been crying because youre werent here i told her where Was she, then i Heard her coming she said susy thats what she calls me. Then i Heard a knock i went to opened it. It Was harry. Harry told me if i wanted to go to the hospital i told him for what he said to check if youre not pregnant i told him if i can take my little sister mia he said yeah then i went to call mía told her if she wanted to go with me she said yes then we left to the hospital.

Harry POV:

I hope susan isint pregnant because if she is its going to be all my fualt.

Susan POV:

when we got there the lady let me go in with the doctor really fast but harry had to stay outside with mía. I Was talking to the doctor then the doctor said that he'll leave so i can check if i am pregnant. For after awhile i looked at the thing that checks if you're pregnant it said positive i almost screamed thinking i Was going to have a baby of harry. Then the docter Came back in he said oh you got positive can you come back in 2 weeks. I come outside were harry is and i just grab mía and i leave without saying no word back at him i Was thinking i Was going to have a baby from harry and i don't love him i love zayn. That's when i bump into a blonde dude then i look up and it Was niall with melody. Melody and niall said hello to them but i couldn't say hello back so i started crying again and ran off with mía, but mía couldn't fun fast so i had to pick her up. That's when niall and melody catch up to me i turn around because they were running out of breath and i see harry coming after me 2, so i let niall and melody catch up and i told niall if we can go to his place reall fast he said yeah sure lets go to my car, good thing his car Was in front of us we got in and i started telling them everything from the picnic until now that's when niall says im going to beat his ass up but i tell him no. When we got to his place mía Was already asleep so i picked her up but then niall takes her away from me so he can take her to his bedroom  to sleep more comfortable he told me how old is she i told him that she Was four he said OK. Melody Was calling the other boys Louis Was already there comforting me then zayn Liam Came at the same time. Zayn looked pretty pissed and Liam Was just staring at me because i Was crying. Then niall told me he Was going to check on mía. After awhile niall Came back with mía. mia Was awake already then she told me that she wanted her bottle and i kept telling her there isn't one here and Liam Heard me and he said ill go buy you one there's a store right here, then i say OK thanks, then Liam went to go get her a bottle. Mía Was playing with my iPhone while everyone Was talking about the situation i kept looking at zayn that did'nt move his eyes away from me he really really looked pissed. Thats when Liam comes back and gives me a Huge bag full of stuff for mía thats when i say thank you for buying all the stuff for mía then he said you well come thats when Liam hands me another big bag full of food for mía like milk,bananas, Gerber, and many more. And say thank you one again and he said you welcome. Then i get up and make a bottle for mía and give it to her and she laid down on the couch. After 10 more minutes im see zayn's face turn hot red after hearing more of the talk i stopped talking but they kept discussing it over again. That's when zayn gets up and tells something to niall and then comes over to me and grab my hand and takes me upstairs to niall's bedroom and looks it i start crying then zayn said why are you crying i just said no reason then he just gets closer and closer and kisses me and then i look up and tell him i thought you didn't like me. He then tells me well i do since that day in the car going to the picnic i fell in love with you, then i tell but i loved before. Then he starts pulling up my shirt but then i pulling it back down then he said i respect if you want to do it or not. Then i tell him about Perry Edwards he then told me that he broke up with her like 2 months ago.

Zayn POV:

then i tell susan about if she's going to have a baby, she just said well yeah the thing y said it Was positive, then i just said Dang i wish that baby Was mine not his. Then i tell her too much of this talk, so i told her if she just wanted to kiss not do anything of that other stuff she said sure. 

Louis POV: 

We Heard a bang on niall's door i got up and opened it, it Was harry he comes in and sees mía he then screams and says where is she then he goes up we all follones him trying to stop him he then opens the door and zayn and susan were kissing thats when harry grabs susan and i go for it because susan is just like a little sister to me so i go to harry and take his hands from susan thats when harry punches and goes to zayn and starts punching him but then zayn started punching him and kicking him thats when oh zayn you shoudive not done that thats when he goes down stairs.

Niall POV: 

Harry went down stairs and because i Was the only one that stayed there with mía i hid to see whats happens thats when harry come down behind him zayn Liam louis behind those boys were melody and susan crying. Thats when harry lifts up mía and susan screamed to harry and went up to him and said give me back my little sister thats when he pushed her into the wall really Hard and hits her in the stomach really hard she started crying saying my baby thats when i remembered she Was pregnant, and he didint know. Zayn went up to him and punched him. Then thats when mía wakes up then she started crying thats when susan screams to her she kept screaming her name mía, mía, mia. Thats when i get out of my hiding spot and go punch him and kicking him and i took mía away from him and i gave her to louis to give her to susan. Thats when he go's outside and go's into his car and drives away. 

Melody POV: 

oh my god harry punched susan i hate that guy as much as she hates him.

Liam POV:

After few more minutes melody took susan to the hospital. Mía stayed here with us but zayn Was the one that Was keeping an eye out for her.

Susan POV: 

When me and melody got to the hospital the people that sorbed there let me go in right away. I saw the same docter that attened me earlier. He then started to check my stomach then he started laughing he said oh i think we made a mistake here youre NOT having a baby. I stared at melody and then the docter let us go. When we got back to niall's House it Was already late it Was like 11:00. Niall said that he spoke with my mom about all of this and that im going to stay there with him and the rest of the boys except harry, and that my mom said it Was fine and youre little sister too, i just said ok  and told them that about the baby evryone just stared until niall said who's hungry evryone said me but then Liam said isint it two late to get a pizza thats when niall said i know a guy

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Susan POV:

after we were done eating pizza melody went to the kitchen to throw her plate away thats when niall gets up and follows after awhile both of them didint come back thats when i tell zayn to come with me to the kitchen to check on them he said sure. When we got to the kitchen we saw niall kissing melody thats when zayn says blonde with blonde and they stopped kissing then zayn said can we join you guys they said sure so melody and niall started kissing and zayn and me started kissing.

Mia POV:

When i woke up from my sleep i Was on top of the couch i looked around and got up and i went to the kitchen and i saw melody and my big sister kissing some dudes i dont know, thats when i say 4 year old seeing kissing ewwww gross. With my baby voice.

Zayn POV:

I smiled at mía and picked her up she started laughing because then i started tickling her And i layes her down on the couch and went with susan.

The little girl on the top photo is 4 year old mia

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