A Dream Come True

I've been friends with Louis Tommlinson for a long time. I'm still his friend even though he's in One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and my favorite is Zayn Malik. What happens when we fall in love with each other? Will it ruin his career?
This is my first movella so please tell me if you think ?I


12. Chapter 12: help aahh

Susan POV:

When me and melody came back ( of course with our costumes on ) we saw that the boys had already dressed into their costumes. Harry's costume was a pirate. Zayn's was a vampire. I liked his costume because he was a vampire for halloween like me. Niall's costume was Prince Charming. Liam's and Louis' costume was just a mustache. I kept on staring at melody who Was staring at niall, i bet she Was suprised to meet him because she only knows louis. I Was curious so i went to melody and told her if she like's niall she told me no but then i made her a face and she just yes that she does then she almost screamed. Thats when i hear my name and someone grab my waist and it Wasint harry ( damm i hate that guy ) or it Wasint none of the boys then i turn around it Was my ex-boyfriend mikey the star quarterback of the football team, then i tell him to let go of me he said no why would i. I knew he Wasint Drunk Was it that he wanted me back? Then he lets go of me then i Heard a groan from mikey i turn around and harry was punching him over and over again, then i ran over there and tried to take harry and mikey off of each other, then i looked at evryone most of the people were staring at me and melody and the boys, but the other half were just getting drunk. Thats when harry grabs my waist and lifts me up and takes me to his car and tells me to put on my seatbelt on, so i did and i can tell he was mad at me and mikey, after awhile we got to his house. I remembered about harry that told me i Was going home today but i didint ask he opened the House door and we both went in. When we were inside he closed the door and went upstairs i stayed downstairs and turned on the TV i Was still in my costume i didint know if harry Was still in his pirate costume. After a while i got hungry so i got my purse from the couch and my iPhone out and called papa johns i ordered a hawaiian pizza they said that thell be here in 5 min. After 5 min. I Heard a knock it Was the pizza. 


I put the left overs of pizza in the fridge. After awhile i heard Harry's door open then i Heard footsteps down the stairs, he Was already down and i Was about to ask him if he wanted some pizza but he didint let me time, he grabbed my hand and took me up to his bed Room then i asked him when am i going home he said tommorow now shut up then tears went down my cheeks. Thats when harry throws me on his bed and starts making out with me i kept on screaming then when he Was finished i got up with the blanket around me because i Wasint wearing no clothes harry wasint either i got my normal clothes and went to the bathroom with the blanket and changed. When i Was done i went back with harry he had his clothes back on he had tears coming down his cheeks he told me that he Was sorry that he Was just mad.

- MalikGurl37 -

made this chapter

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