A Dream Come True

I've been friends with Louis Tommlinson for a long time. I'm still his friend even though he's in One Direction. I'm a huge directioner and my favorite is Zayn Malik. What happens when we fall in love with each other? Will it ruin his career?
This is my first movella so please tell me if you think ?I


10. Chapter 10. - MalikGurl37 - made this chapter

Susan POV.

when harry let go of me, Liam then said that we do not look like a couple that I kept pushing away from harry. Then harry said its because I kissed her surprisingly, then Niall said kiss her again this she knows. Then harry said ok then turns around and stares at me and made me a face like if I don't do it he's going to do something bad, so I had to do it. That's when harry grabs my waist  and then starts kissing me, again, and because I had no choice I started to kiss him. That's when I notice zayn sitting across where I was kissing harry.

harry POV:

Dang, Susan kisses good, but I need air so I stopped, then Niall said see that looks like a couple.thats when I hear a ringtone of a phone then I noticed it was susan's phone. Then she gets up to pick it up, while she was talking on the phone I kept talking to the boys, then susan comes back and tells me she has to go with Louis to a halloween party with her other bestfriend melody ark.then I say ok that's when Louis gets up and says yeah I got a text message to take Susan and melody with me, I just ok and then I said bye to Susan and louis. Then Susan hugs niall, liam, and then says bye and then leaves.  

Louis POV:

I told Susan that if she was ready, she told me yes, so after we said bye we went to my red mustang, I opened the door to Susan she told what a gentle men and I replied with a simple thank you.

Zayn POV:

Damm I can't believe that Susan kissed Harry 2 times, I don't know how to tell her my feelings, the feelings inside that I have about her.

Susan POV:

i told Louis it was a good thing that she lives two houses away from harry. When we got to melody's she ran up to the car and got in, she told me hi and kissed Louis on the cheek ( it was only a friend kiss )  we were on are way when I received a text message from harry saying that he got a call from edward that he invited niall, harry, liam, zayn. Edward is the person that's doing the halloween party. When we got to the halloween party evryone just kept looking at us very one was saying hey that's Louis from one direction some girls were asking him for autographs, and we weren't even out of the car.  some people were saying who are those girls that are with Louis but some people said hi because most of them knew me and melody and Louis. That's when a girl shouts out hey that's Susan Harry's girlfriend, then I told Louis that how do they know I'm with harry, Louis just shrugged he just shrugged. Then that's when I see a car then I realize it was Harry's car and I see zayn coming out first and walking over here, then Niall, comes out of Harry's car and starts walking over here then Liam and harry come out at the same time. That's when Louis gets of his car and me and melody are the only ones in the car.thats when I get out of the car melody comes out after me, because I wanted to tell louis if me and melody can go and find the bathroom to change because we brought spare clothes, so I told Louis he said yeah sure go ahead. That's when me and melody head out inside there were more people than there were outside ( of course there were wearing there Halloween costume two. We found a two bathrooms next to each other we both went inside in each one. I dressed into my police costume, I wonder what was melodys costume. When I got out I saw melodys costume it was an angel costume. I told her that she looks pretty and that her blonde hair goes with the angel costume, and she told me that I looked good with the police costume  and that it looks even better because it goes with my brown hair, then we both said thank you, and then we went outside were was Louis, Niall, zayn, harry, liam.

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