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 Today I would like to talk to you about BULLYING! Bullying occurs everywhere includes  schools, work, park or even at home. Bullying causes depression, low self esteem, less confidence and this all adds up to skipping school or even cutting. Well to all the bullies out there just STOP its not funny at all. Victims of all ages please take my advice.

*kill them with kind words that's right show them kindness by being nice and they will surely be confused and will eventually stop.

*ignore them just don't even listen to what they're saying they will know  that it's  no use trying.

*Tell them to stop just as easy as it sounds! not really but it's worth a try, showing the bully that they're doing something wrong will make them realise that it shouldn't be done.

*use humour to shred it off it always works!

*be positive and stay positive.

They're are many different types of bullying as listed below




-social alienation


-cyber bullying


What I would like to focus on is cyber bullying because as you all know this is 2013, and this generation is all for technology. Technology is spreading worldwide more inventions are being made meaning more people have access to electronics.


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