Lovely Armour

Everybody grew up together. Everybody went to school together. Yet, everybody still hates each other, until a tragedy brings them together.


1. On Their Way

Winter saw the black car pull into the driveway of her average sized house. Out of the car her amazing boyfriend, Sean climbed out. She always thought she'd never have a reason to smile, but he certainly is one. "Hey Winny!" Sean exclaimed and ran up onto her porch and grabbed her into a hug. "You know I don't like that name." She whispered. "Yeah, but I do." He chuckled and kissed her nose. She couldn't help but grin, his sweetness is to...well, sweet. He let go of her slowly, but latched onto her hand. "You ready?" He asked. "I've been ready for twenty minutes." She smirked. "Well, I'm sorry, that I am a safe driver!" He joked. She rolled her eyes and walked down to his car, hand in hand with Sean.




"You look fine, just come on!" Adrian yelled. "Honey, you cannot rush perfection." Molly kidded. Adrian got of their couch and walked into the bathroom where she was eyeing herself in the mirror. "I feel like I'm missing something." She sighed. "You are." Adrian said plainly. "What is it, are my glasses too me?" She asked. By me she meant nerdy. "Your missing this." He whispered then tilted her chin up and kissed her lips lightly. She smiled as he leaned out. "I love you more then, Lois loves Clark." She whispered. "And I love you more Peter Parker loves Mary Jane." He replied. "Looks like my nerdyness is wearing off on you." Molly giggled and walked out to the kitchen and grabbed her purse off the counter. "Is it really necessary for you to carry around the first two Harry Potter books in your purse?" He asked motioning to the books falling out of her bag. Molly shoved the books back into her bag . "What if I get stuck in traffic?!" She asked quickly. "And you read both books?" He asked. "I'm a fast reader! Now, come on before you make us late!" She yelled and rushed out the front door. He ran Right behind her. "Yeah right! I was the one waiting on you!" Adrian yelled. She climbed into the drivers seat and he got into the passengers seat. "Maybe I wanted to drive." He mumbled. "Are you going to pout now?!" She teased. "Maybe I am!" He exclaimed.



"I really don't want to go." Ryder mumbled. "Ryder, you have to go. You go every year don't you?" Cathy asked. "Yeah, but our "Back to school after Christmas party" isn't near as fun as being with you, and besides I don't even want Christmas until there is cold weather and snow involved." He grumbled. "Well it's still important, you have to go, you aren't getting out of this through sweetness." She replied and kissed his lips lightly. Ryder slid his self on top of her on her couch. "But isn't this more fun?" He asked and kissed her again. "Yeah, but you haven't been spending much time with your friends. I don't want to steal you from them." She whispered. "Kyle has Kaylee, though." He mumbled. "You have to go!" Cathy yelled. "I will, d***!" Ryder replied. He laid down and wrapped his arms around her. "Doesn't worry you that you and I will get caught?" Ryder asked nervously. "Ryder, we've been together for four and a half months. We haven't got caught yet and if we do it will be totally worth it. I love you, you're 17 and I'm 26. It's not that big of a difference." She explained. "I don't want to cause you to loose your job." He mumbled. She grabbed his face and kissed his lips sweetly. "We are okay. In the end everything turns out alright, I promise." She said. Ryder stood up and ran his fingers through his hair. "I better go. Mom, is still out of town for work. So, I'll be here later tonight?" He asked. Cathy smiled and nodded. H walked over to the door slowly. "See you later, love you!" He said then walked out. He slowly walked to his car and drove off.



"They should be here soon." Kaylee mumbled and leaned her head against Kyle's shoulder. Kaylee always threw the party. "I think this year I'd rather be hanging with you at home, then the party." Kyle whispered. "I know, I would too, but sadly we can't." Kaylee groaned. "The weird thing is most of us here aren't even friends. It's so strange that we grew up together, but we aren't really friends!" Kyle commented. "I've never really thought about how messed up that actually sounds." Kaylee admitted. "It's the middle of junior year, and I don't want to waste my last two years of not being adult on arguing with our peers when we could all just get along." He explained. She nodded slightly but turned her attention the workers her father hired to serve at the party. "Actually, I was wanting the bar to go over there. You know, like last year?" She said in this strange tone where you can't tell if she is being a smart mouth or just saying. That's the thing about Kaylee, you can never tell. So, most people just assume. Kaylee's daddy threw the party on the beach every year. A sleek black mustang pulled up and parked right next to Kyles' car. Sean jumped out of the drivers seat and walked to the other side to open the door for Winteress. 


Samantha honked her car horn signaling her arrival. Blake rushed down the stairs and Samantha honked the horn once more, twice more, a third time, and right then Blake flung his front door open. "I'm pretty sure everybody in my neighborhood now hates you." He joked as he sat down in the passenger's seat. "Everybody except for you, right?" She asked grinning. "I don't know if you would've honked that horn once more I might have had to divorce you." Blake teased her. She smiled widely as she pulled out of his driveway and sounded the horn once more. "Looks like I'll filing for divorce!" Blake exclaimed. "You have to be married in order to get a divorce, silly!" She teased him. "Well, then I'll brake up with you!" He yelled. "We aren't dating either!" She replied. "I guess that means that I'll just have to stop being your friend." He sighed. She gasped almost instantly and yelled, "You wouldn't!" "Just try me!" He growled. "You love me to much, though!" Samantha exclaimed. "I guess that’s true..." Blake sighed. "I knew it!" She admitted. "I can always change that!" He replied. "Actually, I think it's impossible for you to not love me." She whispered. He nodded slightly and looked over at her. "I think you might be correct..." Blake whispered. "Hopefully, I am." She mumbled. 



Rosalie called Kaylee repeatedly, not get an answer. "Kaylee, I have really important things to tell you, call me back NOW!" She left on Kaylee's voice mail. She threw down her phone stood up of her bed, she ran into the bathroom. She picked up the pregnancy test nervously and saw a green plus sign. She instantly dropped the stick and fell to the ground going straight into the fetal position. It had been One month and seven days since she had got with Shane. She had noticed last month that she didn't have her period, but just thought it was late. Rosalie laid there motionless the only thing you could hear were her sobs. She wasn't even dating Shane. He is going to freak out! Kaylee will freak out too and so will her parents! Her phone began ringing, in hope that it was Kaylee she ran to the phone, but it was Kyle. "Hello?" She answered. "Hey, Kaylee wanted me to make sure you were coming to the party...again." He chuckled. "Oh, yeah the party!" She exclaimed. "I'm on my way..." She added. Rosalie fixed her mascara and headed to the party. 



"Nathan, if you don't mind could we go pick up Lauren and Nelly on the way there?" Korry asked as she cuddled against Nathan on the couch. "Are you guys going to the same party you go to every year?" Korry's mom asked from the kitchen. "Yeah." She answered. "Does Nelly really have to come?!" Nathan demanded. "Well, I'd prefer for her to come, but I guess she doesn't have to." Korry mumbled. "Well, I guess we can pick her up." Nathan grumbled and pulled Korry closer next to him. "Are you okay, you've seemed a bit distant lately?" Korry whispered. "I’m fine." He insisted. "You guys should probably be heading out soon." Korry's younger brother warned. Korry stood up and hugged her freshman brother. "Love you, Parker!" She called as she walked into the kitchen and said her goodbyes to her mom. Nathan and Korry got in his car and drove to pick up both of Korry's friends. 

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