Lovely Armour

Everybody grew up together. Everybody went to school together. Yet, everybody still hates each other, until a tragedy brings them together.


3. During The Party

"Attention, guys!" Kaylee yelled out after her boyfriend picked her up and stood her on top of a picnic table. She raised her glass which contained some sort of fruity alcoholic drink. Everybody turned silent and faced her. "As you all know it's our traditional party and you also know I love making toasts, not the bread kind the kind where you talk." She chuckled. "But this is the one day where we pledge to try to get along. Where we tell our good memories and get rid of our bad ones. I hope none of you forgot your something to throw into the bond fire. Well, I guess that's all I have to say besides drink up!" She said yelling the last two words. Everybody cheered and to a gulp of their drink of choice. The music began booming right at the end of her toast, which meant it was right on cue. "Lets go swimming!" Sean suggested. "Heck no!" Wintress replied quicker then thought possible. "Come on, please!" Molly said almost begging. "No way!" Wintress resisted. "Well, either you're getting in the water in you swim suit right now, or I'll throw you in right now with your clothes on!" He warned. she thought about it for a second and as he went to grab her she agreed to swim. Molly and Winter pulled off their clothes which had their bikinis on underneath. Sean grabbed Wintress and picked her up, he ran with her towards the water and jumped in. She screamed as the water sent shivers down her spine. Sean held onto her tightly and twirled around causing her feet to swing. Molly jumped in with Adrian right behind her. Adrian pulled her towards him and kissed her slowly, as she smiled into the kiss. "Lets play chicken!" Molly exclaimed as she pulled away from Adrian's and her kiss. "Okay!"Sean agreed then proceeded to pick up Wintress. "No, Girls against guys! To prove that we're better!" She cut him off. "No!" Adrian and Sean yelled quickly. "Yes!" Both girls insisted. "Fine, but we're going to win!" Sean yelled. as he motioned for Adrian to get on his shoulders. "Why do I have to get on your should  why don't you get on mine?" Adrian questioned. "Just do it!" He yelled. Molly pulled herself up onto Winter's shoulders and Adrian onto Sean's. They ran at each both laughing and pushing until Molly fell off of Winter's shoulders bringing Winter down with her. Everybody just laugh at the site including the girls themselves.




“Hey man, where were you earlier I was trying to call and see if you wanted to ride with Kaylee and I?” Kyle asked as Ryder walked over to him. “My phone was off, sorry.” Ryder replied avoiding the question about where he was. “I know you are totally sneaking around seeing somebody, who is it?” Kyle questioned, and Ryder's mouth fell wide open. “I don't know what you're talking about.” Ryder muttered in shock. “Well, you're obviously seeing somebody, your always ignoring your calls, and smiling. It's not my sister is it?!” Kyle yelled. “What? No!” Ryder answered truthfully. “then who is it, man, I don't understand why you're keeping it a secret from your best friend?” Kyle pressed. “It's Cathy.” Ryder whispered extremely quietly. “I don't even know a Cathy.I expected it to be someone like Rosalie or Lauren!” Kyle yelled disappointed. “Trust me you know a Cathy.” Ryder mumbled. Kyle pondered and pondered. “The only Cathy I know is Ms.Gibs- No way?!” Kyle screamed in realization. “Shut-up, you cannot tell anybody!” He spat.”Chill, I won't. How long have you guys been together?” Kyle asked “Four and a half months.” He answered. “Have you guys done it?” Kyle asked grinning. “Almost, we've done things but she wants to wait till I'm 18 to do that.” Ryder answered. “Mrs.Gibson is hot, I don't blame you for trying that out.”Kyle muttered. “I am not just trying her out, I love her.” Ryder growled. “Well, I'm happy for you.” Kyle replied. “Thanks.” Ryder thanked him. “No problem, but I'm going to go check on Kaylee.” Kyle said and quickly walked off.



No, that wasn't supposed go there. This night was going to be perfect, and everybody is ruining it!” Kaylee complained to one of the workers standing next to the DJ. Kyle grabbed Kaylee's arm and swung her around. “Stop worrying, everybody is having fun. Just take a breather and enjoy yourself.” Kyle whispered then kissed her. She rested her head against his shoulder, and he rubbed her back trying to soothe his girlfriend. “Can you play something slow?” Kyle asked looking up at the DJ, who followed Kyle's directions and changed the song. He slowly swayed back and forth as Kaylee still rested against him. “Come on, dance with me?” He asked lifting her chin so he could look her in the eyes. She smiled weakly and nodded. “You look so pretty tonight.” He whispered. “Don't I?!” She exclaimed and her face lit up. “You're so conceded, but that is part of the reason I love you.” He whispered. “I love you too.”She giggled. “You better.”




“Here's your drink.” Blake said and handed the full glass to Samantha. “Thanks, but you didn't have to.” Samantha empathized. “But I wanted to, if I can do it there is no reason you should have to.” Blake inquired. “You are so sweet.” She admitted. “So, I've been told.” Blake publicized proudly. “Do you hear that?” I questioned. “Hear what?” He asked confused. “They're playing a slow song!” Samantha hinted. “Would you like to dance?” He offered sweetly. “Not with you.” She teased. “Please,It would mean the world to me. Like Rosalie says I'm just a freak from the poor side of town.” He muttered begging for empathy. “I guess, Just because you're poor.” Samantha said jokingly in a snarky high pitched tone. He grinned and took her hand. He put his hands on her waist and they swayed back and forth. “I forgot to tell you that you look gorgeous, as usual.” Blake whispered. Samantha looked away and grinned, hiding her smile. “Don't do that.” He whispered.

“Do what?”

“Hide your smile.”

“I wasn't smiling, I was gagging because your school-girl crush disgusts me.” Samantha retorted teasingly.

“If anybody here has a crush on anybody that would be you having a crush on me.” Blake accused.

“Maybe...” She considered

“Sa-” Blake began but was cut-off

“Let's have some fun!” Rosalie screamed.

“There she is...” Shane grumbled. “Rose, come here, how much have you had to drink?” He asked. “Only three.” She giggled as she danced wildly on the table. “Three what?” He asked.

“Bottles.” Rosalie then took another swing from the bottle in her hands.

“Just get down from there.” Shane demanded and grabbed for her, but she danced the opposite direction. “Come on you're no fun!” She hissed.

Shane pulled himself up onto the table, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, now you're getting fun!” She remarked as he picked her up bridal style, and jumped down off the table. “Where you taking me?” She sang and slushed her bottle around. “Oh, where, oh, where are you taking me?” She sang again. “I'm just taking you over to the sand so we can sit down.” Shane informed. “Got dirty down in the sand!” She sang from the song “Summer Lovin'” “You sing a lot when you're drunk.” Shane mused. “So I've been told.”

Shane sat down in the sand with Rose still in his arms. “I had something to tell you...” Rosalie implored.

“What is it?”

“I can't remember...Oh, yeah, Shane...I'm pregnant.”

“What the he**? You're so drunk.”

“Yeah, that and pregnant.”

“No, you can't be... it mine?”

“Shane, I know I'm drunk and you think it's just t he whiskey and whatever else I've drank talking, but yes it is yours and I promise I am pregnant.” She replied, and they both sat there in silence.

“If you're pregnant with my child why are you drunk right now?! My baby is inside of you, and this alcohol is putting the child in danger! If you weren't a woman, and If you weren't pregnant I'd slap you.” He growled. “It doesn't matter, I'm getting an abortion anyways.” Rosalie stated.

“Not with my baby, I will not allow you to abort my baby. I believe it is the same as murdering the child. If you can't keep the baby then we can give it up for adoption, or I'll keep it, and you don't have to have anything to do with him or her. “

“I didn't think you wold want to keep it, but if you do, I want to, too.”

Shane held his face in his hands, and muttered curse words under his breath. “Have you told your parents?” He asked breaking the silence. She shook her head grinning foolishly for no reason. “I'll tell my mother tomorrow and see if she will take you to the doctor.”Shane shared. Tears brimmed Shane's eyes. Thoughts about becoming a teen father ran through his head, he cannot do this, but he has to. He's a father now, he can't drink and carry on any more. “You should go home.” Shane advised. “Why?” She giggled. “So you and the baby will be in an safe environment.”Shane replied. “No, just leave me here I promise I won't drink, I just want to watch the waves!” She protested.


“Lets just go over here.” Nathan grumbled. “Wait, it's a slow song can we dance?” Korri pleaded. “Do we have to, I mean seriously?” Nathan asked. “Please?” She whined. “Stop whining like a child.” He demanded and tightened his grip on her arm tugging her away from the crowd of people. “Nathan!” She whisper yelled, trying not to cause a scene. He exhaled loudly and stopped tugging, closed his eyes, and calmed down. “Korri, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so rude, I've just been having a bad day and the sound of you whining does not help. Can we please just go sit on the sand? I don't feel like chatting with bitc*y Kaylee, or your fat friends.” He explained. “I didn't know your day was bad...” She muttered looking down at her feet. “Well, now you do. So, either grab a few beers and go sit in the sand with me, or talk to your disgusting, loser, fat friends?” Nathan beamed.

“I'll stay with you, but Nathan...could you trying being nicer about my friends?” She questioned hesitantly. “Just come on, if all you want to to about id them then go hang with them don't come with me.” He raged and grabbed her hand pulling her right behind him as he swerved around people towards a cooler. He bent over and let loose of Korri's hand, grabbed a few beers and shoved them into Korri's hands and began walking towards the shore looking back every few seconds to make sure Korri was following him. When he found a spot all alone to sit at and plopped down ungracefully and Korri sat down the beers and held down her sun dress as she took a seat next to him. “You look pretty.” He complimented as he leaned his head on her shoulder, beer in hand, his face soft again, not scary like it was when he was grabbing her or pulling her. “Thank you.” She mumbled and looked down at him, his green eyes sparkling in moonlight. Slowly her lips pulled towards his as if they were magnets, and lightly glided against each other. Korri could feel the familiar same tug at the corner of his lips as they kissed. He leaned out and kissed the tip of her nose then laid back on the sand. “I'm sorry,” He apologized convincingly. “I've been having a hard time, and it seems like nothing is worth it anymore, you're the only thing. Your friends aren't ugly nor fat, that was uncalled for me to say.” Nathan added, Korrie sat down the glass bottle that she had just opened and laid back next to him. “What's been going on?” She questioned. “I can't talk about, just don't worry, everything is fine.” He replied.

“It's hard not to worry.”



“I wonder if Blake is still single.” Nelly thought aloud, as she sipped from a plastic red cup. “Yeah, apparently Sammy hasn't caught on to his little school girl crush.”Lauren guessed. “Maybe she has and isn't interested, I'm not sure, but there is one thing I know, if I was her I'd be doing him!” Nelly admitted. “Maybe she is, friends with benefits, you know?” Lauren snorted. “Samantha, is so lucky.” Nelly sighed, and chugged down her beer. “You are too, you know,” Lauren said in an extremely serious tone. “I'm your friend.” She added smiling. “Ha-ha.” Nelly fake laughed, and rolled her deep brown eyes. “I think I am hilarious!” Lauren exclaimed and leaned back against a large rock and ran her fingers through the sand. “Well, you are the only one.” Nelly teased, suddenly Lauren's grin fell away and a serious look took it's place. “What's wrong?” Nelly questioned, studying her face. “I'm worried about Korri, Nathan seems to be being a jerk to her lately.” Lauren answered leaning her head back , and huffing. “Who thought life would suck this much, you know? When I was young I thought life would be fun and easy, but turns out all it is, is he**.” Lauren went on, and felt the tear swelling in her eyes. “I know, life is a utter bit**, but there isn't a thing we can do about it tonight. So, bottoms up!” Nelly mused trying to get Lauren to cheer up. “Right, hand me that bottle.” Lauren replied pointing to the full glass bottle next to Nelly.


Winter and Molly were sharing a beach towel draped around her shoulders. “Do you guys want anything to drink?” Sean asked shaking his wet hair. “Sure.” Wintress answered. “How about you, babe?” Adrian muttered kissing Molly on the cheek. “Yes please.” She nodded.

“So, how are things with you guys?” Wintress questioned as soon as the guys were out of hearing range.

“Better then ever,” Molly admitted grinning. “You will never believe what he brought up the other day!” Molly added sounding suddenly louder.


“Children, having children!” Molly exploded looking suddenly a bit angry.

“What did you say?!” Wintress interrogated.

“I told him that was crazy to soon, we are way to young, this isn't the eighteen hundreds! I calmly explained that I would love to have kids, but in the future. I want to at least be out of high school before having an addition to our family.” She explained waving her hands around madly. 


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