Lovely Armour

Everybody grew up together. Everybody went to school together. Yet, everybody still hates each other, until a tragedy brings them together.


2. Arriving

Kyle watched Wintress and Sean walk hand in hand over to him. Kaylee quickly stepped in front of Kyle. "Welcome to the after Christmas break party, planned and paid for by the Copper's!" She greeted Them in a professional tone. "Uh...Thanks?" Wintress mumbled. Kaylee and Wintress have never got along to well. "So, Kaylee are--" Kyle began trying to make small talk but wasn't able to finish. "More people are here I need to greet them, sorry!" She interrupted then walked over to the people who just arrived. "Sorry, she can be sort of rude..." Kyle apologized. "Don't worry everybody has noticed you don't have to tell me." Wintress replied. "Throwing parties is like Christmas to her you'll just have to excuse her." Kyle chuckled "Yeah, it's okay." Sean replied forcing a chuckle. Winter turned around and saw her best friend talking to Kaylee. 




"Molly!" Wintress yelled and ran to give her a hug. "Hey Hun!" Molly replied as they hugged. ""Hey winter!" Adrian Waved. "Hey!" Sean said as he approached them all. "Did Kaylee do her signature greet to you guys too?" Molly asked. "Sadly yes." Wintress chuckled. "I can't believe next year is the last time we'll come to this party." Adrian sighed. "I know, It's a tradition now." Wintress added. "I might actually miss it." Sean admitted. "I will too!" Molly agreed. "But once we start college, I think we can make our own traditions." Wintress replied. "We should, as long as it doesn't go as badly as when we tried to start our valentines day tradition." Adrian chuckled. They all burst into laughed at the thought. "Oh my gosh, I almost forgot about that!" Molly giggled. "Lets never let that happen again!" Sean Exclaimed. "How did that night end exactly?" Molly asked already knowing, just wanting to recap the memory with her friends. "Well, Sean ended up with a black eye and lady shoes on, I don't remember why though..." Wintress explained mumbling the last part. "We were all lost in the city, I passed out after drinking a little to much, and somebody stole my pants! So here I was walking through the city pants less at three in the freaking morning!" Adrian recalled. "And I of course, got in a fight with some twenty year old wh***, who thought it was a smart idea to touch my boyfriend, and I threw her into some tables causing A LOT of stuff to break, and then we ran while the cops were being called! So, we will never return to the city or bar, ever again." Wintress told them. They all laughed remembering the insane night. "And thankfully Molly is a good girl and doesn't drink because we would've never got home!" Sean chuckled. "I don't drink because I'm under aged!" Molly yelled.



By this time everybody had just arrived and Kaylee had greeted them all with a smiling face. "Rosalie, I was starting to think you weren't coming!" Kaylee exclaimed as she threw her arms around her for a hug. "Of course I was coming I couldn't miss our party, the one day that our whole grade makes an effort to get along!" Rosalie exclaimed."Hey Kaylee!" Samantha yelled obviously ignoring Rosalie. "Oh, look you brought your stalker from the poor side of town!" Rosalie said in condescending tone, as Blake stood beside his best friend awkwardly. "Blake is not my stalker, he's my best friend! If you have a problem with that you can just do everybody a favor and shut the h*** up!" Samantha spat. "Oh, so you just sleep with him?" She asked. "Girls, no fighting especially not today. Please, just try to get along." Kaylee pleaded. "Only for you." Samantha grumbled. Samantha locked arms with Blake and leaned against him. "So, uh...are you guys dating now?" Rosalie asked putting efforts towards trying to be nice to Samantha. "Oh no, we're just friends!" Samantha answered quickly. "So, who are you with this week?" Samantha asked grinning and Blake let out a chuckle. "No one really, I've been talking to Shane, though." "In other words your sleeping with him?" Samantha replied. "Sammy!" Kaylee screamed. "If Kaylee wasn't standing right there, I would totally beat your a**." Rosalie said plainly. "Well, I'm just going to take Samantha!" Blake exclaimed before she had a chance to reply. "Can you try to ignore her, and not tick her off?" Blake suggested. "I'll try." Samantha mumbled. "Look, like you said earlier this is the only day that all of us with almost get along, and if get in the way of that, I am going to send both you and Samantha out of here."




"I love your dress, Kor!" Nelly exclaimed as they all walked through the crowded beach, full of only juniors. "I'm going to rock this beach!" Lauren exclaimed smiling widely. Korry chuckled and grabbed her boyfriend's hand. "Lets go socialize!" She yelled and dragged him whit her even though he obviously didn't want to what so ever. "Lauren, have you seen Rosalie?!" Shane asked quickly. "No, I'm sorry." She replied sweetly. "Well, thanks anyway, if you see her tell her that I'm looking for her!"He said then quickly ran off. "Wonder what that was about?" Nelly asked. "I have no clue, probably something juicy though! He looked worried." Lauren answered. "We'll have to follow up on in." Nelly giggled. "Well, of course, not much goes on around this school with out somebody finding out." Lauren sighed.


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