At the Right Time.

A girl named Courtney who is constly teased because of her looks. With Courtney's back round of soccer will soccer help her kick her way out of this situation. Then one day at lunch Niall Horan was there at the right time. What will happen? Will they date? Will the bullies stop? Read to find out and comment ideas I will probably use them.


3. Princess!

Courtney's P.O.V

        We started to talk, and I told the story from when my mom was sewed to today at lunch. They asked questions and I answered them ALL. Until one question came up......................................... what about your dad? asked Niall. There was a silence as a tear rolled down my face and Niall asked are you ok I m  sorry that I asked that you don't have to answer if you want. Its ok I replied. At this point it was 2:30 pm and said I got to go. OK they said and Harry said nice meeting you Courtney. I said nice meeting you too Harry as a reply. Niall walked me out to my room he said what room number I said 194 ok he said then we arrived to my room.


        Nialls P.O.V

       We arrived at her room. I said were here as she opened her door as she walked in I said well I m very sorry for what I asked. Its ok she replied. Ummmmm.... do u want to grab a snack later? I asked her. Ya I would like that she replied. I stared into her eyes and then I said oh I m sorry she said its ok then she asked can I have your number please so we can keep in touch. Sure we enchained numbers *in my head* I think she likes me too this AWSOME. (not in head).. Later that day...........


Courtney's P.O.V.

    I think Niall likes me he was staring into my eyes and wanted to grab a snack later! YAY!     Wait I like him too so maybe this sack thing is more than a snack?!? *SQUEALE* It was now 4:45 I grabbed my iphone and sent to Niall "Hey do u want to get a snack now?' 2min. later *BEEP8 *BEEP* From Niall: Yea ill meet you by the doors. I replied, : KK see u then.

Nialls P.O.V.

      Courtney wanted to get a snack, I wet my hair and brushed back up and headed out. I was there before I knew it I was there. I was there  for 1-2 mins  and Courtney came and said 'sorry I was late' 'No no I was early don't worry bout it' I said. I could see her cheeks redden a little. ;Well... ladies first' I said as I opened the door signaling her into the cafeteria. Oh why thank you she said. We shared a smile and  we sat down and we had smoothies and pizza. We talked and talked this is amazing every time she laughed it made me laugh more cause her giggle was so adorable. It was now 7:30 she yawed and I said 'Am I keeping u up love?' 'No I just had a hard day' she replied. Oh do you want me to walk you back now? I said. 'Sure' she replied. *In Nialls mind* Now's my chance to make my move. *done*. We walked back in silence she opened her door and stepped in the door frame and turned around 'Well I had...... fun' she said 'me too I replied as I put my hand on the door frame next to her head and asked..... You know Courtney I really like you and I wanted to know if you would like to be my girlfriend?' *MY HEART POUNDED* she smiled and said yes with a bigger smile as I went in for a kiss we came towards me and we kissed passionately  and in my head I thought PRINCESS!!!!


      Hey my Beautiful MERS hope you like it comment what you think. PEACE! ~stay beautiful~

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