At the Right Time.

A girl named Courtney who is constly teased because of her looks. With Courtney's back round of soccer will soccer help her kick her way out of this situation. Then one day at lunch Niall Horan was there at the right time. What will happen? Will they date? Will the bullies stop? Read to find out and comment ideas I will probably use them.


2. Princess or not?

       Courtney's P.O.V.

      It was a boy and he was a dirty blond and when I ran into him I said with sniffle' sorry'.

Nialls P.O.V. (the boy she ran into)

             As I was walking to grab a snack for me, and my mate Harry this  girl ran into me crying as she said sorry I said 'no no pardon me' as she looked up at me with red eyes,...... she was gorgeous! There was a silent   as we gazed into each others eyes. And o may ask, not trying to be nosey and you don't have to answer but was is wrong? I asked. She started with 'well...' as she looked back at the cafeteria. Id rather talk in private is that ok? she asked "oh oh yea that's fine, is my dorm room ok with you, I mean my one mate Harry is there? 'uuhhh yea that's fine she replied.

    Courtney's P.O.V

        He asked me if we could go to his dorm to talk and I said yea. But what hit me was that he said his 'MATE HARRY' and that made me wonder and ask. " umm just wondering is your name Niall Horan'? I asked "yes" he replied and then I asked 'and is your MATE HARRY Harry  Styles?' "yes' he said a little slowly. I said from ONE DIRECTION?!? 'Yes' he answered.   At this point we just arrived at Niall dorm (walked and talked).'OMG!!' I squealed. 'HAHAHA' Niall said as he got out his key and opened the door and said ladies  first. OH my....... thank you Niall. when I walked in I saw his friend Harry on the couch watching T.V. He said hey and his eyes drew straight to mine. UUUHHH...  hi there who are you not trying to be rude said Harry. I m Courtney  I replied as we all sat down on the couch.


Hey my Beautiful  MERS  how's it going  so there is this thing and if you like Harry then comment your name and your thought of a perfect date on a college campus you have until....... This Friday coming up April 26. Well that's all.



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