At the Right Time.

A girl named Courtney who is constly teased because of her looks. With Courtney's back round of soccer will soccer help her kick her way out of this situation. Then one day at lunch Niall Horan was there at the right time. What will happen? Will they date? Will the bullies stop? Read to find out and comment ideas I will probably use them.


6. Preping the date.



                 Courtney's P.O.V.

             *The next day*In the afternoon*

       So I couldn't wait until tonight. I went over to my closet to see what to wear and in the back I found a medium length turquoise dress with a sweet heart neckline that was beaded shiny. I had got it after my dad left for when I met the right guy and this is the time and the guy to wear it for. Brushed my wavy hair down and slipped on some cute flats. I was ready but didn't know what time we were going out so it texted Niall What time are we going out?


             Nialls P.O.V.


          I was getting everything together for our date. Luckily its tonight because everyone on the campus was at the big football game across campus. So we could have our area to ourselves. I was putting all the finish touches on everything and I got a text from Courtney that asked what time are we going out? It was 7:45 so I told her 8:00 so I could go and get ready. She replied quite quickly that said ok with a squinted eye smiley face with blush cheeks- emoji. I went  to my dorm to put a plaid button up shirt and light brown pants . I had already asked some of my buddies that are in charge of music and sound for plays and sports games to set up some nice music for our date. Also I'm going to bring a big blanket so if she gets cold I can wrap it around us. I can't  wait to see her so happy, I love her smile its so pretty.

-------------- hey my beautifuls sorry short and late chapter. But I just want to thank m readers and the people who favorite this means so much to me. I'm on a long break now so I will try to update more.


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