At the Right Time.

A girl named Courtney who is constly teased because of her looks. With Courtney's back round of soccer will soccer help her kick her way out of this situation. Then one day at lunch Niall Horan was there at the right time. What will happen? Will they date? Will the bullies stop? Read to find out and comment ideas I will probably use them.


1. My life Problem.

Courtney's P.O.V

I am Courtney and  I am 18 and in college.Ever since the 7th grade Iv been teased because of my looks and clothes. I never wore makeup because i want a boy who wants me for me and ever since my mothers boss had been behind a crime of raising money for charity, but instead kept it for drug money and he convinced the law that everyone in the job was behind it and everyone  got sewed so we have been partially broke so no good clothes for me*tear* *tear*.

Today  the day after the sewing, at lunch:

Courtney's POV

I woke up late with puffy eyes from crying and messy hair that i decided to throw into a bun.After first and second period i went to lunch to be approached by Christal and posse at my lonely table."ugh hmm. Looks like player woke on the wrong side of the field this morning." Said Christal. In a quiet voice not trying to cause attention i said"I don't need this." "I DON'T NEED THIS LIFE? WHAT LIFE?!" As a tear rolled down my face i got up furious and ran crying into the hallways.When i ran into someone,who looked familiar but i just couldn't put my finger around it.


HEYY!  My beautiful fan-girls! This is my first story so no hate. How do you like it? Comment and share some ideas. I will take a look at them but no promises on use. There is something coming up dealing with Harry and one of my fans. Keep updated.

Bye Beautifuls! STAY BEAUTIFUL! ~Mer (Yes i call myself Mer and now you.....long story i will not share) :)

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