At the Right Time.

A girl named Courtney who is constly teased because of her looks. With Courtney's back round of soccer will soccer help her kick her way out of this situation. Then one day at lunch Niall Horan was there at the right time. What will happen? Will they date? Will the bullies stop? Read to find out and comment ideas I will probably use them.


5. Humiliation!

Courtney's P.O.V.

                 When they walked in my heart sank and I quickly said umm we have to go now! oh ok but why? Niall asked He quickly followed my eyes and understood. OH he said then  we got up and headed out but their was a voice behind us that said why leaving so early the party has just began! We turned around and Niall said well I guess were party crashers. and we turned around and she quickly said im not done with you guys and we turned around again and she said is this now a thing? Niall nodded yes. Then she whent ooonnn about how horrible I was like, She dosnt even wear makeup. Shes poor ECT. then I ran out in tears and I heard Niall say well I love her the way she is now, LEAVE    HER     ALONE!!!!!!! I was now in my room

     Nialls P.O.V.

     WOW! They are really mean even worse in person but I am glad that I stood up for my Princess.I better go check up on her. I got to her door took a deep breath and knocked. Courtney said who is it? Niall I answered. come in she replied I walked in slowly, she was laying on her bed I went over and sat by her and said you ok? as I stroked her hair. I guess she said quietly.I laid  down and held her close to my chess in my arms and we fell asleep. *We woke up at the same time* Courtney had red puffy eyes from crying I felt bad for her. Hey, love how are you? Good......... I guess she replied. Well all that matters now is that were together I said *trying to make her feel better*she smiled*  *in head* should I ask her why those girls are mean to her or is it too soon *done*. We shared a passionate kiss and our noses almost touching I asked her do u want to go out tomorrow  or do u want time alone? Ummmmm...... lets go out she said sooo where do u want to go? I asked her Her eyes lit up and she said I've always wanted to sit on the bench by the fountain  with soft music in the background and just sit and talk and walk around the campus with bright stars out. I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and said done,   anything for you babe.

Courtney's P.O.V.

   Niall has been so sweet I see us with a bright future, we are just made for each other. Now were gonna have my dream date with Nialler AHHH I cant wait!!!


Hey my beautifuls I hoped you liked it. Sorry for the late update comment how you liked it and comment Ideas for the next chapter  ~STAY BEATIFUL

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