Caught In The Storm

Harry Styles just can't seem to find love, and neither can Stormy. Will a once in a lifetime meeting bring them together? For good? Read and find out. (Sequel to Is It Fate)


3. We're On The Way


Stormy's P.O.V

phone rings(txt message)

"She's not afraid of scary movies, She likes the way we kiss in the dark-"
Haha, I love that song.Jessica had sent me a text message.

J: "Hey, so you might want to start packing.Like. Now."
S: "Why?"
J: "Did you forget our conversation from yesterday?"
S: "No.... Wait!So I can come?!?!?!"
J: "Nope, I was texting you to inform you my ass itches, YES YOU CAN COME DINGBAT!"
J: "Wow."
S: "I'm packing right now!" 
J: "Good, oh and bring a bathing suit."
S: "Why?"
J: "Well, you know how you said you wanted to go to London one day..."
S: "Yeah"
J: "Well, we're going to stay in Niall's uncle's summer house.His uncle died and left it to him,seeing how irresponsible Greg is."
S: "SWEET!!!! Who all is going to be there?!"
J: "Me,Niall,You,Zayn,Louis,Liam and Harry."
S: "So,all of 1D is going to be there?"
J: "And Dannielle,Perrie and Elounor."
S: "Sweet! So we won't be the only girls!"
J: "Yep, well Niall and I are on plane coming to get you we just landed in NYC.We'll catch another flight to Dallas then we'll be in Kilgore."
S: "Soooo about 6 hours?"
J: "Yep!I'll text you later when we leave NYC and land in Dallas."
S: "OK! See you later gurf!"

5 Hours Later

J: "Hey,our plane had to land in Nacodochez, so we'll be there in like and hour.SO BE READY!"
S: "Sweet! I've been ready! See yall soon!"

Could my life get any better?


Harry's P.O.V


"Uggghhhh." I groaned. I was so freaking bored. Louis was on a date with El, Zayn was getting another tattoo with Perrie, and Liam and Dani were in Paris. And I, Harrold Edward Styles, was stuck at home watching old re-runs on BBC. That would make a boring Vh1 Behind the Music. "Yep, I'm Harry Styles and when I'm not touring the world, I'm sitting on my ass at home watching BBC." My life at it's finest. OK, so I got bored enough and called Niall to see what he was up to.

H: "Hey mate, what's up?"
N: "Hey, not much.Just driving to Kilgore."
H: "Where's that at?"
N: "Texas."
H: "USA Texas? Why are you in the US?"
N: "Jess has a friend that lives here and she's going to stay with us for a while."
H: "Like, while we're at your beach house?"
N: "Yea."
H: "Oh.Ok.Well have fun."
N: "We will.Bye mate."
H: "Bye."

Cool, so great. Another one coming means more drama. Yay. 
I tossed my phone on the couch and stuffed my face with pop-corn while watching Titanic. I love that movie.

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