Caught In The Storm

Harry Styles just can't seem to find love, and neither can Stormy. Will a once in a lifetime meeting bring them together? For good? Read and find out. (Sequel to Is It Fate)


6. Welcome To London



  Stormy's P.O.V


            We had left Nacodochez around 11:30 and about 5 minuites after take-off, we all passed out. I woke up to the sound of the plane's tires squealing on the runway. I could tell Jess and Niall had been up for a while.

"Morning princess!" Jessica said with tons of enthusiasim.

"Morning doll." I managed to growl out.

"I got you your favorite drink!" she said with a sing-songy voice.

"White Monster?!" I asked excitedly.

"Yep! Just for ya! Oh, and some Takis." Niall said with a grin.

"OMG I love you guys,' I said while already scarfing down half of the bag.'what time is it anyways?"

"It's like 3;30 PM." Jessica said.

         After I finished scarfing down the Monster and Takis, I peered out of my window and was instantly amazed. I knew that London was beautiful, but I didn't know it was this beautiful. I mean, even the airport was clean, unlike Texas.

"Welcome to London." said Jessica. I knew I had to have looked like a little kid on Christmas day, so excited to be here. I've always dreamed about coming to England. Maybe I'll even live here one day.

        "Come on,' Niall said, startling me, 'you've been staring out that window for 10 minuites."

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said, a tad embarassed, realizing we were the only 3 people left on the plane.

"It's ok love,' Jessica said coming to my rescue, ' I did the same thing when I got here."

After that we left the airport in Jessica's Camaro and drove about 30 minuites. After admiring the beautiful Brittish countryside, we pulled up in front of a huge chaeau sitting on the beach.

"You'd better close your mouth or you'll choke on a fly." Jess said whilst giggling. I gathered myslef together and collected my luggage.

      As soon as we walked in I smelled KFC. I thought we only had them in the US. Oh, well. I looked up from setting my luggage down and locked eyes on something, no, someone. "'Ello love.' said a deep cheeky voice, 'I'm Harry." Oh My God! Harry freaking Styles!!! Don't fangirl, don't fangirl!

"Hi, I'm Stormy, but you can call me Storm." I said feeling color rush to my face.

"Would you like some help with your luggage?" he asked, flashing me that cheeky, dimpled smile. "

"Would you mind?" I was still blushing.

"Not at all love."






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