Caught In The Storm

Harry Styles just can't seem to find love, and neither can Stormy. Will a once in a lifetime meeting bring them together? For good? Read and find out. (Sequel to Is It Fate)


4. Welcome To Kilgore: The City Of Stars


Jessica's P.O.V

We had landed in Nacodochez,Tx. because there was a security threat in the airport in Dallas. Nacodochez is only an hour from Kilgore, so it wouldn't take us long to get to her house. It's funny, she moved into my old house. Anyways, I went ahead and texted Stormy to tell her we'd be there shortly. 

"You're gonna love Stormy! She's the funniest person ever!" I told Niall.
"Really now?' Niall said with a smirk, 'Ok then, who is she most like in the group?"
"Louis,You and Zayn." I said,answering proudly.
"Ok. She's cool, so tell me about her." he said.
"Well,she's a year younger than me, and we pretty much like the same stuff, but she has a darker sense of style, like Zayn and Harry.She loves drawing and is a huge music buff. She actually sings pretty good too, oh,and she's single." I said all in one breath.

"Wait, you're-you're bringing her to hook her up with somebody aren't you?" he asked, damnit, he was on my case. And not the way I would've liked.

"PSH! Me? Nawww, why would I do that?!" I was bad at lying.
"Jess, I'm not that dumb, I can put two and two together."
"I never said you were dumb. And yes, ok, I got the idea after I invited her. Come on Ni, you've got to be tired of seeing Harry moping around all sad and depressed. And I know that's how she's been since the last time I was down there.Maybe, she and Harry might hit it off and, bam bam turkey and ham, Mr. and Mrs. Styles!" 
"Well...Haz could use some cheerin- did you just say 'bam bam turkey and ham'?"
"Wow. No more monsters for me today." I said with a giggle
"You're so-" he started.
"I'm so what?" I asked him trying to act all flirty and cute.
"weird." he said, for the first time, a straight face.
"Ugh." I mummbled and slouched in my seat.
"I'm just joking! I was gonna say cute." Niall said starting to go into a giggle fit. 
"Whatever, turn right up here on Hunter, and it's the 3rd house on the right with a red door." I instructed him, whilst blushing.
"Yes ma'am." he said with a wink. Oh god, not now.
"This is my old house." I told him trying to escape the subject he was referring to.
"Really? That's cool." he said getting out of the car and starting to walk around. 
"Place hasn't chancged much really.And I see the hi-steppers are practicing."
(The football stadium was right behind the house.

So just to screw around with Stormy I went to the front door and told Niall to yell out "KPD come out with your hands up! We have a warrant for your arrest!". You see, Stormy didn't like cops, at all. Don't know why, and neither did she.

Stormy's P.O.V

So I was just sitting around in my bedroom watching SNL at 10 o'clock when all of a sudden I hear banging on my door and someone yelling, "KPD come out with your hands up! We have a warrant for your arrest!" I came out with my hands up and had the living shit scared out of me..that is, until who I saw who it was.Only Jessica and Niall. 

"Oh my god you bitch!" I yelled at Jessica, but then hugged her really tight. It had been a few months since I had last seen her.
"Hey, there are virgin ears over here!" she said nodding tword Niall. 
"I, Niall James Horan, do not have fuckin virgin ears you whore!" he said sarcastically twords Jess, and he added a wink with the statement.
"Oh, Stormy, this is Niall, and Niall this is my best friend Stormy."
"Hi." I said ratherly awkward. It was kind of reasonable because I am one of the biggest Directioners ever!
"Nice to meet ya." Niall said back, now I see why so many girls were so jealous of Jessica. He's extremely easy on the eyes, especially in person.

"Ok, so let's get your stuff in the truck and get something to eat." Niall said.
"OOO! Can we go to Cancun Dave's? It's going to be forever before I eat there again, and plus....Niall has to try it!" I begged. I sounded like a little kid.Wow.
"Umm sure, besides, last time I was there was like for junior prom."
"Can we just go?!" whined Niall. 
"Yes! Oh my god do you stay this hungry?" I had to ask. Jess turned around and mouthed a "Yes!" to me.

And with that, we went to Cancun Dave's and then we would be off to England.

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