Caught In The Storm

Harry Styles just can't seem to find love, and neither can Stormy. Will a once in a lifetime meeting bring them together? For good? Read and find out. (Sequel to Is It Fate)


1. The Concert

Harry's P.O.V

  "It's just not fair.." I mumbled to myself. 
"What's not fair mate?" Louis asked me with a concerned look on his face.

 That's what I loved about Louis, he was always there for me, always looking out for me. 

"All you guys get the girls of your dreams and are happy ,and I get~" I cut myself off.
"You get what Haz?"
"I get nothing...when I do, it blows up in my face.I just want to be happy Lou, I'm sick of every girl I'm with cheating on me." I finally let one tear roll down my cheek. 
Louis tried to re-assure me, "Don't worry'll find the right girl one day."
"Well, that's easy for you to say, you and Elounor are engaged, Niall's probably going to propose to Jessica when she gets back from tour. Liam and Stephanie are amazing and Zayn and Perrie are happier than they've ever been."
"Well-" Louis started to say but was cut off by our body guard Paul.
"Showtime boys." Paul pretty much yelled.

So, with that, I dried up the tears and we all were fixing to leave to go to the stage.

+ Harry's view +

Niall~ Ok babe, "We got ta go out ta stage, love you."
Jess(on phone)- "Love you too babe, knock em dead."
Niall~ "Always do, bye love."

Liam~ Kisses Stephanie's cheek "See you in a while babe."
Stephanie ~ "Ok Li, love youuuu!"
Liam~ "Hahaha, love you too."
Louis (text) ~ "Gtg,concert starting,I love you El."
Elounor ~ "Ok, I love yo
u too LouBear! Good Luck!" 
Louis ~ "That's why we have Niall, lol."

Zayn ~ (Face time) Oh, gotta go babe, kisses, love you!"
Perrie ~ Kisses! I love you too Zayn! 

I just wish I had a girl to tell me they loved me and good luck. Not one who just "Loves" me because I'm Harry Styles from One  Direction.Just love me for who I am, not what I am.

We walked out to the staga and I kicked it off.

"We're like Na Na Na!" and the lights whent on and the fans went crazy.

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