Caught In The Storm

Harry Styles just can't seem to find love, and neither can Stormy. Will a once in a lifetime meeting bring them together? For good? Read and find out. (Sequel to Is It Fate)


5. Don't Forget The KFC


Harry's P.O.V

I was walking down the street to the market to get some food for dinner when I got a text from Niall.

N: "Hey mate, geuss what?"
H:"Hey, and what?"
N: "I think you're gonna like what we bring home ;)"
H: "YOU GOT ME A SUPPRISE?!Mate, you should'nt have!"
N: "Uhhh, yea, a suprise...."
H: "What? Is it something else?"
N: "No, uh, it's a suprise.A definate suprise."
H: "Oh,ok, so when will you all be coming home?"
N: "A few hours,  what I needed to ask you,"
H: "Yea."
N: "I need you to get the geust rooms ready for tomorrow. I have a spare key in my nightstand on my side of the bed."
H: "OK! WILL DO! Bye mate."
N: "Bye."

  Ok, So I geuss I could swing by KFC on the way to the house. So, I started to pack my bags and tossed them into the trunk of my car. When I went to Niall's flat to pick up the key, I went ahead and grabbed Niall and Jessica's bags. 
I had to drive from Cheshire to London, which is a grand total of 3 hours and it was only 4 o'clock pm. So, I should be there by 7.

3 hours later

  When I got to the beach house to my suprise, Liam,Stephanie,Zayn and Perrie were already there.

H: "What are you guys already doing here?" I said somewhat shocked.
L: "Niall said we should go ahead and meet up here since you would be here getting the house ready."
P: "Yea, we just thought we could help you out, I mean, a hugh 3 story house is kinda big for one person to clean."
Z: "Yep, so here we are."
S: "And we brought KFC!" Stephanie said while waving around 3 huge buckets of KFC chicken.

 And with that, I unlocked the door, and our house-prepping party began.


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