Caught In The Storm

Harry Styles just can't seem to find love, and neither can Stormy. Will a once in a lifetime meeting bring them together? For good? Read and find out. (Sequel to Is It Fate)


2. Cheer Up Love

~Ch 2~ "Cheer Up Love."

Stormy's P.O.V

I hated it. Being single that is, I absolutely hated the fact that all of my best friends were in a relationship. When they're all like, "I love you." and I'm left standing there like...that's a fine ass tree,I like that tree.(being my usual smart ass self.) Don't get me wrong, I am happy for them, I mean David finally found his cowgirl (Kristi), Sam had Gavin and Jessica,(one lucky bitch) has Niall from One Direction. Yes the One Direction. Speaking of, I need to call her.Anyways, the thing with me was I was easily led on. And still am. I hate that about myself, so of course I get hurt. I just want somebody to love me,and love me with all their heart. In return, I'd love him like I've never been broken.But,it'll probably never happen. I started to call Jess up. 

History of mine and Jessica's friendship

  Jessica is originally from Mulllingar,Ireland (Lived next door to Niall)
and her mom died when she was 13,so she moved to Texas with her dad and she started school at Kilgore Intermediate School in 7th grade. Since then she and I have been best~friends. After graduation she had gotten in contact with Niall through twitter and he talked her into moving back to Ireland. So we haven't exactly been in touch much. Niall had talked her into goin on The X Factor and she happened to not only win, but Simon Cowell put her in a group called "The Saturdays". So now she was around the world touring. We try to face~time and skype as much as we can. But it's not the same without my sister here with me. 

The Phone Call

Riiiinnnnnggggg, riiiinnnngggg-

J: "Hey! What's up gurf!"
S: "Ha-ha, not much,just cuttin hoes and bangin bros! Ha-ha!" (our inside joke)
J: "Oh my god, you still remember that?! We were like sophomores when we came up with that!hahaha!"
S:"ha-ha yep!Anyways, how much longer is your tour gonna be?"
J: "Our last performance is next Tuesday,then we're off for the rest of the year... and you just gave me an idea."
S: "Oh shit! What is it?"
J: "How would you like to come stay with Niall and I for as long as you like?"
S: "OMG! Yes!!!!!!! Wait would Niall mind?"
J: "He should, he has the guys over all the time, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind my sister from another mister comin' over."
S: "I've never heard you use that one before."
J: "I know, I just ,made it up.Good huh?"
S: "HAHAHA yeah, oh, hey, I gotta go, Davdi's here."
J: "Ok, haha, ohhh Storm and David sittin in a-"
S: "It's not like that. I'm helping him pick out an engagement ring for Kristi."
J: "I thought they were done?"
S: "So did I, they got back together right after you left."
J: "ooooo, ok, well, I'll ask Niall if he's cool with you coming.And don't worry about buying a ticket, I'm buying it!"
S: "Uhh fine! And just text me, Ok?"
J: "KK,talk to you later love!"


Ok, so in a week I'm going to Ireland. Sweet. Maybe I'll meet someone there. Only if I could make a wish on an airplane in the night-sky. Ha. Just maybe.

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