Just a normal day in the life of a directioner...Or is it?(1D fanfic)

This is about four directioners who meet and go on tour with one direction *THERE WILL BE MATURE CONTENT LATER IN THE STORY SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MATURE CONTENT THEN DO NOT READ* Thanks, louislover624


1. The Journey on a wonderful trip...to walmart?!?!

Alexis' P.O.V

"OMG you guys I seriously wanna go to a One Direction concert so bad!" Molly said as she bit her nails. "Well then win the tickets" Audri and I said at the same time. "Well it wouldn't be a big deal if we could meet them!" Hannah said,still biting her nails. C'mon y-...Audri had cut me off. "C'MON C'MON AND DANCE WITH ME BABAYYYY" Audri sang as loud as possible. "Well then! ya' little bitch!.... Anyway" I said half-seriously "Lets go to walmart and look at their one direction stuff". "OKAY!" they both said.

10 minutes later in the car....

Molly's P.O.V

"OMG IM IN LOVE WITH HARRY!!!" I said. Audri and Alexis....the bitches they are decided to both scream "we know!"....Audri says "I,personally love Liam"...Me and Alexis say "only cause hes 10.6!!!" she says "NO! yall are liars!" "turn on the radio", me and audri say. She flips through all the channels before saying "Fuck this shit! I'm playing my 1D cd" She played Live while we're young!! I sing "TONIGHT LETS GET SOME *ice cream* AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!" She stopped the car and said "we're here!". We all got out of the car and walked to walmart.



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